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Emily Arnold McCully was born in Galesburg, Illinois on July 1, 1939. She graduated from Pembroke College, now a part of Brown University, in 1961 and received an M.A. in art history from Columbia University. After graduation, she held a variety of jobs in the art field that included being a visa mer commercial artist, a designer of paperback covers, and illustrating advertisements. When one of her illustrations was seen on an advertisement in the subway, she was asked to illustrate Greg Panetta's Sea Beach Express. She accepted that offer and went on to illustrate over 100 children's books. In 1969, she illustrated Meindert de Jong's Journey from the Peppermint Express, which was the first children's book to receive the National Book Award. Her first solo venture, Picnic, won the Christopher Award in 1985. Mirette on the High Wire won the Caldecott Medal in 1993. Her other children's books include Amazing Felix, Crossing the New Bridge, Grandmas at the Lake, My Real Family, and The Pirate Queen. (Bowker Author Biography) visa färre

(eng) Emily Arnold McCully is the same person as Emily Arnold. Under the name Emily Arnold, she wrote two novels - A Craving and Life Drawing. Afterward publishing these two novels she began writing and illustrating books for children.


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Andra namn
Arnold, Emily
Galesburg, Illinois, USA
Garden City, New York, USA (childhood)
New York, USA
Brown University
Columbia University (MA|Art History)
Pembroke College, Providence
children's book illustrator
children's book author
Kort biografi
Emily Arnold was born in Galesburg, Illinois, and moved with her family to Long Island when she was five. She started to draw at about age three or four, around the same time she learned to read. At Brown University, she helped write a musical comedy and acted in plays. After graduation, she worked at an advertising agency in New York City and earned a master's degree in art history from Columbia University. In 1976, she published a short story in The Massachusetts Review, whch was followed by two novels, A Craving (1982) and Life Drawing (1986). She then began illustrating and later writing children's books. She won the 1993 Caldecott Medal for Mirette on the High Wire. In 2012, she illustrated Ballerina Swan, written by legendary New York City Ballet ballerina Allegra Kent. She has performed as an actress at Capital Rep in Albany and at The Vineyard Theater in New York City.
Emily Arnold McCully is the same person as Emily Arnold. Under the name Emily Arnold, she wrote two novels - A Craving and Life Drawing. Afterward publishing these two novels she began writing and illustrating books for children.



In France, a mysterious stranger arrives at the boardinghouse of a widow. Soon, her daughter watches the stranger walk across high wires. She wants to learn how to do this amazing feat. This man consistently walks on high wires. Mirette wants very much to learn from the boarder. Soon she discovers his name is Bellini, a retired high-wire walker, looking for a rest.

In fact, he walked across Niagara Falls on a thousand-foot wire in ten minutes. In addition, he crossed the Alps with baskets tied to his feet. He has a history of daring feats, and Mirette wants to learn more about him.… (mer)
Whisper1 | 99 andra recensioner | Apr 1, 2023 |
Horn Book Guide: "McCully's profile of astronomer Caroline Herschel reveals her complicated yet productive life as her brother William's co-researcher and housekeeper. McCully carefully details all of Caroline's contributions to the creation of "their" telescopes as well as her astronomical discoveries. Caroline's own work was eventually recognized and awarded. Passages taken from Herschel's diaries document her "prickly personality," as do the delicate, spiky pen-and-ink illustrations."

See also: What Miss Mitchell Saw… (mer)
JennyArch | 12 andra recensioner | Mar 4, 2023 |
Ada Lovelace seems to be experiencing something of a resurgence of popularity the last few years, and her story is a fascinating one. This biography, classified as children's non-fiction, does an excellent job of setting out the facts of her life and explaining what made her unique and why she is relevant today. The narrative of her life is fairly comprehensive but simply explained, covering even the scandals and the controversy of her family life but in a way that's age-appropriate.

As a children's book (or maybe more like a young teenager's book?) I think it would be most successful with kids who already have a fairly robust interest in math and/or computers. It's not overly complicated, but it does get into some specifics about Charles Babbage's difference engine and analytical engine, and Ada's calculations, which amount to the first computer program on record 100 years before computers. The book definitely doesn't dumb anything down, especially in the Appendix. It would be a fantastic read for girls interested in the STEM fields. With the early training that's available these days for kids to learn how to code, this book is perfectly timed for the young generation.

Thanks to NetGalley and Candlewick Press for access to this advance copy of the book.
… (mer)
Alishadt | 13 andra recensioner | Feb 25, 2023 |
Mirette chases after her aspirations to walk on the high-wire despite being a young child and is taught by a famed high-wire walker named Bellini. This story can be used for grades kinder- 3rd grade to discuss perseverance and to chase your dreams. The illustrations are also breathtaking and can be used to study art form that time period, impressionism, and the use of motion and color within art.
mhood21 | 99 andra recensioner | Feb 8, 2023 |



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