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Caroline Leavitt has written several books including Girls in Trouble, Coming Back to Me, Living Other Lives, Family, Jealousies, Lifelines and Pictures of You. She won First Prize in Redbook Magazine's Young Writers Contest for her short story, Meeting Rozzy Halfway, which grew into the novel and visa mer the 1990 New York Foundation of the Arts Award for Fiction for Into Thin Air. Her essays, stories, and articles have appeared in numerous publications including New York magazine, Psychology Today, Parenting, The San Francisco Chronicle, The Chicago Tribune, and The Washington Post. She is a book critic for The Boston Globe and People and a writing instructor at UCLA online. Leavitt is the author of the bestseller, It this Tomorrow. (Bowker Author Biography) visa färre

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Hoboken, New Jersey, USA



A very twisty family saga featuring a mother and daughter whose troubled lives are brightened by a brief peaceful interlude before chaos erupts again. Helen, the mother, left her Orthodox Jewish community in Brooklyn and became a single parent under the worst of circumstances. Her teenage daughter Ella meets troubled Jude, son of a judge and the driver at the wheel when his beloved mother was killed in an accident, and the three form a family. After a mysterious poisoning of Jude's father, and almost unbelievably incompetent legal representation, sends Ella to prison, Jude disappears. Ella gives birth at 15 in prison to a daughter who is surrendered in a closed adoption. There are some circumstances in the novel that seem very unlikely, including Ella's discovery of the whereabouts of her child; her path when she's released from prison after serving only five years to becoming a published advice columnist; and the troubles of the adoptive parents. But it didn't hinder this reader's enjoyment of the unfolding of the story.… (mer)
froxgirl | 4 andra recensioner | Jun 26, 2024 |
Days of Wonder by Caroline Leavitt is melodramatic with abandonment, attempted murder, abuse, an unplanned pregnancy, prison, and more. However, the relationships, particularly of mother with daughter, are explored with care and ring true. The grief Helen, Ella, and Marianna suffer at the hands of the "system" and of the people in their lives rings true. The idea of forgiveness - for others, from others, for ourselves, and from ourselves rings true. For me, this is a memorable story.

Read my complete review at

Reviewed for NetGalley and a publisher’s blog tour.
… (mer)
njmom3 | 4 andra recensioner | Jun 8, 2024 |
Ella has been accused of attempted murder and put in prison as a teenager. She has lost her boyfriend and her child. Luckily someone found her case and discovered how railroaded she was during her interrogation by the police. So, she has been released early. She moves to Ann Arbor, MI to start her new life. Things do not go as well as she plans.

There are places in this story where you know what is about to happen so you have to stop a minute and catch your breath. Ella is so mistreated by life and her struggles are so real it will rip your heart out.

Now, did I know what actually occurred during her murder confession…YES! Did I also know who caused all of this before the author told me…YES! This is the only reason for the 4 star rating. I saw everything coming a mile away. Plus, the ending is a bit “tied up in a pretty bow” But dang! This tale is good!

Need a story which will take your heart from top to bottom and back again…THIS IS IT!

I received this novel from the author for a honest review.
… (mer)
fredreeca | 4 andra recensioner | May 10, 2024 |
The novel begins with twenty-two-year-old Ella Fitchburg in 2018 being released after serving six years of a twenty-five-year sentence for the attempted murder of her former boyfriend’s father, a prominent judge. Haunted by her past and the painful memories of Jude with whom she had dreamt of a future but who disappeared from her life after her arrest, Ella is desperate to locate the daughter she gave birth to and was made to give u for adoption while in prison. Complicating matters further is the fact that she does not have a clear memory of the night of the attempted murder and is unable to locate Jude, who might be able to shed light on the events of that night. Her mother, Helen, who works in a dress shop and loves her daughter, wouldn’t hesitate to relocate so that both of them could start afresh. Despite her mother’s protest, Ella secretly embarks on a search for her daughter. Ella, who earned a college degree while incarcerated, finds it difficult to secure employment on account of her criminal background but when she is offered a job in Ann Arbor, Michigan, where her daughter’s adoptive family is located she decides to hide the truth about her past, and accept the offer and moves to Ann Arbor without Helen, who is aware that Ella has found her daughter. Helen’s life hasn’t been easy and she has endured much hardship to raise Ella as a single mother. With Ella trying to move on, Helen, whose life revolved around Ella, is now compelled to take stock of her own life and confront the painful secrets from her own past so that she might be able to move forward and experience everything that life has to offer as well as repair the cracks that have begun to appear in her relationship with her daughter. The narrative follows both Ella and Helen as they embark on their respective journeys of self-discovery, catharsis, healing and hope.

Shared from multiple perspectives across past and present timelines seamlessly woven into a fluid narrative Days of Wonder by Caroline Leavitt is a poignant read. The strength of this novel lies in the character development and the sensitive, realistic and compassionate depiction of complicated family dynamics. I loved the writing, the complex characters and the emotional depth with which the author has tackled several sensitive topics. The characters are flawed yet realistic and though you may question their choices, you can’t help but feel invested in their stories. The revelations pertaining to Ella’s conviction gradually come to light as the narrative progresses. I wasn’t completely satisfied with how this aspect of the story was tied up and felt it could have been explored further. You might have to suspend disbelief at certain junctures in the story and needless to say, you will feel a lot of emotions as the drama unfolds. I thought that the plot point concerning the adoptive family wasn’t quite necessary, but this does not detract from the overall reading experience.

Revolving around themes of family, love, loss, guilt, abuse, healing and forgiveness, this is a compelling read that I would not hesitate to recommend.

This was my first time reading this author and I look forward to exploring more of her work.

Many thanks to Algonquin Books for the digital review copy via NetGalley. All opinions expressed in this review are my own.
… (mer)
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srms.reads | 4 andra recensioner | May 7, 2024 |



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