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David Lehman's books include One Hundred Autobiographies: A Memoir and Playlist: A Poem. He is the editor of The Oxford Book of American Poetry and series editor of The Best American Poetry. He has written nonfiction books about the New York School of poets, classic American popular songs, Frank visa mer Sinatra, and mystery novels, among other subjects. visa färre
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Verk av David Lehman

Duchess: A Novel of Sarah Churchill (2006) 362 exemplar, 13 recensioner
The Oxford Book of American Poetry (2006) 327 exemplar, 3 recensioner
The Best American Poetry 1999 (1999) — Redaktör — 209 exemplar
The Best of the Best American Poetry: 1988-1997 (1998) — Redaktör — 207 exemplar, 1 recension
The Best American Poetry 2004 (2004) — Redaktör — 202 exemplar
Great American Prose Poems : From Poe to the Present (2003) 192 exemplar, 2 recensioner
The Best American Poetry 2006 (2006) — Redaktör — 191 exemplar, 5 recensioner
The Best American Poetry 2002 (2002) — Series Editor — 183 exemplar, 1 recension
The Best American Poetry 2005 (2005) — Redaktör — 177 exemplar
The Best American Poetry 2003 (2003) — Redaktör — 174 exemplar, 1 recension
The Best American Poetry 1996 (1996) — Redaktör — 173 exemplar, 1 recension
The Best American Poetry 1994 (1994) — Redaktör — 172 exemplar, 1 recension
The Best American Poetry 1997 (1997) — Redaktör — 168 exemplar
The Best American Poetry 2007 (2007) — Redaktör — 166 exemplar, 1 recension
The Best American Poetry 1998 (1998) — Redaktör — 163 exemplar
The Best American Poetry 1995 (1995) — Redaktör — 162 exemplar, 1 recension
The Best American Poetry 2008 (2008) — Redaktör — 135 exemplar, 4 recensioner
The Best American Poetry 2009 (2009) — Redaktör — 133 exemplar, 1 recension
The Best American Poetry 1993 (1993) — Redaktör — 128 exemplar, 1 recension
The Best American Poetry 2010 (2010) — Redaktör — 120 exemplar, 3 recensioner
The Best American Poetry 2016 (2016) — Redaktör — 102 exemplar, 4 recensioner
The Best American Poetry 1992 (1992) — Redaktör — 102 exemplar
The Best American Poetry 2017 (2017) — Redaktör — 97 exemplar, 1 recension
The Best American Poetry 2015 (2015) — Redaktör — 97 exemplar, 3 recensioner
The Best American Poetry 1991 (1991) — Series Editor — 88 exemplar
The Best American Poetry 2011 (2011) — Redaktör — 85 exemplar, 4 recensioner
The Best American Poetry 2012 (2012) — Redaktör — 83 exemplar, 1 recension
The Best American Poetry 2013 (2013) — Redaktör — 82 exemplar, 2 recensioner
The Best American Poetry 2014 (2014) — Redaktör — 80 exemplar
The Best American Poetry 2018 (2018) — Series Editor — 79 exemplar, 1 recension
The Daily Mirror (2000) 73 exemplar, 1 recension
The KGB Bar Book Of Poems (2000) 59 exemplar
The Best American Poetry 2019 (2019) — Redaktör; Bidragsgivare — 57 exemplar, 2 recensioner
The Best American Poetry 2021 (2021) — Redaktör — 50 exemplar, 1 recension
The Best American Poetry 2022 (The Best American Poetry series) (2022) — Redaktör — 44 exemplar, 1 recension
The Best American Poetry 2020 (2020) — Redaktör — 40 exemplar, 1 recension
Nell Hill's Stylish Weddings (2007) 34 exemplar
The Best American Poetry 2023 (The Best American Poetry series) (2023) — Redaktör; Bidragsgivare — 23 exemplar
New and Selected Poems (2013) 15 exemplar, 1 recension
Jim and Dave Defeat the Masked Man (2005) 12 exemplar, 1 recension
The best American poetry — Redaktör — 12 exemplar
Yeshiva Boys: Poems (2009) 12 exemplar
Poems in the Manner Of (2017) 12 exemplar, 1 recension
Operation Memory (1990) 9 exemplar
An Alternative to Speech (1986) 6 exemplar
Day One. (1979) 3 exemplar
One hundred autobiographies : a memoir (2019) 3 exemplar, 1 recension
Some nerve; poems 1 exemplar

Associerade verk

Poetry 180: A Turning Back to Poetry (2003) — Bidragsgivare — 779 exemplar, 10 recensioner
180 More: Extraordinary Poems for Every Day (2005) — Bidragsgivare — 366 exemplar, 9 recensioner
Shakespeare (1939) — Förord, vissa utgåvor360 exemplar, 2 recensioner
The Best American Poetry 2001 (2001) — Redaktör — 223 exemplar
The Best American Poetry 2000 (2000) — Redaktör — 213 exemplar
The Art of Losing (2010) — Bidragsgivare — 206 exemplar, 21 recensioner
Poetry Speaks Expanded: Hear Poets Read Their Own Work from Tennyson to Plath (2007) — Bidragsgivare — 152 exemplar, 1 recension
Death by Pad Thai: And Other Unforgettable Meals (2015) — Författare, vissa utgåvor82 exemplar, 1 recension
A. R. Ammons: Selected Poems (2006) — Redaktör — 79 exemplar
The Best American Poetry 1990 (1990) — Series Editor — 78 exemplar
The Best American Poetry 1989 (1989) — Series Editor — 65 exemplar
The Best American Poetry 1988 (1988) — Redaktör — 45 exemplar, 1 recension
The Best of the Bellevue Literary Review (2008) — Bidragsgivare — 27 exemplar, 1 recension
Defiance #2: A Radical Review (1971) — Bidragsgivare — 7 exemplar
The Paris Review 84 1982 Summer (1982) — Bidragsgivare — 6 exemplar, 1 recension
Black Clock 10 (2009) — Bidragsgivare — 2 exemplar


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Lehman provides a fascinating introduction to and analysis of this group of poets and the artistic community that they lived in. It's an absorbing read, rich in detail and thoughtful exploration. It's also an excellent reference work for the numerous mentions of the creative pieces (music, art, books, poems) that inspired these poets.
lschiff | Sep 24, 2023 |
A complete, well edited anthology. Contains the well known and expected, but the minor or lesser known works are of excellent quality and worth remembering.
mebrock | 2 andra recensioner | Aug 12, 2023 |
It's always worth reading a Best American series book, his one no exception.
mykl-s | Jun 11, 2023 |
The Mysterious Romance of Murder: Crime, Detection, and the Spirit of Noir by David Lehman is a 2022 Cornell University Press publication.

Well, I’m not sure how I feel about this book. It was not what I was expecting, for starters. Once I settled in to read it, I immediately struggled with the author’s presentation- but I thought it was just an introduction of sorts- and felt it was still on track with my expectations.

But then the book became hyper-focused on noir- not all crime or detection, just the ‘spirit of noir’.

Despite the confusion, I continued because I do like noir. I appreciated the author’s obvious respect for noir, and agree that it is, perhaps unlike many other forms of crime fiction, an actual art form. Poetry noir, though? Um- okay. I'm 'poetry impaired' to begin with, so that's a fusion I’m not fully comprehending.

But, if you are a huge fan of noir films, and are looking for a unique study of noir authors, films, the dialogue and vernacular specific to noir fiction, then this book might be what you are looking for.

Unfortunately, for me, personally, the author’s presentation, organization, and execution didn’t come together for me. I’m sure it’s one of those times when I'm the one at fault, rather than the author or the book. I think I got off on the wrong foot with this book and never fully recovered from it.

Overall, this book is going to work for those who know up front what they are in for, and for those who wish to study noir films from a dialogue/ poetry/ speech angle, and not so much from a psychological point of view, as the title suggests.

2 stars
… (mer)
gpangel | 1 annan recension | Nov 25, 2022 |



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