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Another in the Brother's Sinister series, but other than being a romance set in Victorian England I failed to see any connection. Rose Sweetly works as a computer for a scientist and has a crush on her rakish neighbourhood writer. All my previous complaints about Milan books are back in force; an overly rushed romance, an implausibly wonderful love interest, and an oh-so-exceptional protagonist. My biggest peeve is that Rose's experiences as a Victorian-era British Black woman seem under-explored but if you like Milan's "formula", you'll like this.… (mer)
73pctGeek | 16 andra recensioner | Jul 9, 2024 |
This is set in Wedgeford in 1892, after The Duke Who Didn’t. When Naomi Kwan tries to enrol in first aid (“ambulance”) classes, she’s informed she needs her father’s permission, and so she appeals to a new acquaintance to pretend to be her fiancé. And Liu Ji Kai, who grew up with a fraudster for a father and is consequently familiar with being asked to bolster someone else’s lie at no notice, goes along with it.

Kai has spent a lot of time thinking about fraud and deception, and I think he captures why fake-dating type relationships can be appealing (to read about!) when he says:
“But take it from me. Being inside a lie with someone else can be very intimate in unexpected ways. Lies go on the outside. Truth stays on the inside. Sharing confidences changes relationships.”
I also particularly enjoyed the way the narrative not only allows Naomi and Kai to be unashamedly nerdy about their passions -- Naomi’s is first aid, Kai’s is pottery -- but that this nerdiness is something they recognise and support in each other.
What kind of horrible husbands had Naomi’s friends imagined for her? He was a fake, and he was already annoyed by their low standards.

I also appreciate the way Milan approaches narrative obstacles intelligently, something I’m not sure how to explain further, both because of the challenge of avoiding spoilers and because my own thoughts about this are so tangled. Hmm. On a related note, I strongly suspect that Milan is doing things here which I would appreciate differently (appreciate more?) if historical romance were a genre I’d read more widely and more open-heartedly and at a more impressionable age. (Other genres played a more formative role in shaping my narrative tastes and expectations, and with those, I’m likely to be more aware of how a particular book is in conversation with the genre. Also stories are more likely to inspire feelings like fondness and nostalgia because they remind me of another book I remember fondly…)
… (mer)
Herenya | 2 andra recensioner | Jul 5, 2024 |
Sporkles | 40 andra recensioner | Jun 29, 2024 |



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