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This was a wild ride from the opening page until the last word. There was plenty of action filling the pages, and the descriptions were vivid enough that you could see everything unfolding in front of you. Everything from being a teen to international espionage is covered in this. Young adult readers who enjoy thrilling action will absolutely love this book.
LilyRoseShadowlyn | 2 andra recensioner | Feb 28, 2022 |
This is the story of a a 15 year old boy who comes home to the States to live with his grandfather after a the bombing of a U.S. embassy overseas, the result of which killed his mother and (possibly) his brother as well. While home it becomes apparent someone is still trying to kill him and that it is up to him and his friends to try to find the key to prevent a world wide war.

I'm of two minds on this book. On one hand, I enjoyed the writing, it was quite action packed, I liked the characters and it was a quick read. On the other hand it was awfully violent and much of what was going on was hard to believe.

Overall, I gave the book 4 stars because I could suspend my disbelief of the events and character attitudes and allow myself to simply enjoy the story and ride along with the adventure.
Jenson_AKA_DL | 2 andra recensioner | Jan 7, 2022 |
Loved it. A quick read. Fun and fast-paced. An intriguing combo of teen life in the USA with all of its emotional ups and downs, and international espionage with its politics and danger. Loved the juxtapositioning of serious relationship discussions with intense fighting scenes - very funny. The queer content was well done and appreciated.
wendyonpi | 2 andra recensioner | Nov 23, 2021 |
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