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Ėduard Limonov (1943–2020)

Författare till It's Me, Eddie: A Fictional Memoir

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Limonov grew up in Khar'gkov and was a member of an unofficial group of artists and writers. In 1975, he emigrated to the United States, where he lived for a few years before moving to France. His early experiences in this country provided the material for "It's Me, Eddie" (1979), which, despite visa mer the talented writing, caused an uproar because of the narrator's self-pitying, punklike persona, hatred of American society, and sexual frankness (rare in Russian literature). Two subsequent quasi-autobiographical works followed, covering the protagonist's youth and later experiences in New York. Recently, Limonov, whose art exemplifies what was once despised by the Soviet cultural establishment, is now scandalizing liberals by his espousal of extreme nationalist, right-wing positions and his association with anti-American, quasi-Fascist figures. (Bowker Author Biography) visa färre
Foto taget av: Eduard Limonov. Photo by Rodrigo Fernandez.


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Such amazing filth. Such delicious dirt. Such incredible malice. Yet, there is real beauty and sentiment to be found in this Diary of a Loser.

This book came into my hands by chance and I started reading it without knowing anything about [a:Limonov|7690483|Limonov|], but I'm so happy that I got to feast on this little book.

Limonov presents himself as a fictional (?) Russian character emigrated to New York in very short, but often incredibly harsh diary entries. His mind is dealing with paedophilic, sadistic and murderous thoughts, he reminisces about his relationship with society, his sex partners, his parents. He looks like a harmless, nice poet trying to make a living, but harbouring thoughts and ideas of a most vicious nature.

The book ended far to soon for me, because even though this is not a classic novel, it does read like a page turner and manages to paint a full picture of the psychology of an intrinsically melancholic character that you can't help but hate to love.
… (mer)
bbbart | Dec 27, 2020 |
It's heartwarming to see this book actually got to the shelves of a bunch of people here. It manages to be a fantastic initiation story about love, while AT THE SAME TIME focusing on existential woes, drug and alcohol binges, wild sex and political activism. A tour de force!

yuvalro | Nov 14, 2007 |


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½ 3.7

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