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Margaret Mahy was born on March 21, 1936 in Whakatane, Bay of Plenty, New Zealand. She received a B.A. degree from the University of New Zealand. She worked as a nurse, an assistant librarian, and a children's librarian in England and New Zealand. Her first book, A Lion in the Meadow, was published visa mer in 1969. She became a full-time author in 1980. During her lifetime, she wrote more than 120 children's books including The Haunting, The Changeover, Memory, The Seven Chinese Brothers, The Man Whose Mother Was a Pirate and A Summery Saturday Morning. She won the Esther Glen Award five times, the Carnegie Medal of the British Library Association three times, the Boston Globe-Horn Book Award, Hans Christian Andersen Award, and in 1999, she won the New Zealand Post Children's Book Award in two categories, Picture Book and Supreme Award. She died after a brief illness on July 23, 2012 at the age of 76. (Bowker Author Biography) visa färre
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Verk av Margaret Mahy

Sju kinesiska bröder (1990) 1,426 exemplar
Gengångaren (1982) 328 exemplar
The Boy Who Was Followed Home (1800) 328 exemplar
A Summery Saturday Morning (1998) 324 exemplar
Bubble Trouble (1991) 321 exemplar
Trixarna (1985) 307 exemplar
Tycho & Angela (1985) 276 exemplar
Maddigan's Fantasia (2005) 254 exemplar
17 Kings and 42 Elephants (1987) 253 exemplar
Minnets magi (1987) 212 exemplar
Alchemy (2002) 203 exemplar
The Rattlebang Picnic (1994) 200 exemplar
Down the Back of the Chair (2006) 185 exemplar
The World in 1492 (1992) 184 exemplar
A Lion in the Meadow (1969) 165 exemplar
Aliens in the Family (1985) 162 exemplar
The Magician of Hoad (2008) 129 exemplar
The Pirates' Mixed-up Voyage (1983) 120 exemplar
De underjordiska gångarna (1992) 115 exemplar
24 Hours (2000) 115 exemplar
The Other Side of Silence (1995) 108 exemplar
Blod och dunder-äventyret (1989) 107 exemplar
The Three-Legged Cat (1993) 103 exemplar
Farliga drömmar (1991) 102 exemplar
The Librarian and the Robbers (1978) 84 exemplar
Jam (1985) 82 exemplar
The Five Sisters (1996) 76 exemplar
Leaf magic (1976) 73 exemplar
The Witch in the Cherry Tree (1974) 64 exemplar
The Green Bath (2013) 60 exemplar
The Horrendous Hullabaloo (1992) 59 exemplar
The Girl with the Green Ear (1992) 58 exemplar
Boom Baby Boom Boom (1996) 54 exemplar
The Man from the Land of Fandango (1600) — Författare — 54 exemplar
When the King Rides By (1986) 53 exemplar
The Good Fortunes Gang (1993) 52 exemplar
Det (o)hyggliga spöket (1997) 48 exemplar
Kaitangata Twitch (2005) 46 exemplar
Making Friends (1990) 43 exemplar
Nonstop Nonsense (1977) 42 exemplar
The Boy With Two Shadows (1987) 39 exemplar
Dashing Dog (2002) 35 exemplar
Beaten by a Balloon (1997) 34 exemplar
The Christmas Tree Tangle (1994) 33 exemplar
The Gargling Gorilla (2003) 33 exemplar
Simply Delicious! (1999) 32 exemplar
The Dragon's Birthday (1863) 32 exemplar
The Greatest Show off Earth (1600) 31 exemplar
My Wonderful Aunt, Story One (1986) 29 exemplar
A Fortunate Name (1993) 29 exemplar
Fantail Fantail (1989) 29 exemplar
The Pirate Uncle (1977) 29 exemplar
Clancy's Cabin (1974) 28 exemplar
Guinea Pig Grass (1987) 27 exemplar
Keeping House (1991) 27 exemplar
Mr. Rumfitt (1987) 26 exemplar
Mister Whistler (2012) 26 exemplar
The Queen's Goat (1991) 25 exemplar
Don't Read This! : And Other Tales of the Unnatural (1994) — Bidragsgivare — 23 exemplar
Feeling Funny (1986) 22 exemplar
The tree doctor (1987) 22 exemplar
My Wonderful Aunt: Story Two (1986) 22 exemplar
Organ Music (2010) 22 exemplar
The man who enjoyed grumbling (1986) 21 exemplar
Bus Under the Leaves (1974) 21 exemplar
The New House Villain (1987) 21 exemplar
Crocodile, crocodile (1990) 21 exemplar
The Garden Party (1986) 21 exemplar
Midnight Story (1996) 20 exemplar
Trouble on the Bus (1986) 20 exemplar
Down the dragon's tongue (2000) 20 exemplar
A Fortune Branches Out (1993) 20 exemplar
The Three Magicians (1990) 19 exemplar
Tangled Fortunes (1994) 19 exemplar
My Wonderful Aunt: Story Three (1986) 19 exemplar
The Funny Funny Clown Face (1987) 18 exemplar
Skurken i datorn (1999) 18 exemplar
Down in the Dump with Dinsmore (1999) 18 exemplar
The Spider in the Shower (1984) 18 exemplar
No dinner for Sally (1989) 17 exemplar
A Tall Story and Other Tales (1991) 16 exemplar
The Haunting of Miss Cardamon (1987) 16 exemplar
Going to the Beach (1984) 16 exemplar
The Margaret Mahy Treasury (2011) 16 exemplar
The Adventures of a Kite (1985) 15 exemplar
My Wonderful Aunt: Story Four (1988) 14 exemplar
The Moon and Farmer McPhee (2010) 14 exemplar
My Mysterious World (1995) 13 exemplar
Giant Soup (1984) 13 exemplar
Wibble-wobble (1984) 12 exemplar
The Mad Puppet (1987) 12 exemplar
The Wind Between the Stars (1976) 11 exemplar
Solar Systems: Fact or Fiction (1990) 11 exemplar
Operation Terror (Surfers) (1600) 11 exemplar
A Very Wicked Headmistress (1995) 11 exemplar
The pop group (Sunshine books) (1986) 10 exemplar
The Dentist's Promise (1991) 10 exemplar
The Tale of a Tail (2014) 9 exemplar
An Elephant in the House (1986) 9 exemplar
Portable ghosts (2006) 9 exemplar
The Witch Dog (2014) 9 exemplar
The Fiddle and the Gun ( (1992) 8 exemplar
Wait for Me! (2003) 8 exemplar
The procession (1969) 7 exemplar
The Little Witch (1970) 7 exemplar
Mrs. Discombobulous (1969) 7 exemplar
My Wonderful Aunt Story Six (1988) 6 exemplar
The Catten (1985) 6 exemplar
The dragon's telephone (1994) 6 exemplar
Footsteps through the fog (2012) 5 exemplar
Aunt Nasty (2016) 5 exemplar
Leap year (1996) 5 exemplar
The Crocodile in the Garden (1985) 5 exemplar
The cake (1985) 5 exemplar
Me and My Dog (2003) 5 exemplar
The Little Round Husband (1990) 5 exemplar
The Princess and the Clown (1971) 4 exemplar
Pillycock's Shop (1969) 4 exemplar
Mrs Bubble's Baby (1983) 4 exemplar
Rooms for rent (1974) 3 exemplar
The Magician's Lunch (1986) 3 exemplar
The Earthquake (1985) 3 exemplar
The big black bulging bump (1995) 3 exemplar
Arguments (Read-Alongs) (1986) 3 exemplar
The Baby-sitter (1988) 3 exemplar
A Crocodile in the Library (1989) 3 exemplar
A Good Knee for a Cat * (1997) 3 exemplar
Mouse Wedding (Tiddlywinks) (1991) 3 exemplar
Beautiful Pig (1988) 3 exemplar
Mr Rooster (1988) 3 exemplar
The Great Car Clean-out (2002) 3 exemplar
White Elephants (1996) 3 exemplar
Off to the Shop (2001) 2 exemplar
David's Witch Doctor (1976) 2 exemplar
The Bubbling Crocodile (1989) 2 exemplar
Rapimento in biblioteca (2021) 1 exemplar
Fantail (Ready to Read) (1998) 1 exemplar
Look Under V 1 exemplar
The Old Bus 1 exemplar
Crocodile Lake (1997) 1 exemplar
Zerelda's horses (2005) 1 exemplar
De draaimolen (1987) 1 exemplar
Zijn moeder was zeerover (1985) 1 exemplar
De bende van Fortuin (1995) 1 exemplar

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RIP Margaret Mahy i The Green Dragon (augusti 2012)
YA Sci-fi/Fantasy Alchemist??? i Name that Book (augusti 2010)


This novel examines two aspects of memory through the main characters, 19 year old Jonny and an elderly woman, Sophie, suffering from Alzheimer's Disease. Jonny has been haunted for the last five years by the experience of witnessing his elder sister's death. His life has been derailed into booze and getting into fights, and on the anniversary of Janine's death he goes looking for the other witness, Janine's best friend Bonny, wanting to check whether his memory is really accurate. However, he encounters Sophie instead and soon finds himself becoming her caregiver despite his better judgement, especially when it seems she is being swindled by someone who is posing as her landlord.

As with other Mahy fiction, the characters are well fleshed out. The portrayal of Alzheimer's is all too convincing. A touching relationship develops as Jonny finds someone who needs him and in caring for her he gradually moves away from obsession with his own troubles, ironically finding answers to those along the way.

The book would be a good way of explaining this form of dementia to its original age range audience, but I think they would probably find the 1980s teenage trappings - a tape-based Walkman that Jonny relies on to blot out his surroundings being chief among them - and the lack of today's mobile phone culture too dated, which is a pity. I also found the story dragged a bit in the middle before it built up steam for the ending chapters, and I'm not convinced by the mild results of Jonny's dramatic action.

As far as the authorial decision to make two of the character names Jonny and Bonny, perhaps this is meant to drive home the way he has projected so much of his own fantasies onto his sister's friend so that she is almost an aspect of himself, but that could be reading too much into it. But if not it is an odd naming choice. On balance, a 3-star read.
… (mer)
kitsune_reader | 5 andra recensioner | Nov 23, 2023 |
This book is aimed at an older age group than previous Mahy books I've read as it explores teenage sexuality, family relationships including the fallout from parental divorce and the female protagonist's mother commencing on a relationship with a new boyfriend, and the emotional estrangement experienced by the male protagonist who was brought up by a foster family and beaten by his foster father when the latter lost his job and turned to drink.

All this almost overshadows the supernatural part of the plot whereby Laura Chant (no relation to Christopher Chant in Diana Wynne Jones' Chrestomanci series, although it transpires that she is a latent witch) and her little brother Jacko encounter an unpleasant old man who is the proprietor of a new shop selling trinkets in the shopping area near their house. Laura has woken up with a premonition of something awful happening, which her mother Kate dismisses, but despite this she is unable to prevent the old man putting a picture stamp of his own face on the back of her brother's hand. The stamp cannot be washed off and sinks into Jacko's flesh and soon he is deathly ill, as the old man, a type of vampire, drains off his life force to sustain his own failing and centuries old existence.

No one will believe Laura about the cause of her brother's illness so she is forced to turn to Sorensen, an older prefect from school whom her latent powers have previously caused her to identify as some kind of witch, and to his witch mother and grandmother. Sorensen is cynical, sarcastic and a bit of a user, mainly because his mother had him fostered because he wasn't a girl and she believed he had not inherited her powers, erroneously as it turned out. Given that Laura is only 14 and he is 17, I found his initial overtures, especially groping her when she goes to see him for help, a bit creepy. Laura is a strong character and she does defend her position, but it still made for uncomfortable reading, probably because of the developments which have occurred in society since the book was published in 1984.

I do realise that, if read at the right age, this book would probably be very absorbing as it has a female protagonist who is a strong defender of her brother and who eventually becomes a powerful witch, so the fact that I found the middle of the story to drag when Jacko is in hospital and nothing much is happening, is probably due to my not being the intended readership. Because of that and my reservations about the boy's conduct, especially at the beginning, I can only rate this 2 stars.
… (mer)
kitsune_reader | 36 andra recensioner | Nov 23, 2023 |
This book, published in 1982, won the Carnegie Medal and is a nice spooky tale for middle grade children, with a difference. It is quite short being a children's book from the era when such books were fairly short, but tells the tale of a quiet boy, Barney, who just wants to be normal but to whom extraordinary things begin to happen. It starts when he is coming home from school and is confronted on the way by what appears to be a lifesize paper model of a Victorian boy which then tells him Barnaby is dead and it is going to be very lonely. I did like the description of the figure swinging this way and that and then spinning round faster and faster until it vanishes in flakes of blue paper - not your average ghost!

The story takes a twist as Barney begins to realise that it is perhaps not a ghost at all but that he is being haunted by a living mysterious member of his family, a member who had uncanny powers and was in effect banished. This person now wants Barney for his own and is coming back, inflicting Barney with all kinds of 'hauntings' such as audible footsteps and visions of what is witnessed on the journey.

There is a nice spooky atmosphere, and the characters are also well realised, with even Barney's talkative sister, a would-be novelist, covering over as interesting rather than annoying. And there is a good twist at the end and a nice acknowledgement of the tensions within even happy families.
… (mer)
kitsune_reader | 10 andra recensioner | Nov 23, 2023 |
I liked the character of Sophie, and the friendship between her and Jonny. I thought Jonny's storyline was a little lacking and unbelievable, though. It seemed at times that he was dealing with mental illness, even.

There honestly wasn't much of a plot to propel forward.

There were several sexual references that would be appropriate enough for a teen, but not so much for a grade-schooler, so I don't know why so many people have it categorized as a children's book.

There was also some mild profanity, and the flippant use of God's name as an exclamation.

It wasn't the most terrible read, but it also wasn't good enough to recommend to others.
… (mer)
RachelRachelRachel | 5 andra recensioner | Nov 21, 2023 |



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