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Pauline Joyce Hutchinson Meyer was born on June 4, 1943 in St.Louis, Missouri. She was briefly a member of Our Savior's Lutheran Church in St Louis. She started leading a Bible class at a local cafeteria and became active in Life Christian Center, a charismatic church. Joyce Meyer received a PhD in visa mer theology from Life Christian University in Tampa, Florida. She is one of the world's leading practical Bible teachers. She has written over 80 books including The Secret to True Happiness; 100 Ways to Simplify Your Life; the entire Battlefield of the Mind series; and the novel The Penny. She has released thousands of audio teachings, as well as a complete video library. She also has a television and radio program, Enjoying Everyday Life. Her title Do Yourself a Favor... Forgive: Learn How to Take Control of Your Life Through Forgiveness made The New York Times Best Seller List for 2012 and in 2013 her titles Making Good Habits, Breaking Bad Habits and God Is Not Mad at You made The New York Times Best Seller List. You Can Begin Again: No Matter What, It's Never Too Late made The New York Times Best Seller List in 2014. The Mind Connection, published in 2015, is a bestseller. Her current book, Worry-Free Living: Trading Anxiety for Peace, is on the 2016 New York Times Bestsellers List. (Bowker Author Biography) visa färre

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The Penny (2007) 473 exemplar
Any Minute (2009) 275 exemplar
The Love Revolution (2009) 181 exemplar
The Word, the Name, the Blood (1995) 125 exemplar
Help Me, I'm Married (1600) 92 exemplar
Help Me! I'm Depressed (1998) 85 exemplar
Life in the Word Devotional (1998) 84 exemplar
Teenagers Are People Too! (1992) 51 exemplar
Tell Them I Love Them (1920) 50 exemplar
Be Healed in Jesus' Name (2000) 48 exemplar
Never Lose Heart (2001) 46 exemplar
Field of Peace (Everyday Zoo) (2012) 33 exemplar
Making Marriage Work (2006) 32 exemplar
Colossians: A Biblical Study (2020) 22 exemplar
Galatians: A Biblical Study (2020) 21 exemplar
Habits of a Godly Woman (2020) 19 exemplar
Uniquely You (2022) 16 exemplar
Powerful Thinking (2021) 14 exemplar
Good Morning, This Is God (2001) 12 exemplar
When Worry Whispers (2023) 10 exemplar
Be Your Best (2007) 10 exemplar
Help Me I'm Afraid (Help Me) (1998) 9 exemplar
Confidently You (2022) 7 exemplar
Change Your World (2007) 7 exemplar
Pressing In & Pressing On (2003) 6 exemplar
The Inner Life (1999) 5 exemplar
The Cause and Cure for Worry (2008) 5 exemplar
Simple Prayer...Simple Life (2007) 4 exemplar
Novo Dia, Um Novo Voce, Um (2011) 4 exemplar
It's Time to Laugh (1999) 4 exemplar
Life in the Word Journal (1997) 4 exemplar
The Penny 4 exemplar
The Truth About Obedience (2010) 3 exemplar
Me, Myself & I (1990) 3 exemplar
21 DAYS; ACD100; 3 CD SERIES (2009) 3 exemplar
Be Confident 3 exemplar
I Am Determined (1997) 3 exemplar
Pursuing What Matters Most (2015) 3 exemplar
Wilderness Mentality (1998) 3 exemplar
Mercy and Kindness 2 exemplar
Grow up and Go Up. Vhs. (2000) 2 exemplar
Going deeper in God (2002) 2 exemplar
The Price Of Progress (DVD) (2005) 2 exemplar
Emotional Healing 2 exemplar
MADRE SEGURA DE SI MISMA (2012) 2 exemplar
Attitudes of the Mind (2013) 2 exemplar
Making Right Choices CD Set (2005) 2 exemplar
Keeping God First (2006) 2 exemplar
Staying Amazed 2 exemplar
Disc - Happy To Be Me (4 CD) (2010) 2 exemplar
Please Help Me, I'm Tired (2004) 2 exemplar
CURANDO O CORACAO FERIDO (2006) 2 exemplar
How to Talk with God (2023) 2 exemplar
Enjoying a Life of Freedom (2008) 2 exemplar
Sobrecarga (2018) 2 exemplar
Marriage: Volume 1 (1980) 2 exemplar
Socorro, Estou Casado! (2011) 2 exemplar
Free Indeed 2 exemplar
Walking in Love {CD} (2003) 2 exemplar
The Hope of Seeing Change (2009) 2 exemplar
God's Anointing 1 exemplar
The Spirit of Fear 1 exemplar
Beleza em Vez de Cinzas (2010) 1 exemplar
Living by Faith 1 exemplar
No time for worry 1 exemplar
Appfoval Addiction 1 exemplar
Conhecendo Deus Intimamente (2011) 1 exemplar
Mind 1 exemplar
What About Me? 1 exemplar
Grace Unplugged 1 exemplar
Me Again 1 exemplar
The Wandering 1 exemplar
About The Blood 1 exemplar
Emotional Healing 1 exemplar
Stress Less 1 exemplar
Now Is Your Time 1 exemplar
Be You. Be Free 1 exemplar
Free At Last! (1998) 1 exemplar
Leef Voluit en Vreesloos (2007) 1 exemplar
BUENA SALUD BUENA VIDA (2014) 1 exemplar
LA DOSIS DE APROBACION (2012) 1 exemplar
Conexion De La Mente, La (2014) 1 exemplar
Amazing Grace 1 exemplar
Living With HOPE 1 exemplar
Terminando Bem seu Dia (2011) 1 exemplar
Comecando Bem Seu Dia (2011) 1 exemplar
Do It Arfaid 1 exemplar
[No title] 1 exemplar
Believing God 1 exemplar
Biblia da Vida Diária (2018) 1 exemplar
One Life/DVD 1 exemplar
Transition 1 exemplar
Change Your Mind 1 exemplar
Radość 1 exemplar
Boża Łaska 1 exemplar
Pokój 1 exemplar
Life Without Limits — Efterord — 1 exemplar
The Penny 1 exemplar
God Is Your Vindicator (2002) 1 exemplar
Inner Silence 1 exemplar
Put On The New You 1 exemplar
Holiness 1 exemplar
Complete Surrender 1 exemplar
Love Is 1 exemplar
Be Yourself (DVD) 1 exemplar
Dying to Live (1996) 1 exemplar
Do Not Disturb Me! (2006) 1 exemplar
Emotions 1 exemplar
Burnt but Not Bitter (2000) 1 exemplar
Loving Your Life 1 exemplar
Heart Test 1 exemplar
The Spirit of Offense (2000) 1 exemplar
Prisoners of Hope 1 exemplar
Guard Your Heart (2018) 1 exemplar
21 Secrets to Trusting God (2005) 1 exemplar
Marriage Volume 2 1 exemplar
Winning Life's Battles (2018) 1 exemplar
I Trust You (2012) 1 exemplar
Disc - Power Of Words (4 CD) (2009) 1 exemplar
You are Loved 1 exemplar
FREEDOM; C275 : 5 Cds (2009) 1 exemplar
Living a Holy Life 1 exemplar
Becoming Debt Free 1 exemplar
The Fearsome Four 1 exemplar
I will not fear 1 exemplar
Get Up & Get Going (1994) 1 exemplar
God is Faithful & True VHS (1999) 1 exemplar
Bloom Where You Are Planted (2000) 1 exemplar
LIVE2LOVE 1 exemplar
The War for Man's Soul (2001) 1 exemplar
Wrong Thinking 1 exemplar
Two Ways to Live 1 exemplar
The Spirit of Fear (2003) 1 exemplar
Simple Grace 1 exemplar
Trust God and Do Good (2015) 1 exemplar
Holiness Inside Out (1989) 1 exemplar
Fickle Feelings (1994) 1 exemplar
Thinking Big. VHS 1 exemplar

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Meyer, Pauline Joyce Hutchison
television host



This s a wonderful resource for anyone who wants to pray effectively to God. It is not a fast read, but is filled with a wealth of information. It discusses how to pray, the power of prayer, and why and when you should pray. This book is a great resource for all, no matter what level of spirituality you have. Great book to save as a collection.
doehlberg63 | 1 annan recension | Dec 2, 2023 |
I made sure that I didn't miss reading a word of this book. This book had so much helpful advice and so many detailed examples of dysfunction and how to deal with it, that this book is definitely one not only to read, but to keep for future reference. I was amazed how much hardship Joyce Meyer endured growing up. It was also amazing how the most wonderful man came along and married her (second marriage to Dave Meyer), and how he didn't allow her issues to destroy their marriage while she worked through them. He, too, is inspiring in that he was so willing to marry a broken person and help her. She has inspired many by her blunt stories of abuse and mistreatment, and how she handled it. People actually have felt more at ease confiding in her because of it. To tell your inner most hurtful secrets is be that exposed to others, telling others of your shame and hurt. Joyce is to be admired for breaking barriers and being very open. I can imagine that this book could be better than a therapy session, although Joyce warns readers to seek God first for guidance on how to handle personal problems. Her book repeatedly states that one should contact the Throne before the phone. She also states that her solutions might not be the same solutions that God wants for other individuals, as Joyce was mainly able to do things on her own to heal, but by using the word of God and prayer to guide her.… (mer)
doehlberg63 | 1 annan recension | Dec 2, 2023 |
Today's woman lives in a fast-paced, high-pressure world. The challenges and demands limit personal privacy and crowd out quality time with God. Joyce will help you get "unfrazzled".
MenoraChurch | 1 annan recension | Nov 8, 2023 |
Learn to overcome all obstacles to live a bold, victorious life. True confidence is faith in Christ.
MenoraChurch | 6 andra recensioner | Nov 8, 2023 |



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