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Robert Macfarlane (1) (1976–)

Författare till Underland : en upptäcktsresa i underjorden

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Robert Macfarlane is the author of Landmarks which made the Samuel Johnson Prize 2015 shortlist. (Bowker Author Biography)


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Vedertaget namn
Macfarlane, Robert
Namn enligt folkbokföringen
Macfarlane, Robert
Land (för karta)
England, UK
Halam, Nottinghamshire, England, UK
Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, England, UK
Emmanuel College, University of Cambridge (Ph.D|2000)
Magdalen College, University of Oxford (M.Phil|1999)
Pembroke College, University of Cambridge (BA|1997)
Nottingham High School
travel writer
nature writer
Deakin, Roger (friend|travel companion)
Peck, Sir Edward (grandfather)
Lovell, Julia (wife)
Emmanuel College, Cambridge University
Priser och utmärkelser
Fellow, Royal Society of Literature (2011)
NDR Kultur Sachbuchpreis (2019)
Wainwright Prize (2019)
Children's Book of the Year, British Book Awards (2017)
E. M. Forster Award (2017)
Hay Festival Medal (2015) (visa alla 15)
Dolman Best Travel Book Award (2013)
Philip Leverhulme Prize (2011)
Grand Prize, Banff Mountain Festival (2008)
Scottish Non-Fiction Book of the Year Award (2008)
Waterstones 25 Authors for the Future (2007)
Boardman Tasker Prize for Mountain Literature (2007)
Sunday Times Young Writer of the Year Award (2004)
Somerset Maugham Award (2004)
Guardian First Book Award (2003)
Jessica Woollard (David Higham)
Kort biografi
Robert Macfarlane's Mountains of the Mind: A History of a Fascination (2003), won the Guardian First Book Award, the Somerset Maugham Award, and the Sunday Times Young Writer of the Year Award. Robert Macfarlane is a Fellow of Emmanuel College, Cambridge. He lives in Cambridge with his family.



Over the last few years I must have bought at least 10 copies of Landmarks to send to special friends. It was originally lent to me my a friend, Laura Hartley after a discussion about where we thought we belonged. Robert Macfarlane doesn't just write about place, he writes about writers who write about place. Consequently, this book's chapters celebrate the work of wonderful writers such as Nan Shepherd, Barry Lopez, John Muir, J.A. Baker, and Roger Deakin. Their books have cascaded out of Landmarks on to my shelves and into my understanding of place.

I love the way Macfarlane tastes the nuances of language as it creates place. I just wish I could talk to him about my place and actually show him what it means to me to be in place.

I didn't start at the beginning when I read this book and often recommend to my friends that they start at the end with the enchanting Chapter 'Childish'.
… (mer)
simonpockley | 14 andra recensioner | Feb 25, 2024 |
My copy of Mountains of the Mind got wet before I read it. The pages were all buckled and the cover slowly disintegrated over the week or two that I tucked it away while traveling through bush fires. For some reason this gradual erosion fitted the sense of frayed worn-outness that beset the various characters who mountaineer through time in this wonderful book.

I'm a mountain person. I like solitude, cool air, high vantage points, rock under my feet, and the feeling of being enclosed by a broken skyline of crags and cliffs. So, I was looking forward to reading this book and, as with everything I've read so far of Robert Macfarlane's (Landmarks, Underland), I was not disappointed.

He traces the idea of mountains from places to be avoided to objects of fascination and compulsion, arriving at Mallory's failed attempts to climb Everest and then, best of all, a fleeting encounter with a hare. I say this because I think Robert Macfarlane is at his best when describing his own experiences, like the Chapter, Red Dancers in Underland. His courage and perceptive sensitivity shine through when he is alone.

Mountains return to us the priceless capacity for winder which can so insensibly be leached away by modern existence.
… (mer)
simonpockley | 23 andra recensioner | Feb 25, 2024 |
Robert Macfarlane is one of my favourite authors. His interest in language and place is just the stepping off point for a profound series of reflections on how we perceive the earth. With Underland we are taken beneath the earth. Fascinating as the different caverns are (each is quite extraordinary), the Chapter entitled 'The Red Dancers' appears to me to reach another level. Here Robert is on a personal quest and the tension mounts.… (mer)
simonpockley | 53 andra recensioner | Feb 25, 2024 |
Beautiful illustrations and keen wordsmanship about birds, moths, and other animals by the same pair that brought us The Lost Words.
bschweiger | 8 andra recensioner | Feb 4, 2024 |



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