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George Laycock worked as a full-time author, journalist, and photographer for many years. He has written more than fifty books and has contributed articles to Audubon, Readers Digest, Outdoor Life, and many other magazines. He lives in Cincinnati, Ohio.

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The Wonder of Birds (1983) 130 exemplar
The Mountain Men (1988) 98 exemplar
The alien animals (1966) 46 exemplar
The Bird Watcher's Bible (1976) 40 exemplar
The Deer Hunter's Bible (1962) 18 exemplar
The shotgunner's bible (1969) 15 exemplar
How the settlers lived (1980) 13 exemplar
North American Wildlife (1983) 12 exemplar
Hunters and the Hunted (1990) 12 exemplar
Tornadoes Killer Storms (1979) 11 exemplar
Caves (1976) 10 exemplar
The Wild Bears (1986) 9 exemplar
Death Valley (1976) 8 exemplar
The diligent destroyers (1900) 8 exemplar
Never Pet a Porcupine (1965) 7 exemplar
Autumn of the Eagle (1769) 6 exemplar
Squirrels (1975) 6 exemplar
Water pollution. (1972) 4 exemplar
Never trust a cowbird (1966) 4 exemplar
Beyond the Arctic Circle (1978) 4 exemplar
Hunting with bow & arrow (1965) 3 exemplar
People and other mammals (1975) 3 exemplar
Bats in the night (1981) 3 exemplar
Islands and their mysteries (1977) 3 exemplar
Wild Animals, Safe Places (1973) 2 exemplar
Wingspread; a world of birds (1975) 1 exemplar
The Pelicans 1 exemplar
King Gator 1 exemplar
Air pollution (1972) 1 exemplar
World's Endangered Wildlife (1973) 1 exemplar
Wild refuge 1 exemplar

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Marshall, Jeff



Surveys the wide variety of islands found throughout the world and the unusual plant and animal life that have evolved on them.
The largest archipelago of islands - Indonesia - gets short shrift with only a modest mention of Komodo for its giant lizards.
Alhickey1 | Oct 19, 2020 |
Much of the equipment recommendations are very outdated, but there is some good info here and the color photo section is decent for its age.
Cheryl-L-B | Mar 12, 2016 |
Nick was the biggest black bear in the great Smoky Mountains National Park. He was also one of the cleverest. It didn't take them long to learn it was easy to beg or steal food from tourists who, despite warnings of park rangers, were very obliging when given the chance to take home-movies of a great black bear drinking Coke out of a bottle.

For the park ranger then, Nick had become a nuisance bear marked for extinction the next time he frightened campers or destroyed property. But to Johnny Swope, lived on a farm just outside the limits of the park, Nick was a magnificent creature, the symbol of all wild animals. Johnny had freed Nick from a trap when he was a tiny bear cub, too small to survive without his mother. Johnny had fed him and kept him warm, and somehow the giant bear seem to almost remember.

Next life in the great Smoky Mountains is both comic and tragic as he moves through the natural pattern of life in the wild and skirts the edges of civilization, where man either hunts and with guns or spoils them with hand-outs.
… (mer)
FriendsLibraryFL | Dec 20, 2014 |


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