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Patricia MacLachlan (1938–2022)

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Patricia MacLachlan was born in Cheyenne, Wyoming on March 3, 1938. She received a B.A. from the University of Connecticut in 1962 and taught English at a junior high school until 1979. She began writing picture books and novels at the age of thirty-five. Her works include The Facts and Fictions of visa mer Minna Pratt, Skylark, Caleb's Story, Grandfather's Dance, Three Names, All the Places to Love, Before You Came, Cat Talk, and Snowflakes Fall. She won the Golden Kite Award for Arthur, for the Very First Time and the 1986 Newbery Medal for Sarah, Plain and Tall. (Bowker Author Biography) visa färre
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This is another lovely story of family love and life on the prarie. Told of the life of the family Great Grandfather, it was a quieter, moe subdued life. The children looked forward to school as it presented interaction tat as so very needed when the houses are far apart from each other and the land is flat and seems never ending.

The story revolves around famly values, taking care of one another, particularly centered around the dog with three names, Lilly, Boos and Pal. Great-Grandfather called him Three Names. He rids on the big wagon with the children who are transported to school.

Because houses are so far apart, school is the main place of interaction. And unlike many children today who hate the summer to end, the children on the prarie cannot wait for it to behin.

Three names was a pet to all thea dults and children with whom he cam in contact with, except for a young boy named William. In the winter when the snow piled high on the big, flat prarie, the wind whipped the air and it was necessary to build a fire inside the school for warmth. Winter holidays meant parties for everyone. All children and their extended familes attended the festivites of lights in the windows which were welcoming becons for people to find the school. There was fiddle playing, food, punch, singing and the teacher graciously sacrificed his earnings and gave a book as a present to each student. Three Names was part of the party and he howled when he liked something.

Life on the prarie, may have been somewhat boring for the children, yet, there were instances of terror when the flat lands were ripe for tornadoes. When this occurred on a school day, there was a cellar where children could hide from the nastiness above. Three Names shook as he heard the howls and ugly sounds.

When school ended, it was with sadness, not clapping. But this too was a time for celebration. And each student wore starched shirts, or dresses and shiny shoes of the girls.

Yet another occasion for food, fiddle playing and a celebration as each graduate heard their name called. And, because Three Names attended school as well, he too was sad when another year of learning ended.

While I didn't live on a prarie, this book reminded me that there were occasions of school festivies, when everyone was dressed as well as our parents could afford. And, always, there was an air of excitement, especially during holidays where we shared and gave and received a presentt of the person who had the name to give or receive.

Halloween was a special event at my small school. The teacher gave us black and orange paper to cut out pumpkins and black cats. Our decorations adorned the school windows. There were no restrictions of watching for anyone who had an allergy that would exempt them from sharing cup cakes, candy and punch.

There was a Haloween parade and their were judges for customes. My mother always made a creative outfit and she was sure we would win. There was always tension when she didn't win the prize for us. My sisters and I hated that because it put a damper on the fun time.

We had a Christmas concert, and it wasn't called a "holiday" concert. My knees shook as I sang the three lines of solo during the concert. It wasn't a time of political correctness and I remember singing the words "Oh, Come, Oh, Come Emmanuel and ransom captive Israel who mourns in lowly excile until the King of God appears " Even James H_____. looked handsome with his white shirt and slicked hair. The dark lights in the audience hid my grandmother's face, but I knew she would be in the audience and would wait for me to walk to home together.

And, the firehall always had a special event when Santa would arrive to give us an orange and a small box of candy which had a heavy string affixed to the outside so we could carry it wighout dropping. There were no instances of fruit and vegetables instead of a box of candy that was made by the local Main Street candy store was a very special treat!

This book was a tribute to times gone by, when special times were set aside to celebrate an important happening. Life was hard, but good on the prarie. At least Patricia MacLachlan thought so. She should know because she was raised in the prarie, and while this book was a tribute to Three Names, it also was an accurate depiction of how many children felt during all seasons of the year.
… (mer)
Whisper1 | 3 andra recensioner | Feb 29, 2024 |
This is aother light read of a family working together to appreciate the joys and simplicities of life. I continue to read Patricia MacLachlan's works because she writes with such style and depth of feeling that after reading her books, I am left with a sense of calm and joy.

In this story, Sylvie Bloom's mother was an well-known, renowned opera singer who gave the fame and glory behind to live on a country farm with a husband and two children. She cannot understand why her mother left all the glory behind to now sing with chickens and cows and live a simple life.

This haunts Sylvie to the point of fear that one day her mother will regret all she gave up and will return to that life, leaving her family behind. There is nothing that would confirm her feelings. Instead, her mother is very content and loves the life she has with two childen, a wonderful community and the calmness of a sky filled with stars and a husband who takes her in his arms and dances with her.

When Sylvie is asked to accompany the local sherrif and ride in his vehicle with her to see the happenings of the communitiy, she uses her writing skills to produce poems about her life and about what she discovers in the rural roads and the small town existence.

When she becomes sick with Phemumonia, her mother could have sung on stage with her former opera-singing partner who happens to have a concert nearby, and instead she stays home with Sylvie while her father and brother attend the concert, she learns the meaning of love and that her mother would not change anything for the wondeful life she has.
… (mer)
Whisper1 | 3 andra recensioner | Feb 29, 2024 |
When the owners of a cat Nigel, and a dog Julia noticed that a small room was newly painted, small little boots were found in a bag, a big piece of furniture was in the newly painted room Nigel predicted it was for a baby. And sure enough, a baby soon arrived. The first reaction was "We don't need a baby." But, as they noticed the baby and her actions they couldn't help but want to be with her night and day.

A cute book co-written by Patricia MacLachlan and her daughter Emily. This is told from the imagined perspective of the two animals who noted she was a bitty little thing. Soon they called her Bittle. When she cried, they ran to her crib. Nigel wrapped himself around the baby and purred. She stopped crying.

Nigel hit the hanging ornaments on the mobile above her bed, and he sang a song to her when she needed company. Nigel Meowed, and Julia howled. Bittle smiled. Soon she threw all her toys out of the crib and the animals threw them back at her, except for one kept by Julia.

They both admitted helping Bittle was hard work, but fun as well. They both slept under the crib in order to quickly be with her when she cried or needed a playmate. When she crawled, they followed her. When she played with the toilet paper, Julla told her she
really liked the toilet as well.

The babies first words were Wolf, and Meow.

There's nothing in depth, but every book by this author is special. The way in which they paint the relationship with the baby and the animals is touching.

While not my favorite, it did bring a smile as I read it.
… (mer)
Whisper1 | 11 andra recensioner | Feb 29, 2024 |
This is not as a nice tale of nine-year-old Jacob whose life is turned upside down when his parents bring home triplets from the hospital.

Rather than being jealous, as many children might be, he is enthralled with the three little girl identical babies. Prior to this, he begged his parents for a puppy. He knows what a litter of puppies looks like, but a liter of baby girls is quite different. He learns that they are not a litter, which is what he called them for his science school project, but as they grow they each have unique personalities. He previously called them "The Trips." Now, he knows they are individual children.

Each makes different sounds, each one relates to him differently, and while they all look alike, they are not puppies of a litter, they are independt little babies. When his parents bring them to class while he is giving his science presentation regarding their growth, one of the babies takes her first steps. The entire class is enthralled and claps, leaving Jacob with a huge smile, and an A for his efforts.

There isn't a sad life-changing event in this book as with some other of her works, rather, this is a fun story of a family working together to make this major shift be a happy part of their lives as together, with a loving assistant who adds additional love to the family.

If you are looking for a fast read of a story that is heart warming, then this is a good book.
… (mer)
Whisper1 | Feb 28, 2024 |



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