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David Malouf was born in Brisbane, Australia on March 20, 1934. He received a B.A. with honours from the University of Queensland in 1954. He lived and worked in Europe from 1959 to 1968, then taught English at the University of Sydney until 1977. After 1977 he became a full-time poet and novelist. visa mer His collections of poetry include Bicycle and Other Poems, Neighbours in a Thicket, Wild Lemons, First Things Last, Typewriter Music, and An Open Book. He received the Kenneth Slessor Prize for Poetry for Earth Hour. His novels include Johnno, Ransom, An Imaginary Life, Child's Play, Fly Away Peter, Harland's Half Acre, Dream Stuff, Every Move You Make, and The Conversations at Curlow Creek. He received the Commonwealth Writers' Prize and the Prix Femina Etranger for The Great World and the IMPAC Dublin Literary Award for Remembering Babylon. His collections of short stories include Antipodes, Untold Tales, Dream Stuff, and Every Move You Make. His Collected Stories won the 2008 Australia-Asia Literary Award. His essays collections include A First Place and The Writing Life. He also wrote the libretto for Richard Meale's opera Voss. He won the 2016 Australia Council Award for Lifetime Achievement in Literature. (Bowker Author Biography) visa färre
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Group Read, April 2018: Remembering Babylon i 1001 Books to read before you die (april 2018)


The fictional story of Ovid after his banishment from Rome. Descriptive writing but wouldn't rush back.
SteveMcI | 17 andra recensioner | Dec 1, 2023 |
All the characters in this extraordinary book see themselves as "the outsider", but because of their shared colonial pioneering position, they make Gemmy the outsider.
I thoroughly enjoyed the way David Malouf introduces the bare bones of the story, and then gives us the back story on so many of the characters.
There is suspicion and distrust, compassion and understanding, despair and struggle.

My daughter had been assigned 'Remembering Babylon' as part of a literature course in her university studies, and had left it at my place when she'd finished. I am so grateful.… (mer)
buttsy1 | 29 andra recensioner | Nov 23, 2023 |
Wonderful book especially the second time I read it. It is compassionate in tone, showing reverence for growing up in straitened circumstance and the mysteries surrounding that early experience of making sense of one's life. The reader is lead to sharing in sympathy with characters who are all flawed or damaged through accidents that struck them.
This is one of my favourite Australian novels. Malouf is full of love for characters, in the same way that Harland is driven by his love for his family, one broken by accident and bad luck.… (mer)
ivanfranko | 3 andra recensioner | Nov 18, 2023 |
One of the most astonishing pieces of Australian writing I have ever read. It's no secret that Malouf is one of our national treasures, but Remembering Babylon is something else entirely. Written from a dozen or so perspectives, each absorbing in its accuracy, Malouf turns his eye in this short novel to the complexities of colonialism, specifically among white, rural Australians in the 1860s. Less than a century after the country was colonised, a small town (village?) of white people struggle with the introduction amongst them of a white man who has been living with Indigenous people for 16 years. Their concern about whether he has completely lost "it", their fear of the unknown - anything beyond view of their steeple - and that uncomfortable, uneasy relationship with their own colonialism, their sense of inferiority to the mother country, and the social and cultural clashes between neighbours that have made up every society since time immemorial... all captured in fewer than 200 pages.

Malouf smartly chooses not to write from the Indigenous perspective - he has rightly said that no white person in Australia can really do that - but gives us enough touches through Gemmy's point of view that we understand the true tragedy of colonialism, as symbolised through Janet's relationship with her bees. Being able to see them communicate but not quite understand how, and wondering if you knew it once, is a thought that has often haunted me, and remains haunting.

By 1860, my ancestors were well settled in Australia, their children becoming young adults and soon to have children of their own. My relationship with this land - as a white, rural-born, gay, intellectual, urbanite - is a complex one, and so is my relationship with the attempted genocide my ancestors perpetuated. Although the killing ended long ago, the cultural suppression continued well into the 1960s - the decade of my parents' birth - and we live with a lineage of divided privilege, culture, and sentiment. Compared to our neighbours "across the pond", New Zealand, who charted a very different 19th century, it is very telling.

To return to Malouf's work, his prose is tight, almost silhouetting the situations that occur, using the characters' summations of moments and often sidestepping detail, to leave us caught in the shadow between the people involved. It's a strange, sometimes surprisingly synopsis-like approach to writing, and yet it somehow produces a staggering effect. This is a quintessential Australian novel, one that examines our tortured history without unfairly chastising. The relationship between white and black is one key theme, but so is the relationship between home and away. Even now in 2018, the so-called "cultural cringe" remains strong in Australia. We have a fractious relationship with the UK, and within ourselves about the UK - the proximity to "the world", the lengthy history and culture, the feeling that we have been distanced from so much cultural understanding through the fault of our parents, grandparents, great-grandparents, and so on. We often discuss this in the context of Australia's newer migrant families, but I can attest it remains strong in an eighth-generation Australian like myself. To peer into the minds of people who themselves remember the mother country, or - even worse - have heard it from everyone around them but are themselves inexperienced, is a gift in the hands of Malouf.

Perhaps this is a work about questions, not about answers. The answers are for us to find - if, indeed, we ever can.
… (mer)
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therebelprince | 29 andra recensioner | Oct 24, 2023 |



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