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Narrator Shaun Grindell has an unusual punchy lilt. It's quite annoying but perhaps it did represent the MCs, Portuguese English football player Dom, and apprentice auto mechanic "Lucky", well enough.

This is an intense relationship novel, not much let up, and done with skill by Leigh Garrett. Grindell's breathy push-pull reading style adds to this.

The tremendous discrepancy between the wealthy footballer, and the homeless apprentice adds a lot of tension too.

Dom lives in loneliness and fear of being outed from the closet. Lucky's fears are more primal - not enough food, none - or very poor quality lodgings.

It's remarkable how the rich don't have insight, even when it is obvious, into the life of those on the other side of the fence. Also, how buried we get in our own misery - no matter whether it's justified. Our own misery fills the screen and it's real.

Once I would have given this 4 stars without hesitation, on the back of the skilful build in intensity, but I'm getting more critical of the romance I read. I need something that's going to give me a hit of something - a special element that I haven't come across before - that's a little transcendent. This almost did.
… (mer)
Okies | 3 andra recensioner | Feb 24, 2024 |
I don't know why but this was one of those books that I read where I felt lost the entire time.
Moshepit20 | 4 andra recensioner | Feb 12, 2024 |
Perhaps all Romance genre novels are about two lonely people finding each other to some degree. Whisper is a perfect example, and I love it, hence I'm feeling generous with my rating tonight.

This is a sweet, sweet story, with great setting, plenty of drama, heartstrings tugged, and attractive leads and support cast. Through serendipity, along with some familial prodding and some bravery on both their parts, Harry and Joe - yes - find each other. There's lots of good banter and both are described as "gorgeous", which doesn't hurt!

Both have fulfilling day jobs, but no time for other interests, friends, etc. Both have strong family ties, admittedly, Harry has one family member, his brother, but Joe has a loving family with the notable exception of a fraught relationship with his father.

This is also a story embedded in charity towards animals.

Harry books 10 weeks at a Cornish farmhouse airbnb to escape work and write the book his agent is waiting for. But despite the rural idyll, the lives of those on farm are just as complicated and messed up as anyone's and he's drawn into helping.

Harry and Joe drift into a supportive friendship, and gradually their love is a deep well that sustains the farm and the family.

I was brought to tears towards the end several times. A sign of a good book!

Harry practices a disciplined life - to manage his temper and his eating disorder. He is a celebrated physiotherapist, a healer and nurturer.

The chaos of a wayward father and lack of money dominates Joe's life and he chases his tail to stay ahead of it. His passion is rescuing horses and other animals, and the farm is a designated animal shelter.

Only hesitation I have about this audiobook concerns the narrator Shaun Grindell. I haven't heard him before, and I wouldn't seek him out. He has a speech mannerism where he goes up and down in volume all the time and it drove me nuts trying to hear him over the air-conditioner (as it is an extreme heat alert in Brisbane at present). He begins a sentence in a soft voice, runs up to a burst of sound, punching out a word or two, and falls off again - up and down several times in the one sentence.

I think the guy on the cover is meant to be Harry, since he has a beard, he's big, and he has a built body. So yes, gorgeous.
… (mer)
Okies | 2 andra recensioner | Jan 21, 2024 |
I thoroughly enjoyed this read. It was a great story with connection between Jax and Tanner. It has some dark angsty moments but through it all is love that we see before the boys realise! And the found family at the bar.

Can be read as a stand alone but if you can read book 1 first it would make things clearer.
SharingTheBookLove | 8 andra recensioner | Nov 2, 2023 |


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