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c. 1977
County Cork, Ireland
Perth, Western Australia, Australia
Galway, Ireland
University College Galway
Kort biografi
Dervla spent twelve years working as a lawyer. Following the global financial crisis, she moved to Australia and turned her hand to writing. An avid fan of crime and detective novels from childhood, Dervla wrote a short story, The Room Mate which was shortlisted for the Sisters in Crime Scarlet Stiletto Competition.



Dervla McTiernan presents an interesting and riveting novel set in Ireland and involving corruption within the police system. Drug money buys so many luxuries and many underpaid policemen fall into the temptation. Another story line struggles along in one of the towns away from Dublin. Elderly landowners fall prey to an unscrupulous villain hoping to make much money in buying and selling land to developers. Enter two honest and dedicated gardas in the Garda Siochana: Peter Fisher and Cormac Reilly. A man abducts a young girl, but Fred Fletcher, a sick boy, sees the abduction and records the scene. Peter believes the boy and sets out to locate the abductor. The scene that follows places Peter on suspension and sent to Roundstone to work under the supervision of his father Des Fisher. The weather plays a hand in the suspense of the story. A snowstorm that pretends movement and hinders operations. Dervla McTiernan displays an unique knowledge of the structure of the Garda system and human relationships. Ajoy to read her novels.… (mer)
delphimo | 20 andra recensioner | Jul 15, 2024 |
After she discovers the body of a pharmaceutical company heiress in a hit-and-run accident, Dr. Emma Sweeney calls her detective boyfriend, Cormac Reilly, but facts uncovered in the investigation cause him to have disturbing questions about both the victim and Emma.

This was a decent police procedural with some likeable characters. There were a few twists along the way although not much suspense. I didn’t think it was convincing that Cormac would be allowed to run the case when his girlfriend was involved and Cormac had some trouble in his past that would make his supervisor be closely watching him. Then 2 other detectives took a chance helping him when he ran into trouble with this case. Just a so-so read for me.… (mer)
gaylebutz | 33 andra recensioner | Jul 2, 2024 |
This is the gripping third story in the Cormac Reilly series which sees the Detective up against both the criminals and enemies within the force, trying to save a young girl who has been abducted and a colleague who has been hung out to dry.

Detective Cormac Reily cannot believe the opposition he faces from his superintendent at the Garda Station in Galway when a young girl is abducted and he is left to search for her with a skeleton unsupported crew. Garda Peter Fisher ends up making a potentially career-ending decision in the pressure and is sent afterwards to rural Roundstone to push papers around a desk. Peter is supposed to tidy up the paperwork on an apparently cut-and-dried two month old murder in his father’s station. Peter begins to think there is more to the case than the simplistic explanations he has been given, and he cannot bear to let the truth be covered up. He also spends time with his grandmother who has a new housekeeper Anna and her daughter Tilly living with her. When his grandmother starts to sicken and another elderly man dies mysteriously Peter begins to wonder what is going on in the little village.

Meanwhile Reilly realises that the drug squad is crooked but winds up getting himself suspended in his efforts to prove this. He visits his girlfriend Emma in Brussels but realises this is also going badly (not that I minded as I was never really barracking for this relationship). When the chips are down and both Reilly and Fisher are facing the ends of their careers can they pull through, solve the mysteries and clear their names?

I found this a real page-turner that I couldn’t put down. This series gets better and better and both Reilly and Fisher have the kind of integrity of character that makes you want things to work out for them. I will definitely read more Dervla McTiernan, and the audio-narration by Aoife MacMahon was excellent again. 4.5 stars
… (mer)
mimbza | 20 andra recensioner | Jun 24, 2024 |
An engaging debut police procedural crime novel by Irish author Dervla McTiernan. Dervla grew up in Ireland and worked there as a solicitor before moving to Australia and beginning a career as an author.

This story features detective Cormac Reilly who moves to Galway to support his partner Emma’s career opportunity as a medical researcher there. Galway feels like a demotion after his high profile job in Dublin, and Reilly is forced to contend with the small town politics of his new station as he is consigned to dealing with cold cases. He finds himself investigating the death of alcoholic single-mother Hilaria Blake, who 20 years earlier was found in her house dead with a needle in her arm, leaving behind her teenage daughter Maud and a much beaten and neglected 5 year old son Jack. Ironically, Reilly himself was the investigating officer twenty years prior, as a newbie cop, out of his depth, and uncertain what to do with the two children the welfare system had so clearly failed. Suddenly he is looking at the case with fresh eyes and trying to work out how the adult Jack has wound up dead in an apparent suicide in which not all the ends tie up. The story shifts between Cormac’s somewhat bumbling attempts to solve the crimes and Jack’s grieving girlfriend, trainee surgeon Aishling Conway. Aishling has just met Jack’s long lost sister Maude who is convinced his death is not a suicide and is determined to either provoke the police into action or solve the crime herself, until she suddenly becomes a suspect. There is also the added angle of trying to work out what is going on at the cop shop between undercover narcotics Garde Danny McIntyre, domestic violence officer Carrie Ryan and the team of largely chauvinistic work-avoidant superiors. An interesting story. There may have been a little too much going on, with another cold case being worked on simultaneously which seemed to me just an unnecessary distraction. The audiobook narration by Aoife McMahon was lovely, with the usual exception that non-Australians can never get an Aussie accent right. An engaging read.… (mer)
mimbza | 57 andra recensioner | Jun 1, 2024 |



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