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Nate Kenyon

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Inkluderar namnet: Nate Kenyon

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The Reach (2008) 133 exemplar
Bloodstone (2006) 122 exemplar
Sparrow Rock (2010) 112 exemplar
Day One: A Novel (2013) 88 exemplar
Diablo III: The Order (1602) 81 exemplar
The Bone Factory (2009) 77 exemplar
StarCraft Ghost: Spectres (2011) 31 exemplar
Diablo III: Storm of Light (2014) 30 exemplar
Prime (2009) 26 exemplar
The Man in Black 2 exemplar
Keeping Watch 1 exemplar
Gravedigger 1 exemplar
Livros de Games 3 - Box (2014) 1 exemplar

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Kenyon, Nate
Boston, Massachusetts, USA
Trinity College, Hartford
Horror Writers Association
International Thriller Writers
Priser och utmärkelser
Bram Stoker Award Nominee, P&E Novel of the Year
Brendan Deneen
Kort biografi
Nate Kenyon grew up in a small town in Maine, an avid reader and writer from a very early age. He attended Trinity College in Connecticut, majoring in English and winning awards for playwriting and fiction. After graduation some of his short fiction found publication in literary and genre magazines such as Nude Beach, The Belletrist Review, Nocturnal Ecstasy and Terminal Frights.

Kenyon moved to the Boston area in 1995 and took a position working in the marketing and communications field. In 2005 he sold his first novel, Bloodstone, to Five Star Publishing (Thomson Gale). Bloodstone was published a year later to critical acclaim, named a Bram Stoker Award finalist in hardcover, winning the P&E Horror Novel of the Year, and becoming one of Five Star's all time bestselling titles. In 2007, mass-market paperback publisher Leisure Books signed him to a two-book contract for Bloodstone and his next novel, The Reach. Bloodstone was released from Leisure in May 2008, and The Reach hit shelves in December, receiving a starred review from Publishers Weekly and raves from Booklist, Pop Syndicate, Dark Scribe and many more. His third novel, The Bone Factory, will be released in July 2009.

Kenyon has a trade paperback science fiction novella, Prime, coming in summer 2009 from Apex Books. He has recently had stories published in Shroud Magazine, Permuted Press's Giant Creatures anthology, and Legends of the Mountain State 2, and has several others forthcoming. He still lives in the Boston area with his wife and three children, and is at work on his next novel. Visit him online at



Book was meh. Could have been flushed out a lot more.
Brian-B | 6 andra recensioner | Nov 30, 2022 |
I think I went in with the wrong expectation - I was thinking this would be more horror than it really is. Not spooky but still interesting.
fellanta13 | 6 andra recensioner | Feb 14, 2022 |
Lettered ltd ed hardback
RogueFox | 4 andra recensioner | Mar 11, 2018 |
One of those horror books that takes a page from a mystery book by starting out seeming complex, mysterious and widespread, but towards the end you realize it's a basic and simple premise. The beginning holds that allure of supernatural tension, but by the end I was a little let down by the explanation. I won't ruin the story by telling the plot outline since the blurb doesn't either - it's better to be left in the dark with this one before you read it.

Writing style works great, even if the plot is familiar. There are a few genuinely creepy pages throughout, especially toward the beginning in the woods. It's not drawn-out gory but there are some chilling images, but nothing that would bother those who read horror frequently.

Pacing is a little slow after the intriguing set-up takes place because there's just not as many places to go from there. The first half of the book is the strongest, David and his family being well written if not a little stereotypical.

It's multiple point of view, and Kenyon changes the viewpoint by starting new chapters. He mainly keeps to the same family, but sometimes a random character pops up for a short chapter. It comes together later why their viewpoint was shown, but it's a little distracting. Since the chapters are short it's not bad though, and he doesn't switch viewpoints too much to where it's annoying.

Overall it's a good book but nothing that will stand out as more than a standard, run-of-the-mill thriller that offers some minor creepiness. Kenyon's writing style is talented, though, so I will definitely be checking out more of his horror novels to see if his imagination catches up to his writing talent.
… (mer)
ErinPaperbackstash | 3 andra recensioner | Jun 14, 2016 |



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