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From the Desk of Zoe Washington (2020) 541 exemplar
A Soft Place to Land (2021) 64 exemplar
On Air with Zoe Washington (2023) 29 exemplar


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Book balances cozy topics like baking with harder ones like wrongful incarceration and racism in an engaging, gentle way.
mslibrarynerd | 22 andra recensioner | Jan 13, 2024 |
Zoe Washington is pretty naive about the criminal justice system. She believes everyone in prison is guilty, including her father. He was incarcerated before Zoe was born so she has never interacted with him at all. Her life is full and happy; she likes baking and hanging out with friends. It’s not until she unexpectedly comes into contact with him that she starts to feel the absence of her biological dad.

This story will be very approachable for most kids, even though it’s about a heavy topic, namely the failings of our criminal justice system. (There is discussion of a murder which could be intense for some young readers.) Overall I was impressed by the engaging writing and how the plot unfolded.

Mild spoiler:

It’s all neatly done, ending with reassurances that feel a little too good to be true, but fit within the tradition of kid heroes and happy endings in children’s literature.
… (mer)
LibrarianDest | 22 andra recensioner | Jan 3, 2024 |
After her father lost his job, Joy and her family had to sell their house and move to an apartment. She doesn't love the changes, from having to share a room to giving up piano lessons when her dream is to become a movie score composer. But she also meets Nora, a girl in the same complex, who introduces her to some other kids and their secret place, the Hideout.

There's something funny that happens as I get older and keep reading kids books as an adult: I sympathize more with the parents. And I definitely did that in this one, wincing at some of Joy's very age-appropriate but questionable choices, and had to keep reorienting myself to her point of view. I will say that her parents are some of the best I've read in children's literature. Her family is loving and, though her parents argue and are having their issues as well, they respond to their children's feelings and pay attention to where they are and what they're doing. Joy's concerns are believable, and I can remember the intensity of friendships and their tensions at that age. I liked it as an adult; I would've loved it as a kid.… (mer)
bell7 | 2 andra recensioner | Jul 29, 2023 |
Such a delightful read. Curious and inquisitive Zoe Washington is obsessed with baking and figuring out whether or not her father really did committ a major crime. This book is part Food Network drama, part investigation and soul searching. Multi-layered, as a good book should be.
megannealis | 22 andra recensioner | Jul 16, 2023 |



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