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Feeding the Soul (Souls of Chicago, #1) (2016) 35 exemplar, 1 recension
Heart2Heart: A Charity Anthology, Volume 2 (2018) — Bidragsgivare — 26 exemplar, 3 recensioner
The Swap (2018) 20 exemplar
Written on My Heart (2018) 17 exemplar
Found (2018) 14 exemplar
Picking Up the Pieces (2019) 11 exemplar, 1 recension
The Swap Masquerade (2021) 10 exemplar
Up to No Good (2019) 7 exemplar
Finally (2019) 5 exemplar
New Hope (2021) 5 exemplar


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Michaels, Annabella



Forget Paris / Oh, Canada by R.G. Alexander - 1.5 stars

Los Angeles by A.E. Wasp - 3 stars

Cincinnati by Aimee Nicole Walker - 2 stars

Oakland by Alexa Land -3 stars

Cape Town by Alison Hendricks - 2.5 stars

Boston by Annabella Michaels - 2 stars

Athens by Charlie Cochet - 2.5 stars

Denver by E. Davies - 3.5 stars stars

Melbourne by Eden Finley - 3 stars

San Francisco by Hailey Turner - 2 stars

Scotland by K.M. Neuhold - 2 stars

Washington by Lucy Lennox - 4 stars

New Orleans by Macy Blake - 2 stars

Toronto by Max Walker - 2 stars

Boston by May Archer - 3.5 stars

Baltimore by Ruthie Luhnow - 1.5 stars

Atlanta by Sloane Kennedy - 3.5 stars
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Marlobo | 2 andra recensioner | Dec 24, 2022 |
Can't say I'm impressed. I loved Volume 1 so much more.
Maybe it's because there are more authors participating than last year, hence less space, hence shorter, lacking stories. :(

Most of these little novelettes had the same problem: they started out good, but then progressed too fast, they would kiss and there would be a big time jump for the epilogue. Meh. Also instalove or insta...something, which I expected, and it's not a bad thing, I just don't like it.

I'm not reviewing them individually, but you'll find a list below of the stories I would buy if they ever get released, hopefully an extended version.

List of stories to buy:
1. Boston - Annabella Michaels
I don't need this to be a full-length novel, or even a novella. I just want them to go one or two more dates and I would be satisfied. Loved it!

3. Denver - E. Davies
Well, damn. Ed is the only author who managed to write an insta-romance that didn't actually feel insta. It's a special story. I loved this. I should really read more books written by him.

And here are the maybe
Boston by May Archer
Enemies to lovers. Loved the characters.

Athens by Charlie Cochet
I'm only mentioning this cuz it was fun, not sure if it would work outside of the anthology, even with extension, or added scenes.

Melbourne by Eden Finley
San Francisco by Hailey Turner

My overall feelings about the anthology are still positive.
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Gabi90 | 2 andra recensioner | Apr 18, 2021 |
2.5 stars
So many little annoying things ruined this book for me. I found myself skimming the last 3 chapters.
- They were moving too fast for my taste. Caleb confessed his undying love after 2 weeks. I liked Caleb, but he was either that romantic, or I missed a time jump?
- I didn't get Gio's thinking process with the ex-wife. Why didn't he confront her sooner?
- Sooo much sex. Or if they were not having sex, they were talking about it. It felt like they fell in love with each other cuz the sex was so good.
- Now, I don't have a twin, but claiming that "He felt a sudden stab in his head that traveled through his body and he fell to the ground, and that's when he knew something bad had happened to his twin, he's in pain", this only happens in cheap telenovelas IMO. *eye-roll 10x*
-To me this book ended at 70%, the rest was just there to fill the space and introduce the characters of the next book, totally unnecessary.

There were other things I don't want to mention cuz of spoilers.

On the plus side, I really loved Caleb's family, they were so cozy with each other, always hugging. :)
Oddly I liked it enough to go on with the second book. Because Carter, the other half of the twins. He's a cheeky little bastard, so I'm in.
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Gabi90 | Apr 18, 2021 |
Awww. Shaw broke my heart. He is such a jerk in the beginning, but peeling away his layers shows what an awesome guy he is deep down. He never gave himself a chance to be happy, and meeting Kieron is exactly what he needed. Kieron was a great, fun guy. Big heart and lots of charisma, he charms everyone around him. These two appeared to be total opposites, but were really absolutely perfect for each other. This was a total feel good story.
ktomp17 | Mar 21, 2021 |

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