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A grumpy bunny goes to a ranch. He has a bad outlook on everything. When he changes his attitude he ahs fun and saves a calf.
B-Chad | Jul 4, 2023 |
The myth of Hades and Persephone has always been a favorite of mine. There have been so many tales even now the whole myth is being reimagined even in romance novels. Always made the two of them fall in love, but I always wondered if he did love her in such a way. I could only fathom that his desire to have her had been that his life below had been lonely. All the other gods had their other half beside them. Hades had no one other than Cerberus and Charon, but never a queen. So, I can imagine that the moment he had seen her that he decided then and there she was the perfect goddess to take up the role of his queen. Now tales always seem to be uncertain about the number of seeds Persephone consumes. One says three and others say six. It just depends on who you hear the tale from.

This novel follows the format of the myth surrounding Hades and Persephone. He sees her, goes to Zeus for permission, and carries her away from the ground above using the tactic of a beautiful flower to draw her away. In the Underworld, she sees Hades's world through different eyes. Meanwhile, her mother is searching high and low for her missing daughter, even going as far as to cast herself as an old crone looking for help. We do get a glimpse of another myth of Demophoon (another myth for another day). To make this story short, Demeter and Persephone reunite and of course, Persephone must spend a third of the year with her husband.

I had no idea that this graphic novel ever existed until just now. I was surprised to come across and yes, I had to have it. I liked the tale but it always felt underwhelming. The art and style were nice. I think the only thing I have against this was the fact that the whole who got what between Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades drew lots. Zeus did not decide who got what. If one is going by myth, then this should have been a bit of an accurate account. I think that is the only thing I have against this novel.
… (mer)
Revengelyne | 1 annan recension | May 3, 2023 |
Independent Reading Level: 2nd Grade
Timerra | Apr 30, 2023 |



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Associerade författare

Ron Fontes Adaptor, Author
Don Williams Illustrator
Ron Dias Illustrator
Peter Emslie Illustrator
Bill Langley Illustrator
Keiko Motoyama Illustrator
Garth Williams Author, Illustrator
Joe Messerli Illustrator
Darren Hunt Illustrator
Robbin Cuddy Illustrator
Jesse Clay Illustrator
Leonard Weisgard Illustrator
Gustaf Tenggren Illustrator
Tibor Gergely Illustrator
Francesc Mateu Illustrator
H. R. Russell Illustrator
Jean Chandler Illustrator
Stephen Marchesi Illustrator
Laura Rigo Illustrator
Charles Shaw Illustrator
Dr. Seuss [Original Text]
David Mandel Screenplay
Jeff Schaffer Screenplay
Alec Berg Screenplay
Peter Grosshauser Illustrator
Gordon Purcell Illustrator
Carol Bouman Illustrator
Dick Codor Illustrator
K. A. Alistir Contributor
Lyn Calder Contributor
Josie Yee Illustrator
Dean Yeagle Illustrator
Rebecca Thornburg Illustrator
Tom Cooke Illustrator
Amye Rosenberg Illustrator
Steve Kurth Illustrator
David Witt Illustrator
Jenifer Schneider Illustrator
Thomas Yeates Illustrator
Al White Studios Illustrator
Pat Paris Illustrator
Ted Enik Illustrator
Mattel Illustrator
Dodie Smith Original characters
Andrew Grey Illustrator
Ellen Blonder Illustrator
Sandy Carruthers Illustrator
Mary Grace Eubank Illustrator
Lynn Adams Illustrator
Rita Lichtwardt Illustrator
Taia Morley Illustrator
Carrie Perlow Illustrator
Tom Brannon Illustrator
Mada Design Inc Illustrator
Kelly Oechsli Illustrator
Mimi Rogers Narrator
John Kurtz Illustrator


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