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Arnette Lamb (1947–1998)

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Chieftain (1994) — Författare — 123 exemplar
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Betrayed (Clan MacKenzie Triology) (1995) — Författare — 108 exemplar
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The Betrothal (1992) — Författare — 90 exemplar
Hark! The Herald 5 exemplar
His Flame (1999) 4 exemplar
Flowers from the Sea (1994) 4 exemplar

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Lamb, Arnette
Rothko Chapel in Houston, Texas, USA
USA (birth)
Boston, Massachusetts, USA
historical romance author
Romance Writers of America
Kort biografi
Arnette Lamb was the author of 13 historical romance novels, beginning in 1990. Her signature style — fast-paced, witty, and deeply sensual — propelled her novels onto numerous bestseller lists, including USA Today, Publishers Weekly, and The New York Times. With a reputation as a premier author of Scottish romance, she won multiple awards, including the Best New Historical Author from The Romantic Times.



Historical Romance i Name that Book (juni 2015)


En el mundo lóbrego y violento de la Escocia medieval, Johanna y Clare, hermanas gemelas, luchan por salvaguardar su honor y sus derechos. Descendientes, sin saberlo, de la familia real escocesa, sus vidas se ven una y otra vez sacudidas por la ira del implacable rey inglés. En esta guerra sin cuartel todo vale, hasta el punto de que cuando Clare muere accidentalmente, Johanna la suplanta para poder conservar las tierras y el castillo de su hermana. Al principio, la estratagema surte efecto, pero n buen día reaparece Drummond, el esposo de Clare, a quien todos daban por muerto. Johanna recurre a todas sus artes para mantener la impostura, pero engañar a Drummond en el lecho conyugal no será fácil, y menos considerando que ella es virgen.… (mer)
Natt90 | Nov 25, 2022 |
Alpin Mackay, una huérfana escocesa enviada a Barbados a muy corta edad, se siente plenamente identificada con la plantación azucarera en la que ha crecido. Hasta tal punto conoce los entresijos de la producción de azúcar que, cuando su tutor, el propietario de las tierras, empieza a perder facultades, es ella quien administra el negocio con sorprendentes resultados. De ahí su decepción cuando el hacendado, al morir, deja la plantación a Malcolm Kerr, un noble escocés y pariente lejano de Alpin.
La muchacha, dispuesta a cualquier cosa con tal de recuperar la hacienda caribeña, regresa a Escocia, donde se encuentra con la imprevista y misteriosa hostilidad de Malcolm. Pero Alpin no es mujer que se rinda fácilmente, y no escatimará esfuerzos para ver cumplidos sus deseos.
… (mer)
Natt90 | Nov 25, 2022 |
If you like horn-dog heroes, this is the book for you. I don't know why a man, who has bedded everything in a skirt, is so attractive to a heroine. When the American heroine arrives, he is "scolding" the maid in the kitchen (actually she is all over him and he is turning her down, but it is clear there has been a physical relationship between the two), and the children tell of him often "scolding the maids". The hero, a hunky Scottish duke, has four daughters around the same age from four different mothers (one turns out to not actually be his, but it could have been). Clearly that implies a carelessness and not just virility. The virginal heroine does not give in immediately to his charms, but it still goes too fast for me, given his character. On the plus side, this is one of the few historicals that has a hero using protection, because he learned his lesson in the past? Aside from that, there is an engaging story here, just not enough for me. 3/5 stars… (mer)
mary23nm | Feb 27, 2019 |
I groaned in exasperation starting this book - it began cheesy with sex right off the bat, silly descriptive phrases, and ridiculous passion. I'm happy to say it turned a bit funny a few pages in though, and from then on redeemed itself.

Sex is here but not dominating and the story is actually a very intriguing one for a romance. I got the false impression that plot would take too much of a backseat to cheaply injected intimacy but thankfully this isn't the case. I'm sure that people who had read the story of the parent's would get their past relationship more, but it was easy for me too as a first-timer to pick up on how much they cared about each other and the author's ease with making the relationship believable.

It's quite unique and while more action could have happened in the center areas to buffer it up, I loved Cameron as the main character. He was refreshing and fun and one reason the book works so well. Having a likeable hero is the main secret for having the romance work well, I think. Virginia was a likeable heroine. I loved the parents and the family.

It was actually a heartfelt, feel good story that doesn't have to try to be one, it just is without the phony feeling. The ending was especially funny. The blend of humor with action and strong personalities that work make this one a recommendable old-school romance. The book was amped up further being so curious on what big secret she could have been hiding for so long. Secrets and intrigue are good for any genre.
… (mer)
ErinPaperbackstash | Jun 14, 2016 |


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