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Katherine Kurtz was born in Coral Gables, Florida on October 18, 1944. She received a four-year science scholarship to the University of Miami where she graduated with a B.S. in Chemistry. She completed an M.A. in medieval English history at UCLA while writing her first two novels, and working as visa mer an instructional designer for the Los Angeles Police Academy. She is also a professionally trained hypnotist, a student of comparative religion, and somewhat of an authority on heraldry and chivalry She has also joined with Deborah Turner Harris, and together they have written five books in an adept series of occult detective thrillers set in modern Scotland. Her first editing foray, Tales of The Knights Templar, appeared from Warner Books in 1995, which wa followed by a second volume, On Crusade: More Tales of The Knights Templar. (Bowker Author Biography) visa färre
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I've been going back to classic fantasy books. I missed this one when it came out, but it's the first of the Deryni series, first published in 1970.
It occurs in Gwynedd, where King Brion rules as leader of one of the Eleven Kingdoms. Brion is human but has powers bequeathed to him by the Deryni, a race of people with magic and psychic powers now persecuted by the Church. His general is Alaric Morgan, a half-Deryni who has been training the heir, Prince Kelson. A Deryni sorceress named Charissa assassinates Brion, but rumors paint Morgan as the killer.
This is epic high fantasy roughly based on Welsh legends and history. This book has spawned fifteen books that take place in this world, though this one can be read as a complete story. The world-building is fascinating and involved, with political machinations in both the court and church taking place among murders and magic. It's more YA fantasy than Game of Thrones, but a very satisfying introduction to a spellbinding world and characters that I will be reading more about.
… (mer)
N.W.Moors | 23 andra recensioner | Oct 3, 2023 |
I ended up with this book along with a number of others from a relative's collection.
From the description, I was really looking forward to this book. Unfortunately, it was a bit of a let down. I'm not sure exactly what I was expecting, but it was definitely not what I got.
I suppose I anticipated a bit more of the 'mystic detective' trope, ala Carnacki or so many other examples from weird and pulp fiction. And that's certainly present in a way...but there is an awful lot of almost Victorian/Romantic-esque nobility/rich person stuff here. Much like a lot of classic literature from that era, I find it a little off-putting. Its hard to feel sympathetic to or identify with people so wealthy they have no actual responsibilities or demands on their time. Even artists who benefit from their patronage (which are present here) feel similar to me. Combined with the fact that we get *VERY LIMITED* magic or mystical secret society action until about the last 50 pages of this book. In fact, there's very little action of any kind til that point. Until then, there's a lot meandering not really training, not really teaching, a new protege...a lot of description of rich people's homes and cars and oh so important activities, a *little* investigation...and that's about it. There's also some really heavy christian overtones to the magic, which I wasn't anticipating, but the author goes out of their way to let us know it doesn't *have* to be that way. Unless someone tells me the subsequent books have a pretty hard shift in tone and pacing, I'm out for the rest of the series.… (mer)
jdavidhacker | 9 andra recensioner | Aug 4, 2023 |
The second of the series does not disappoint. Its parallels to the Catholic Inquisition are prevalent and thought provoking. The ending leaves a gaping hole for the next in the series to fill. You definitely cannot leave the series here, but I will take a with some Victor Hugo.
282Mikado | 8 andra recensioner | May 30, 2022 |
I read the Deryni Chronicles and the Legends of Camber series 40 or so years ago. Something brought them back to mind recently and I decided to reread these nearly forgotten tales. What a treat. An interesting blend of fantasy with medieval Europe and the Catholic Church, all interwoven into an immensely intriguing tale. I am eager to start the next.
282Mikado | 23 andra recensioner | May 30, 2022 |



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