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Jayne Ann Krentz was born in Borrego Springs, California on March 28, 1948. She received a B.A. in history from the University of California at Santa Cruz and a master's degree in library science from San Jose State University. Before becoming a full-time author, she worked as a librarian. She has visa mer written under seven different names: Jayne Bentley, Amanda Glass, Stephanie James, Jayne Taylor, Jayne Castle, Amanda Quick and Jayne Ann Krentz. Her first book, Gentle Pirate, was published in 1980 under the name Jayne Castle. She currently uses only three personas to represent her three specialties. She uses the name Jayne Ann Krentz for her contemporary pieces, Amanda Quick for her historical fiction pieces, and Jayne Castle for her futuristic pieces. Her novels include Truth or Dare, All Night Long, Copper Beach, River Road, Promise not to Tell, and Untouchable.. She has received numerous awards for her work including the 1995 Romantic Times Reviewer's Choice Award for Trust Me, the 2004 Romantic Times Reviewer's Choice Award for Falling Awake, the Romantic Times Career Achievement Award, the Romantic Times Jane Austen Award, and the Susan Koppelman Award for Feminist Studies for Dangerous Men and Adventurous Women: Romance Writers on the Appeal of the Romance. In 2015 she made The New York Times Best Seller List with both Trust Me, Trust No One and Secret Sisters.. (Bowker Author Biography) Jayne Ann Krentz is the author of twenty-seven New York Times Bestselling novels. She is also the author of several other bestselling novels written under the name Jayne Castle and Amanda Quick. (Publisher Provided) visa färre

Inkluderar namnen: Krentz J.A., Amanda Kvik, JANE KRENTZ, Amanda Kvik, Amalda Quick, Jayne Krentz, Amanda Glass, Amanda Quick, Jayne Castle, Jayne Krentz, Jayne Castle, Amanda Quick, Amanda Z-Quick, Jam Ann Krentz, Stephanie James, JAYNE ANN KRETZ, Jayne An Krentz, Jayne Ann Krenz, Jane Ann Krentz, Jane Ayn Krentz, Jayne A. Krentz, Jane Ann Krentz, Jayne Ann Krantz, Jayne Ann Krentz, Kayne Ann Krentz, krentz ann jayne, Jane Anne Krentz, Krentz Jayne Ann, Jayne Ann Krentz, JAYNE ANN KRENTS, Jayne Ann Krentz, Jayne Ann Castle, Jayne Ann Krentz, Jayne Ann Kerentz, Jayne Anne Krentz, Jayne Anne Krentz, Jayne et al Castle, Jaynee Anne Krentz, Jayne Castle et al, Judith Anne Krentz, Amanda Quick/Krentz, Jayne Krentz/Castle, Jayne Ann ZZXX-Krentz, Jayne Ann et al krentz, Jayne Ann Krentz Krentz, Jayne Ann editor Krentz, Amanda; Jayne Ann Krentz, Jayne Ann / Quick Krentz, Jayne Ann - Editor Krentz, Amanda Quick/ Jayne Ann Krentz, Amanda Jayne Ann; Quick Krentz, Jayne Ann Krentz writing as Ja, Jayne Castle (Jayne Ann Krentz), Jayne Ann Amanda / Krentz Quick, Jane Ann Krentz as Amanda Quick, Jayne Castle & Jayne Ann Krentz, Jayne & Krentz Castle, Jayne Ann, Jayne Bentley (Jayne Ann Krentz), Jayne Castle aka Jayne Ann Krentz, Amanda aka Jayne Anne Krentz Quick, Stephanie James (Jayne Ann Krentz), Jayne Ann Krentz as Stephanie James, Jayne Ann.aka Stephanie James Krentz, Jayne Ann Krentz writing as Jayne Castle, Jayne Ann Krentz writing as Jayne Castle, Jayne Ann writing as Jayne Castle Krentz, Jayne aka Jayne Ann Castle Krentz Bentley, Jayne(Author) Jayne Ann(Author) ; Castle Krentz, Amanda Quick) Stephanie James (Jayne Ann Krentz, Stephanie Jame Jayne (aka Jayne Ann Krentz CASTLE, Jayne Castl Stephanie (aka Jayne Ann Krentz JAMES, Stephanie Jame Jayne Ann (aka Jayne Castle KRENTZ, Stephanie (Jayne Ann Krentz/Jayne Castle/Amanda Ja

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(eng) Her full name is Jayne Ann Castle Krentz, she writes as her maiden name Jayne Castle (futuristic romances), as her married name Jayne Ann Krentz (contemporary romances) and under the pen name Amanda Quick (historical romances). She also used the pseudonyms Stephanie James, Jayne Bentley, Jayne Taylor, and Amanda Glass.


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Second Sight (2006) 1,516 exemplar
The Paid Companion (2004) 1,313 exemplar
White Lies (2007) 1,194 exemplar
Ravished (1992) 1,177 exemplar
Sizzle and Burn (2008) 1,081 exemplar
The River Knows (2007) 1,060 exemplar
Mistress (1994) 1,054 exemplar
The Third Circle (2008) 1,045 exemplar
The Perfect Poison (2009) 999 exemplar
Lie by Moonlight (2005) 982 exemplar
Deception (1993) 980 exemplar
Mischief (1996) 974 exemplar
Affair (1997) 948 exemplar
Dangerous (1993) 938 exemplar
All Night Long (2005) 930 exemplar
Mystique (1995) 928 exemplar
Light In Shadow (2003) 915 exemplar
Running Hot (2008) 913 exemplar
After Dark (2000) 905 exemplar
Slightly Shady (2001) 902 exemplar
I Thee Wed (1999) 898 exemplar
Scandal (1991) 895 exemplar
Reckless (1992) 880 exemplar
With This Ring (1998) 873 exemplar
Fired Up (2009) 867 exemplar
Wicked Widow (2000) 862 exemplar
Rendezvous (1991) 859 exemplar
Wait Until Midnight (2004) 849 exemplar
Desire (1993) 848 exemplar
Falling Awake (2005) 841 exemplar
Burning Lamp (2010) 832 exemplar
Seduction (1990) 806 exemplar
Lost and Found (2001) 785 exemplar
Ghost Hunter (2006) 782 exemplar
Don't Look Back (2002) 778 exemplar
Surrender (1990) 777 exemplar
After Glow (2004) 769 exemplar
Smoke in Mirrors (2002) 765 exemplar
Truth or Dare (2003) 755 exemplar
Late for the Wedding (2003) 740 exemplar
In Too Deep (2011) 718 exemplar
Amaryllis (1996) 714 exemplar
Silver Master (2007) 699 exemplar
Trust Me (1995) 682 exemplar
Quicksilver (2011) 671 exemplar
Eclipse Bay (2000) 663 exemplar
Hans sjätte sinne (1996) 643 exemplar
Dark Light (2008) 639 exemplar
Mannen i spegeln (1994) 638 exemplar
Orchid (1998) 634 exemplar
Deep Waters (1997) 623 exemplar
Zinnia (1997) 620 exemplar
Midnight Crystal (2010) 610 exemplar
Sharp Edges (1998) 594 exemplar
Crystal Gardens (2012) 585 exemplar
Dawn in Eclipse Bay (2001) 581 exemplar
Obsidian Prey (2009) 568 exemplar
Eye of the Beholder (1999) 556 exemplar
Flash (1998) 554 exemplar
Soft Focus (1999) 554 exemplar
Summer in Eclipse Bay (2002) 545 exemplar
Wildest Hearts (1993) 536 exemplar
Canyons of Night (2011) 515 exemplar
Copper Beach (2012) 509 exemplar
The Mystery Woman (2013) 489 exemplar
Family Man (1992) 485 exemplar
River Road (2014) 478 exemplar
Otherwise Engaged (2014) 469 exemplar
Secret Sisters (2015) 462 exemplar
Dream Eyes (2003) 458 exemplar
Hidden Talents (1993) 456 exemplar
The Girl Who Knew Too Much (2017) 455 exemplar
Perfect Partners (1992) 448 exemplar
When All the Girls Have Gone (2016) 420 exemplar
Garden of Lies (2015) 409 exemplar
The Lost Night (2012) 408 exemplar
Witchcraft (1985) 398 exemplar
Shield's Lady (1989) 392 exemplar
Midnight Jewels (1987) 386 exemplar
A Coral Kiss (1987) 365 exemplar
'Til Death Do Us Part (2016) 356 exemplar
Trust No One (2015) 352 exemplar
Deception Cove (2013) 351 exemplar
The Golden Chance (1990) 347 exemplar
Silver Linings (1991) 346 exemplar
The Vanishing (2020) 343 exemplar
Gift of Gold (1988) 340 exemplar
Sweet Fortune (1991) 340 exemplar
The Other Lady Vanishes (2018) 332 exemplar
Sweet Starfire (1985) 330 exemplar
Crystal Flame (1986) 326 exemplar
Gift of Fire (1989) 326 exemplar
Promise Not to Tell (2018) 292 exemplar
The Hot Zone (2014) 290 exemplar
Twist Of Fate (1986) 286 exemplar
Tightrope (2019) 284 exemplar
Between The Lines (1986) 283 exemplar
The Pirate (1990) 279 exemplar
Bridal Jitters (2005) 278 exemplar
The Adventurer (1990) 273 exemplar
Siren's Call (2015) 263 exemplar
Family Way (1987) 255 exemplar
The Ties That Bind (1986) 250 exemplar
Close Up (2020) 249 exemplar
Uneasy Alliance (1984) 248 exemplar
Ghost Of A Chance (1984) 245 exemplar
Full Bloom (1988) 244 exemplar
The Cowboy (1990) 243 exemplar
The Waiting Game (1985) 241 exemplar
Illusion Town (2016) 239 exemplar
Legacy (1985) 237 exemplar
Untouchable (2019) 236 exemplar
The Wedding Night (1991) 219 exemplar
The Lady Has a Past (2021) 203 exemplar
True Colors (1986) 202 exemplar
Call It Destiny (1984) 202 exemplar
A Woman's Touch (1989) 199 exemplar
Lady's Choice (1989) 194 exemplar
Test Of Time (1987) 192 exemplar
The Scargill Cove Case Files (2011) 183 exemplar
Joy (1988) 182 exemplar
Man With A Past (1985) 180 exemplar
Gambler's Woman (1984) 178 exemplar
All the Colors of Night (2021) 178 exemplar
Raven's Prey (1983) 163 exemplar
Stormy Challenge (1982) 151 exemplar
Fabulous Beast (1984) 151 exemplar
Lightning in a Mirror (2022) 146 exemplar
The Main Attraction (1987) 144 exemplar
Serpent in Paradise (1983) 143 exemplar
To Tame the Hunter (1983) 142 exemplar
Sleep No More (2023) 141 exemplar
Chance Of A Lifetime (1987) 137 exemplar
When She Dreams (2022) 136 exemplar
The Devil To Pay (1985) 126 exemplar
Nightwalker (1984) 121 exemplar
Guild Boss (2021) 118 exemplar
Night of the Magician (1984) 116 exemplar
The Desperate Game (1986) 116 exemplar
Too Wild to Wed? (1991) 115 exemplar
The Silver Snare (1983) 113 exemplar
Sweetwater and the Witch (2022) 107 exemplar
The Private Eye [and] Beguiled (1999) 100 exemplar
Second Wife (1986) 100 exemplar
The Chilling Deception (1986) 96 exemplar
Corporate Affair (1982) 93 exemplar
The Sinister Touch (1986) 88 exemplar
Whirlwind Courtship (1979) 86 exemplar
The Fatal Fortune (1986) 85 exemplar
Dangerous Magic (1982) 85 exemplar
Bargain with the Devil (1981) 85 exemplar
Gentle Pirate (1980) 82 exemplar
The Bride Wore White (2023) 81 exemplar
Passionate Business (1987) 79 exemplar
Renaissance Man (1982) 77 exemplar
Body Guard (1983) 77 exemplar
Surrender / Seduction (1750) 76 exemplar
Velvet Touch (1982) 75 exemplar
Lover In Pursuit (1982) 75 exemplar
The Night Island (2024) 74 exemplar
Wizard (1985) 74 exemplar
Gamemaster (1983) 73 exemplar
Affair of Honor (1983) 72 exemplar
Relentless Adversary (1982) 72 exemplar
Price of Surrender (1983) 72 exemplar
The Private Eye (1992) 71 exemplar
A Negotiated Surrender (1982) 70 exemplar
Dreams, Part 1 (1988) 69 exemplar
Reckless Passion (1982) 69 exemplar
Golden Goddess (1985) 69 exemplar
Power Play (1982) 68 exemplar
Green Fire (1986) 68 exemplar
Cautious Lover (1986) 67 exemplar
Battle Prize (1983) 65 exemplar
Affair of Risk (1982) 64 exemplar
Conflict of Interest (1983) 64 exemplar
The Challoner Bride (1987) 60 exemplar
Dreams, Part 2 (1988) 60 exemplar
Wagered Weekend (1981) 58 exemplar
Right of Possession (1981) 56 exemplar
A Man's Protection (1982) 55 exemplar
Spellbound (1982) 55 exemplar
Trading Secrets (1985) 53 exemplar
Double Dealing (1984) 50 exemplar
Saxon's Lady (1987) 48 exemplar
Connecting Rooms {novella} (2014) 34 exemplar
Cop Next Door (2006) 27 exemplar
Queen of Hearts (1979) 19 exemplar
Soft Focus [Abridged] (1999) 13 exemplar
Meant to Be (The Waiting Game / The Dream / Perfect Husband) (2001) — Bidragsgivare — 12 exemplar
White Lies [Abridged] (2008) 11 exemplar
Vintage of Surrender (1979) 11 exemplar
Take 5, Volume 2 (Anthology 5-in-1) (2001) — Bidragsgivare — 11 exemplar
Body Guard [and] Green Fire (2007) 5 exemplar
No Mires Atras (1985) 5 exemplar
De redding (2016) 3 exemplar
Compromiso de conveniencia (2012) 3 exemplar
Second Sight [Abridged] (2006) 2 exemplar
El jardín de las mentiras (2017) 2 exemplar
Heißes Versprechen. (2005) 2 exemplar
Test of Time 2 exemplar
Sabrina's Scheme 2 exemplar
Ohtlik nõidus (2009) 1 exemplar
Nazvi to osudem 1 exemplar
Intrigo pericoloso 1 exemplar
Mischief / Rendezvous (1996) 1 exemplar
Oči plné snů (2013) 1 exemplar
Cesta u řeky (2014) 1 exemplar
Barvy noci (2021) 1 exemplar
Klíč k tajemství (2012) 1 exemplar
Tajuplná zahrada (2013) 1 exemplar
Tajemná žena (2013) 1 exemplar
Hired Husband 1 exemplar
Joy 1 exemplar
De opdracht (2016) 1 exemplar
Wizard 1 exemplar
Il cristallo verde 1 exemplar
The Serpent 1 exemplar
Rendezvous 1 exemplar
Hotel Vendome 1 exemplar
Light and Shadow 1 exemplar
The Paid Companion (2015) 1 exemplar
AyI;sI;gI;nda Ask (2008) 1 exemplar
The Gifts 1 exemplar
Deception 1 exemplar
Passionnément, à la folie (1999) 1 exemplar
The Night Island 1 exemplar
Sleep No More 1 exemplar
Az égő lámpa 1 exemplar
Fascinación (2003) 1 exemplar
Neviditelná pouta (1994) 1 exemplar
Rendición (2003) 1 exemplar
Escándalo (2003) 1 exemplar
El peligro de la pasión (2003) 1 exemplar
Charlotte 1 exemplar
Seducción (2003) 1 exemplar
Ryzykantka (2008) 1 exemplar
O Sexto Sentido 1 exemplar
Seduccion (2000) 1 exemplar
Black and Blue 1 exemplar

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1800-talet (132) Amanda Quick (282) Arcane Society (641) bibliotek (183) bokserie (432) deckargåta (1,206) e-bok (864) England (387) fantasy (459) futuristic romance (284) futuristisk (286) Ghost Hunters (199) Harmoni (208) historisk (1,243) historisk romantik (2,500) historisk skönlitteratur (302) inbunden (229) Jak (707) Jayne Ann Krentz (511) Kindle (232) Krentz (384) ljud (249) ljudbok (204) läst (1,089) oläst (262) paranormal (1,554) paranormal romantik (1,242) pocketbok (342) psychics (158) regency (598) romantik (9,503) samtida (684) samtida romantik (1,253) science fiction (344) ska läsas (2,364) skönlitteratur (3,738) spänning (839) spänningsromantik (1,244) viktoriansk (210) äger (533)

Allmänna fakta

Namn enligt folkbokföringen
Krentz, Jayne Ann Castle
Andra namn
Castle, Jayne
Taylor, Jayne
Bentley, Jayne
James, Stephanie
Krentz, Jayne Ann
Glass, Amanda (visa alla 7)
Quick, Amanda
Borrego Springs, California, USA
Seattle, Washington, USA
Virgin Islands
University of California, Santa Cruz (BA - History, 1970)
San Jose State University (MLS)
Priser och utmärkelser
Romance Writers of America (Lifetime Achievement Award, 1995)
Jane Austen Award (Romantic Times)
Susan Koppelman Award for Feminist Studies
RT Career Acheivement Award
P.E.A.R.L. (Career Achievement, 2005)
Her full name is Jayne Ann Castle Krentz, she writes as her maiden name Jayne Castle (futuristic romances), as her married name Jayne Ann Krentz (contemporary romances) and under the pen name Amanda Quick (historical romances). She also used the pseudonyms Stephanie James, Jayne Bentley, Jayne Taylor, and Amanda Glass.



Two Romance novels, please help! i Name that Book (oktober 2016)
Help finding a three in one romance novel i Name that Book (mars 2013)
fictional/mystery set in desert-like area in USA i Name that Book (augusti 2010)


Any visit to Harmony and the dust bunnies is a welcome one but I felt like this installment didn’t quite get off the ground. I kept waiting for the heart of the story...the danger, the romance, the adventure and it never happened. The main characters, Molly and Joshua, quickly achieved their objective, rescue the lost expedition and then the rest was mostly filler with a side of dust bunnies. While it set up the next book in the series I wish there had just been a little more...Jayne Ann in this one.… (mer)
ValeriS29 | 2 andra recensioner | May 19, 2024 |
Working as a profiler for the Federal Bureau of Psi Investigation proves to be a little more dangerous than Ravenna Chastain had anticipated. After being kidnapped by a cult that wanted to burn her as a witch, she decided to make a career change.

Now a matchmaker in Illusion Town, she only has to deal with finding matches for covenant marriages for her clients. But Ethan Sweetwater isn't the sort of client the business is looking for. He is a member of one of the premier families on Harmony with talents that reach back to the old world of Earth, but his strong talents and inclination to secrecy makes it hard to find a perfect match for him.

Ravenna wants to fire him, but Ethan demands his final contracted date, and he wants it to be with her. This has some positives for Ravenna too since she needs to find a date to her grandparents' anniversary party. Agreeing to "fake" date him to give him some pointers on his dating techniques should be a simple exercise. However, his ulterior motives put both of them in the crosshairs of a man who wants Sweetwater dead before he can expose his connection with Vortex.

And Ravenna has an enemy of her own who wants her dead. Both Ethan and Ravenna find themselves beset by a variety of enemies. But Ethan's biggest problem is convincing Ravenna that their "fake" dates should lead to a real covenant marriage.

Narrated by Barbara Rosenblat, the story moves along at a quick pace. The banter between the two takes on a new life when the story is heard rather than read. And there is a lot of banter...

Fans of Harmony and dust bunnies will also like getting to know Harriet who has a penchant for collecting pens.
… (mer)
kmartin802 | 5 andra recensioner | May 19, 2024 |
This book was so much fun, as Amanda Quick's books always are. I read it all in one night.
Evangeline is strong, intelligent, and resourceful, and Lucas is her match. I really like how he takes her seriously as an intellectual equal even though he teases her about her writing.
The story has elements from Quick's earlier paranormals, including her system of psychic powers and the use of crystals, and the garden was a character in itself. At one point I was reminded of Maleficent's forest of thorns - plants that are aware and inimical.
Evangeline's friends were lovely, and I am definitely looking forward to their stories. I hope Beth and Tony show up again too!
… (mer)
Bookladycma | 43 andra recensioner | May 18, 2024 |
This was fun. I love the way Jayne's people interact. And I really liked the cat!
Bookladycma | 27 andra recensioner | May 18, 2024 |



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