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Anne Miranda

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Inkluderar namnen: Ann Miranda, Anne Miranda, Chenille Evans

Inkluderar även: Anne Martin (Miranda) (7)


(eng) also has written under the names: Chenile Evans, Saturnino Romay, Tyler Martin, Anne Tyler, Michael Evans among others.

Foto taget av: taken by Saturnino Miranda

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Allmänna fakta

Vedertaget namn
Miranda, Anne
Ohio, USA
Indiana, USA
New Jersey, USA
Massachusetts, USA
SCBWI, International Newcomers Club of Madrid
Liza Voges, Eden Street Literary Agency
Kort biografi
Born in Ohio. I started writing educational materials while I was still in university. I've written 16 trade books and contributed to many types of educational programs for very young children: math, reading, science, history, spelling, language arts, handwriting, and social studies. I have illustrated two of my own books. I am still writing, and I hope to have several new titles soon.
also has written under the names: Chenile Evans, Saturnino Romay, Tyler Martin, Anne Tyler, Michael Evans among others.



2.5 stars // I like that this book opens up conversations about feelings, but I'm always confused by the green monster. Being scary isn't an emotion, and I don't know that I want to encourage my children to try and act scary.
mrsandersonreads23 | 11 andra recensioner | Apr 14, 2024 |
The rhyming text is great -- very fun to read aloud. But I do have some hesitations about this book:

1. I'm not sure I understand how the lever freed the shapes from being tangled in the jungle gym. It looks like it somehow destroyed the jungle gym. Is that really a good solution? Especially considering it's referred to as "her" later in the text as though sentient. I will have to share this with some kids to find out if it's confusing to them.

2. As the Kirkus review points out, the female shapes have a bow and/or eyelashes, which is annoying. When my daughter was a toddler she insisted only girls have eyelashes. I was like, where are you getting this? And then I realized it's from cartoons like this. Male characters are neutral. Female characters have something added (usually eyelashes or a bow) to mark them as different. Sigh.

3. Do you really understand what a tetrahedron is from the illustration in this book? I certainly did not and had to look it up. It's a three-dimensional shape rendered as a small triangle inside a bigger triangle. I don't think it works.

4. My public library copy of the book has the book jacket taped on so I can't see the full endpapers. If an illustration is crucial to your book, please don't put it on the part of the endpapers that are covered by the jacket.
… (mer)
LibrarianDest | Jan 3, 2024 |
Question and answer format about a random assortment of facts. One wonders if these are things the author's children tended to ask about, or if someone did a survey and found these are common questions. The pages about plants disconnected from what starts out as a book about fauna. If all living things were meant to be addressed, there should be an inclusion of more types of living things, e.g. fungi, bacteria.
juniperSun | Oct 23, 2023 |
Monsters are coming to a party and as they arrive we count. As mom gets them to go away we subtract.

Located in math bin
B-Chad | 25 andra recensioner | Jul 1, 2023 |


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