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Judith Michael is the pseudonym of the married-couple writing team of Judith Barnard and Michael Fain. They began their writing career by writing newspaper and magazine articles on family, marriage, and relationships, then they turned to the writing of novels in 1982. Some of their works include visa mer "Deceptions," "Acts of Love," "Pot of Gold," "Sleeping Beauty," and "A Tangled Web." (Bowker Author Biography) visa färre
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A Tangled Web (1994) 373 exemplar
Ödets lek (1982) 332 exemplar
Acts of Love (1997) 304 exemplar
Pot of Gold (1993) 296 exemplar
Sleeping Beauty (1991) 292 exemplar
A Ruling Passion (1990) 279 exemplar
Inheritance (1988) 278 exemplar
A Certain Smile (1999) 224 exemplar
The Real Mother (2005) 199 exemplar
Privata affärer (1981) 186 exemplar
Den dolda sanningen (1984) 162 exemplar
Une héritière de haut vol (1989) 4 exemplar
La bella durmiente (1992) 3 exemplar
Kærlighedsbreve (1999) 2 exemplar
Riquezas (1988) 2 exemplar
L'Amour entre les lignes (1986) 2 exemplar
La herencia (1990) 2 exemplar
Dulce impostura (1987) 2 exemplar
Verkkoon kiedotut 1 (1995) 2 exemplar
En kvinnas hämnd (1992) 1 exemplar
KAKSOISPETOS (1986) 1 exemplar
Privata affärer. D. 1 (1987) 1 exemplar
Inheritance volume one (I) (1988) 1 exemplar
A Bela Adormecida 1 exemplar
Historias privadas 1 exemplar
Vidas Trocadas (2000) 1 exemplar
Die Chance: Roman (2016) 1 exemplar
TESTAMENTET (1991) 1 exemplar
L'eredita' del patriarca. (1989) 1 exemplar
Private forhold / [Bind] 2 (1990) 1 exemplar
Private forhold / [Bind] 1 (1990) 1 exemplar
Kærlighedsbreve 1 exemplar
Rakkauden ensi-ilta (1998) 1 exemplar
Private forhold 1 1 exemplar
Private forhold 2 1 exemplar
Une Autre femme (1986) 1 exemplar
Decimas (1998) 1 exemplar

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Vedertaget namn
Michael, Judith
Andra namn
Barnard, Judith
Fain, Michael
1934 (J.B.)
1937 (M.F.)
Chicago, Illinois, USA
Aspen, Colorado, USA
Barnard, Judith (Echtgenote)
Fain, Michael (Echtgenoot)
Kort biografi
Judith Michael is the pseudonym of the husband-and-wife writing team of Judith Barnard (born 1934) and Michael Fain (born 1937). Barnard has worked as a journalist, educational film writer, biographer and editor. She received a B.A. from Ohio State University and an M.A. from Northwestern University. Under her own name, she wrote the novel The Past and Present of Solomon Sorge (1967). Fain has worked as an engineer for NASA, was president of an electronics company in Canada, and published numerous scientific articles under his own name. Jointly, under their two names, Barnard and Fain published articles on marriage and the family in Redbook, Readers' Digest, Ladies Home Journal, among others. As Judith Michael, they published eleven highly successful contemporary novels.
When Judith Barnard and Michael Fain began writing their first novel, Deceptions, in 1982, they sat at desks three feet apart in the second bedroom of a tiny apartment and wove words into fantasies. Now, fifteen years and eight bestsellers later, the couple who writes as Judith Michael (one name is easier for readers to remember), works in separate offices in elegant homes, one in Aspen and one in Chicago.



This is a saga of a family pitted against an orphan and of a woman's fight to recover her reputation. A household help to the Salingers befriends the family patriarch and when he dies she inherits. The family contests the will and wins, uncovering the secret Laura has hidden for years.[return]perhaps a little long (748 pages), nevertheless this was a decent "beach read" kind of book - woman overcomes adversity through hard work to find true love and the business she always wanted.[return][return]Reference was made to Ben's hatred for the Salinger family, but perhaps wasnt explored enough to explain why he does what he does....… (mer)
nordie | 1 annan recension | Oct 14, 2023 |
I like something with a little more substance and a little more realistic. I just couldn't buy the whole premise that letters alone can propel you into that kind of love. If you don't buy that premise, the rest sort of falls apart.
mattorsara | Aug 11, 2022 |
Inheritance is the first novel I've read by this husband and wife team, and I must say it was engaging. In the vein of Barbara Taylor Bradford, it's the sweeping love story of Laura Fairchild, a poor orphan, and her epic love for Paul Janssen, a wealthy member of the Salinger family. Although somewhat stereotyped, the characters are deeply flawed, making them authentic and believable. The plot is complex and sometimes wanders, yet not too far-fetched if you let your imagination go. I did have a slight problem with the conclusion. It wasn't quite as rewarding as I'd hoped, but all in all, a good—if not lengthy—read.… (mer)
PaulaGalvan | Jul 9, 2022 |
Story of an older sister put into the position of raising her younger half-siblings when their mother has a stroke. Written by a husband and wife team, and their styles don't really mesh well. The character kept bouncing back and forth in perception and emotion.
LindaLeeJacobs | Feb 15, 2020 |


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