Robert May (särskiljning)

"Robert May" består av minst 8 distinkta författare, uppdelade efter vad de skrivit.

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Allmänna fakta

1. Robert May (1588-1664) was an English cook.
2. Robert Carlen May studies and teaches philosophy and linguistics at the University of California.
3. Robert E. May (1943-) is a professor of US history at Purdue University.
4. Robert R. May was a psychotherapist and director of counseling at Amherst College.
5. Robert M. (McCredie) May (1936-2020) was an Australian scientist who applied mathematical modeling to complex systems.
6. Robert May (?) wrote Stiff Sedimentary Clays.
7. Robert May photographed canals in Birmingham (England) and worked at the Birmingham Post and Mail.
8. Robert May (d. 1984) was an Austrian surgeon and phlebotomist.
9. Robert L. May (1905-1976) creator of Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer