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Koepp, David
film director



I really enjoyed this book. Although, I got a bit lost with the science at the beginning, so I had to start over. It was interesting learning about solar flares and that there's a possibility this could happen.

A massive solar flare happens that knocks out the power all over the world. Because governments didn't take down their grids, they exploded and won't be restored for almost 2 years. That aside, it really wasn't the main focus of the book, it was more of an obstacle to the characters. Billionaire, Tom, hears about this event happening and consults his friend, Norman, who is an astrophysicist. Norman confirms that this will happen and the recovery time involved.

Tom, decides to move his family to his compound out in the middle of nowhere. He has constructed it to withstand virtually anything and is operated by generators. His pilot invites himself with his family to the chagrin of Tom.

Aubrey, Tom's sister, decides to ignore Tom's help and stays at home to fend for herself. What she didn't predict is that her 15 year-old stepson, Scott, would be staying with her after she kicks out his deadbeat dad, Rusty. After many disagreements and just dealing with a teenager, Scott & Aubrey forge a friendship. The partner with the neighborhood to start a huge community garden to survive.

All goes well, until Rusty, who she can't seem to get rid of, decides that Aubrey is his personal atm and continues to drop in asking for money. Until one day he finds out that Tom has sent Aubrey a huge amount of money. He goes to work devising a plan to steal it. This is where the plot heats up and explodes from there. It was a good book that keeps you on your toes, once you get passed the science.
… (mer)
tami317 | 10 andra recensioner | Jun 20, 2024 |
(2022) Very good apocalyptic story about a solar massive CME that strikes Earth and causes almost global shutdown of electrical and computer functions. This concentrates on the effects on a micro level centered on Aurora, Illinois and in Utah. A billionaire brother and his sister are the main protagonists. The role that money plays is also a major player. KIRKUS: A billionaire and a suburban family struggle to survive when power goes out around the globe.This brisk thriller is set a few years in the future, after the world has been through the coronavirus pandemic and thinks it's learned how to handle disaster. It hasn't. A coronal mass ejection on the sun isn't an unusual event, but this time one sends out a massive cloud of solar plasma aimed straight at Earth. Scientists at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration see it coming and know it will fry electrical grids around the globe. Their attempts to shut down systems to protect them are shrugged off by anti-science politicians, and the world goes dark. No electricity means no internet, no phones, no TV or radio, no supply chain?Everything from a nuclear power plant to your coffeepot,? one expert says. ?If it's connected to the grid and turned on, it will blow.? Thom Banning is prepared for the catastrophe. A tech billionaire, he's purchased a disused missile silo and spent $30 million to convert it to a secure underground bunker big enough to house a villageÂ¥of Thom's choosing. He and his family, plus selected employees, evacuate to the bunker and settle in, but things will not go exactly as Thom planned. Meanwhile, Aubrey Wheeler is not prepared at all. She's been busy trying to steer her conference business through the pandemic, avoid her creepy ex-husband, Rusty, and cope with Rusty's son, Scott. The boy is a typically surly teenager but wisely chose to stay with his stepmother when she and his father, who's addicted to just about everything you can be addicted to, divorced. When the power goes out in their Illinois suburb, all Aubrey has on her emergency shelf is 11 cans of black beans. Koepp, a successful screenwriter (Jurassic Park, Spider-Man), brings those skills to this novel, crafting carefully placed revelations about the characters' relationships and the bursts of violence in their increasingly chaotic world into an exciting and satisfying tale.Engaging characters deal with disaster in this swiftly paced, well-written thriller.Pub Date: June 7, 2022ISBN: 978-0-06-291-647-1Page Count: 304Publisher: Harper/HarperCollinsReview Posted Online: April 12, 2022Kirkus Reviews Issue: May 1, 2022… (mer)
derailer | 10 andra recensioner | Jan 25, 2024 |
A clever, economically written, compelling thriller in which (mild spoiler alert) the good guys win.

What more do you want from a pulp novel?
Mark_Feltskog | 26 andra recensioner | Dec 23, 2023 |
I don't typically enjoy humor mixed with scifi or horror, but this one appealed to me. Not sure how to describe it, but the humor enhanced rather than dominated the story. Which was actually pretty creepy/icky. There was a tiny but funny reference to Wilt Chamberlain.
keithostertag | 26 andra recensioner | Oct 31, 2023 |



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Josh Friedman Screenwriter
John Kamps Writer
Franc Roddam Director


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½ 3.6

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