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M. M. Kaye (1908–2004)

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M. M. Kaye was born on August 21, 1908 in Simla, India to British parents. She wrote numerous books during her lifetime including Death Walks in Kashmir, Later than You Think, Shadow of the Moon, Trade Wind, The Far Pavilions, The Sun in the Morning, Golden Afternoon, and Enchanted Evening. She visa mer also wrote and illustrated children's books including The Ordinary Princess. She died on January 29, 2004 at the age of 95. (Bowker Author Biography) visa färre


Verk av M. M. Kaye

Dalen bortom bergen (1978) 2,347 exemplar
En vanlig prinsessa (1980) 1,666 exemplar
Genom månskuggans dal (1957) 911 exemplar
Trade Wind (1963) 492 exemplar
Döden i Kashmir (1953) 399 exemplar
Det hände i Zanzibar (1959) 372 exemplar
Death in Cyprus (1956) 348 exemplar
Det hände i Berlin (1955) 298 exemplar
Death in the Andamans (1960) 288 exemplar
The Sun in the Morning (1990) 203 exemplar
The Far Pavilions, Volume 2 (1970) 96 exemplar
Golden Afternoon (1997) 80 exemplar
The Far Pavilions, Volume 1 (1978) 65 exemplar

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Namn enligt folkbokföringen
Kaye, Mary Margaret
Andra namn
Kaye, Mollie
Simla, India
Lavenham, Suffolk, England, UK
Germany (visa alla 7)
Pevensey, Sussex, England, UK
historical novelist
mystery writer
Kaye, Sir John William (grandfather's cousin)
Priser och utmärkelser
Colonel James Tod International Award, Maharana Mewar Foundation (2003)
Kort biografi
Mary Margaret ("Mollie") Kaye was born in India into a family of military officers and statesmen that had served the British government for many generations. Sir John William Kaye, one of her grandfather's cousins, was Political Secretary of the India Office and the author of the classic histories of the Indian Mutiny and the First Afghan War. Another cousin, Edward Kaye, commanded a battery at the 1857 Siege of Delhi and was later made a Lieutenant General. Mollie Kaye was born in Simla, the summer capital of the Raj, and spent the cool months of the year living in Delhi. In her obituary, the Guardian said, "[S]he was raised by servants, speaking Hindustani before English, while playing around gun emplacements and dodging her ayah to listen to storytellers in the Delhi bazaar. Like Kipling's Kim, she thought herself Indian, 'just a member of a different caste in a land of castes'. " After education at boarding school in England, Mollie returned to India. In 1945, she married Major-General Goff Hamilton of Queen Victoria's Own Corps of Guides; the couple had two daughters. Her husband's military postings took Mollie all over the world, and she juggled her duties as a mother and an officer's wife with her writing under the pen name M.M. Kaye. Her 3-volume autobiography is called Share of Summer and comprises The Sun In The Morning (1990), Golden Afternoon (1997), and Enchanted Evening (1999).



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Doesn't really wear well
mrsnickleby | 65 andra recensioner | Nov 14, 2023 |
I watched the TV mini-series around the time of the 1984 Olympics (made a change from watching "V"!) and whilst the events are in a different order here, it is essentially the same story.[return][return]Ash is born in India to English parents, who are killed during an uprising when Ash is still a young boy. He is rescued by his nursemaid, who passes him off as her son, since he is dark enough to pass as a native. His new mother gets a job in the palace of a maharaja, and Ash becomes the bodyguard/playmate of his favourite son. He is also followed around by the baby half-sister of the prince who has developed a crush on him. Ash makes enemies of some of the royal household by protecting the prince, and as his second mother lies dying he finds out that he is really english and must go back to his homeland.[return][return]Back in England he is taught to be a proper sahib, although he always feels that the Indians are hard done by. After passing his army exams, he is sent back to India. One of his duties is to escort two princesses to their new palace for their marriage. During the trip he realises that one of the princesses is the one who followed him around as a child, and he is pulled back into the politics and the murderous enemies who stalked him as a child. Against his better (or worse) judgement he leaves Anjuli and Sushila with their new husband, and continues to perform as a Sahib in the English Army.[return][return]Finally he gets word that Anjuli's husband has died and has insisted on Suttee - a practise made illegal by the british, but still practised, where the live brides are placed on the funeral pyre of their husbands and are burned to death. He races back to rescue Anjuli, but cannot rescue Sushila, and has to kill her on the pyre. Then there is a big rush to escape and Ash leaves the army to live with Anjuli in the mountains.… (mer)
nordie | 65 andra recensioner | Oct 14, 2023 |
harishwriter | 65 andra recensioner | Oct 12, 2023 |
M.M. Kaye wrote this most enjoyable mystery novel set in an enchanting Cyprus that Kaye realized was too good to last. Years later when memories of places like Kyrenia had begun to fade, she made the sun shine one last time on the Cyprus she had seen and experienced in this marvelous mystery-romance. Those who love the scope and beauty of Kaye's grander, heftier works will find much to love in this old-fashioned mystery and romance set in an exotic locale. M. M. Kaye made sure the sun would never truly set on exotic places such as Port Said, Fayid, Limassol, Nicosia and Kyrenia with Death in Cyprus.

Sunlit garden verandas, dinner tables overlooking a crystal sea of jade and emerald, and the breeze from silver-gray olive trees are described in such a manner you can almost see the former, and taste the latter like a fresh purple grape from the vineyards of Nicosia. The setting is ripe for romance and danger, and Kaye brings them together in Death in Cyprus, one of her finest mysteries. You will feel as though you have enjoyed a vacation fraught with excitement and adventure upon finishing this most charming and old-fashioned mystery.

Young and lovely twenty-year-old Amanda Derrington boards the S.S. Orantares. It is there she will meet the people who play an important part in her life in ways she could not have imagined. Before she leaves the ship for a stay in beautiful Cyprus a murder occurs which will reach the white-walled houses of Cyprus, shining bright against the sea. Only Amanda and Stephen Howard, a painter who carries a gun and may be more than he seems to be, know that it was murder, and not a suicide. Only the happenstance of a last minute cabin switch allowed Amanda to find the poison ending Julia Blaine's life. Amanda's knowledge of the crime will put her in danger as the killer is now aware of what Amanda knows.

The romance of Stephen and Amanda, or Amarantha as he calls her, is a very-old fashioned one born of danger and mystery. It is the kind of romance and mystery that recalls the best of Hitchcock's British films, and very much has that feel. Jealousy and romantic strife all come into play as just beneath the surface of smiles much is going on. Amanda is befriended by more than one person while having doubts about Stephen, and what his real purpose is in all this. A moonlight kiss will complicate matters, as will a second, unexpected murder. And an attempt will be made on Amanda's life while in Kyrenia which will nearly succeed.

There is a terrific ending filled with both adventure and romance. You will not guess the killer or the motive, although Kaye deftly gives us clues. The last few moments of Death in Cyprus are fraught with danger and excitement. Just when the reader believes all has been revealed, Kaye deftly changes everything.

A fine and vividly realized assortment of characters enliven Death in Cyprus almost as much as the exquisitely described exotic locales. Grand beauty and old-fashioned romance amidst an ever-growing danger do the rest, making this a memorable mystery romance rich and evocative of another time and place, and a different style of writing.
… (mer)
Matt_Ransom | 10 andra recensioner | Oct 6, 2023 |



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