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Norman MacLean (1902–1990)

Författare till A River Runs Through It and Other Stories

Norman MacLean är Norman Maclean (1). För andra författare vid namn Norman Maclean, se särskiljningssidan.

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The narrator has a slightly nasally voice so it took me a bit to get used to. However the narrative is engrossing and I was soon lost in it. As others have pointed out the attention to detail is quite good. The fact that I began to apply my own skills to what was being revealed should speak to that. Not only does it cover the original event, it reconstructs and reveal the subsequent events after it - including the handling of it by the Forest Service and the Government. Maclean also discusses the moral perspective that we all address as living beings - but not in a heavy handed way.

I especially liked the last section where they discussed the scientific / mathematical theories of fire. Yes I'm a sad geek.

A solid 4.8. Like others half stars would be handy a 4.5 would be a good choice for this.

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Kiri | 17 andra recensioner | Dec 24, 2023 |
I picked this up because I read that it was about Montana. I have a soft spot for Montana ever since I visited Bozeman and Yellowstone. I pictured the grand canyon of Yellowstone throughout all of this.

The story, though - haven't we heard this one before? Troublesome kid brother?
Tytania | 27 andra recensioner | Dec 5, 2023 |
Today the Smokejumpers are an elite group of men and women who face the forest fires that are otherwise unreachable. The Smokejumper program was founded in 1939, and this true story takes place only ten years later when the group was just coming into its own. The Mann Gulch fire initially seemed like an ordinary mission. The fire had started by lightning, and the crew thought they would mop it up in no time. However, a perfect storm of circumstances led to them reversing course, even abandoning their tools, and running for their lives.

Of the survivors, one lived due to inventing the “escape fire” on the spot. But what saved his life would end up igniting a controversy that would span decades until the author took it upon himself to flesh out the truth. Part study of fire science, part survival story, and part quest for discovery, this book also looks at the philosophical points of life and insures that the men will never be forgotten.

The Bottom Line: Published posthumously, this true story about the Mann Gulch fire tragedy takes the reader on a quest to discover the mystery behind why so many lost their lives. This mystery almost became an obsession for the author in the last chapter of his life. Having been a firefighter, the author brought personal experience to his telling of the tragedy. Recommended for individuals interested in survival, science, and philosophy. [Note: This was the author’s second book. His first, A River Runs Through It and Other Stories was made into a movie.]

For the complete review including Book Club Notes, please visit the Mini Book Bytes Book Review Blog.
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aya.herron | 17 andra recensioner | Nov 20, 2023 |
Een bijzonder boek over een bijzonder incident, met voor mij de grootste les over de brandweer ooit: there's not much to learn in fighting big fires from fighting small fires.In dit blog ga ik verder op het boek in:
Rizoomes | 17 andra recensioner | Oct 22, 2023 |



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