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W. Bruce Lincoln (1938–2000)

Författare till The Romanovs: Autocrats of All the Russias

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W. Bruce Lincoln was Distinguished Research Professor of Russian History at Northern Illinois University.
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5 centuries of Moscow’s culture
Docent-MFAStPete | May 27, 2024 |
This book focuses on the city of St. Petersburg, which also offers an interesting prism through which to view three centuries of Russian history. Founded by Tsar Peter the Great near the beginning of the 18th century, St. Petersburg was built on swampy ground, prone to flooding and fire, and constructed at a hurried pace. Despite the challenges, the city managed to grow, foster both artists and revolutionaries, hold off a Nazi siege, and persist into the modern age. An fascinating read and highly recommended for those interested in Russian history.… (mer)
wagner.sarah35 | 2 andra recensioner | Dec 28, 2023 |
In War's Dark Shadow covers the 25 year period from 1891-1914 (the start of the Great War). In fact, the book also mentions events going back as far as the 1860's for added perspective. This helps fill in some area covered in the 25 years under review. That said, this is a marvelous book discussing in some detail how Russians lived prior to WWI. The life of the peasants is particularly shocking. I was not aware of the condiltions under which they lived and were governed. Small wonder there was a Russian Revolution(s) and the Romanov's executed!

It is really a sad tale of how autocratic rule can become so far removed from the daily life of the citizens that upheaval and revolution become inevitable. The book also deals with the overall culture, society and ecomonics of Imperial Russia.. Of great interest to me was the impact of industrialization on the peasants in the agricultural areas of Russia. Once industrialization took place, these folks began moving into the citites looking for work and imrpovement in their standard of living. They may have found work, but their living standard did not improve; it may actually have been reduced in some ways.

I strongly recommend this book to anyone with an interest in Russia, the revolution, WWI or the raise of Socialism in Europe. Great Book!!
… (mer)
douboy50 | 4 andra recensioner | Dec 15, 2012 |
Bruce Lincoln's passion for russia comes thru clearly in this lengthy account. It is a Bio of the Romanov's and a survey history of Russia. Now and then the transitions are a bit odd, but in fairness I could not see a better way than that which he chose. There is just so much included that some back and forth in time is inevitable. Despite the almost certainty that the biological Romanovs died out when Catherine the Great ascended the throne, he gives the full story of the autocracy to it's sad and violent end.… (mer)
Whiskey3pa | 1 annan recension | Jun 4, 2012 |


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