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Alan Kaufman (1) (1952–)

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The Outlaw Bible of American Poetry (1999) — Redaktör; Bidragsgivare — 598 exemplar
Jew Boy: A Memoir (2000) 53 exemplar
Matches (2005) 38 exemplar
Drunken Angel (1600) 27 exemplar
Who Are We? (1997) 3 exemplar

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An interesting take on the repercussions of the holocaust. Inspiring and depressing all at once. Anyone interested in the process of dealing with trauma abd how it passes from one generation to the next should give this a read.
cocoshanelle | 4 andra recensioner | Aug 25, 2013 |
Kaufman's biography is vivid and wild, the material of his life always veering to extremes such as his sojourn to Israel and subsequent service in the Israeli Defense Force, to his crippling alcoholism and mental illness. For all this, gripping as it was, it felt like something was lacking. Though I know recovery saved Kaufman's life, and his art, I felt like the art and the literary life was underplayed in the narrative to pay more focus to Kaufman's descent into alcoholism and his salvation from it. Many memoirs walk a line between the great pathos of human weaknesses and the power and importance art, and perhaps these two things are generally inextricable. This memoir favored the former in its concentration, and I suppose I would have preferred more of a balance.… (mer)
poetontheone | 4 andra recensioner | May 31, 2013 |
I've been waiting to read some other reviews of this book because I kept thinking: "Is it me or is this guy kind of creepy?" I need to read some of his other books and some of his poetry to understand why anyone even likes this person or what he's written. What I found was a sex crazed narcissist that I did not like at all. With each new conquest I found myself rolling my eyes and being more and more disgusted that anyone would act that way let alone put it all down on paper to be proud of. I felt sorry for the women he portrayed as animals.

I always feel that if I don't like the main character it's hard for me to like the book. This book was extremely difficult because I knew it was true and about a real man. I kept thinking, just wait till he gets sober and it will get better. But it didn't. More abusive sex and more name dropping. It's hard to imagine all this happened in one man's lifetime. I feel bad because I'm just an ordinary reader and Mr. Kaufman is a world renowned author, but if he's a creep that's that, I don't like what he wrote because I don't like the way he lived his life. Unfortunately it doesn't even seem like his main problem was the drinking.
… (mer)
lorimarie | 4 andra recensioner | May 29, 2013 |
This is one of those books about which I made a mental u-turn halfway through. About a 100 pages in and I HATED this guy - Kaufman. Really despised him, had no respect for him as a writer or a human being. I almost quit this book, but I gutted it out until "Part Two", and I GOT IT. Kaufman despised HIMSELF in the first half of the book, and, why not? He was a miserable drunk, user of women and friends, and a walking waste of potential. As he considers recovery, I was sold - sold on Kaufman's talent as a writer and humbled by his willingness to bare his personal rock bottom in such a way that his own self-loathing becomes visceral to the reader. This memoir is just REAL. To quote the cover blurb from Dave Eggers, "He's not neat, he's not careful...But there's more passion here than you see in twenty other books combined."… (mer)
vasquirrel | 4 andra recensioner | May 26, 2013 |



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