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David Mitchell (1) (1969–)

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Verk av David Mitchell

Cloud Atlas (2004) 17,287 exemplar
Black Swan Green (2006) 5,214 exemplar
The Bone Clocks (2014) 4,834 exemplar
Ghostwritten (1999) 3,901 exemplar
Number9Dream (2001) 3,175 exemplar
Slade House (2015) 3,143 exemplar
Utopia Avenue (2020) 1,082 exemplar
The Right Sort 7 exemplar
The Massive Rat 1 exemplar
Whirlwind of Time 1 exemplar
Dénouement 1 exemplar
Sample of CLOUD ATLAS — Författare — 1 exemplar

Associerade verk

Trollkarlen från Övärlden (1968) — Inledning, vissa utgåvor15,502 exemplar
Mörkrets vänstra hand (1969) — Förord, vissa utgåvor15,434 exemplar
Kvinnan i sanden (1964) — Inledning, vissa utgåvor2,994 exemplar
Därför hoppar jag : en pojkes röst från autismens tysta rum (2007) — Översättare, vissa utgåvor1,819 exemplar
Riddley Walker (1980) — Efterord, vissa utgåvor1,315 exemplar
The Book of Other People (2008) — Bidragsgivare — 729 exemplar
McSweeney's Enchanted Chamber of Astonishing Stories (2004) — Bidragsgivare — 664 exemplar
The Writer's Map: An Atlas of Imaginary Lands (2018) — Bidragsgivare — 382 exemplar
Granta 81: Best of Young British Novelists 2003 (2003) — Bidragsgivare — 272 exemplar
Cloud Atlas [2012 film] (2012) 252 exemplar
Fall Down 7 Times Get Up 8: A Young Man's Voice from the Silence of Autism (2017) — Translator and Introduction, vissa utgåvor161 exemplar
Granta 127: Japan (2014) — Bidragsgivare — 121 exemplar
Science Fiction Stories (1979) — Illustratör, vissa utgåvor116 exemplar
The Decameron Project: 29 New Stories from the Pandemic (2020) — Bidragsgivare — 105 exemplar
I'm With the Bears: Short Stories from a Damaged Planet (2011) — Bidragsgivare — 88 exemplar
How To Be Invisible (2018) — Inledning — 79 exemplar
McSweeney's Issue 42 (McSweeney's Quarterly Concern): Multiples (2013) — Bidragsgivare — 61 exemplar
A Riot of Goldfish (2010) — Förord, vissa utgåvor45 exemplar
New Writing 13 (2005) — Bidragsgivare — 18 exemplar


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Vedertaget namn
Mitchell, David
Namn enligt folkbokföringen
Mitchell, David Stephen
Land (för karta)
England, UK
Southport, Lancashire, England, UK
Malvern, Worcestershire, England, UK
Hiroshima, Japan
Sicily, Italy
University of Kent (BA - English and American Literature, Comparative Literature)
Yoshida, Keiko (wife)
Priser och utmärkelser
John Llewellyn Rhys Prize (1999)
Time Magazine's 100 Most Influential People in The World (2007)
Granta's Best of Young British Novelists (2003)
Kort biografi
David Stephen Mitchell (born 12 January 1969) is an English novelist and screenwriter.

He has written nine novels, two of which, number9dream (2001) and Cloud Atlas (2004), were shortlisted for the Booker Prize. He has also written articles for several newspapers, most notably for The Guardian, and translated several books about autism from Japanese to English.

Following the release of the 2012 film adaptation of Cloud Atlas, Mitchell started working as a screenwriter alongside Lana Wachowski, one of Cloud Atlas' three directors; together with Aleksandar Hemon, they wrote the series finale of the television series Sense8 and the upcoming film The Matrix 4.

Mitchell was born in Southport in Lancashire (now Merseyside), England, and raised in Malvern, Worcestershire. He was educated at Hanley Castle High School and at the University of Kent, where he obtained a degree in English and American Literature followed by an M.A. in Comparative Literature.

Mitchell lived in Sicily for a year, then moved to Hiroshima, Japan, where he taught English to technical students for eight years, before returning to England, where he could live on his earnings as a writer and support his pregnant wife.

David Mitchell contributed the unpublished manuscript for 2015 to the Future Library project, of "From me flows what you call time". See the Guardian article; also the Bookseller article.



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Simply perfect.

On a technical level, Mitchell does an amazing job changing his tone and writing style. The slavery/sailing story is obviously indebted to Melville. And the futuristic sci-fi parts could easily be cyberpunk or dystopian fiction.

But what sticks out is his ability to wave in a philosophy into the book in a very practical nature. I wouldn't be surprised if someone like Thoreau was an influence. As expressed via the Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn quote (“Unlimited power in the hands of limited people always leads to cruelty.”), he has a keen understanding on how human beings find a way to resist unjust authority.

Obviously, talking about this novel invites comparison to the Wachowskis film, which I believe to be a masterpiece as well. This one is a different turn (and at times, the endings in the movie are better). But it still compliments things well and would be an amazing companion piece to be taught in film and literature courses.
… (mer)
JuntaKinte1968 | 670 andra recensioner | Dec 6, 2023 |
Here's what I wrote in 2012 about this read: "Nice. Learned about Dutch trade with Japan when the Dutch and Chinese were the only traders with Japan. Dejima Island in Nagasaki Bay, late 1700's through early 1800's. Oh, and a good story of love and secret sects thrown in for fun." First two quotations in the comments section are my exact kindle highlights.
MGADMJK | 308 andra recensioner | Dec 6, 2023 |
I really enjoyed reading this, but ultimately didn't think it was very good. Essentially there are two plot threads: one a reasonably straight-forward historical fiction, about a Dutchman struggling to live in a trading station in early 19th century Japan; the second involves more adventure/suspense/mystery elements, and is really far less convincing - with clichéd characters. It kinda felt to me like Mitchell lacked confidence in the first plot and so tried to ginger the book along with something a bit more uptempo, but for me it undermined the whole thing. Certainly, I felt that the second half (two thirds? not sure) didn't live up to the promise of the first part of the book. That said, I did really enjoy reading it - but any recommendation would be qualified.… (mer)
thisisstephenbetts | 308 andra recensioner | Nov 25, 2023 |
summing up a decade like the 1960s, in music and societal change, is a pretty ambitious project. and dropping into that a conclusion to a long and timeslippy book series like David Mitchell's Horologists, which began life set around the much earlier Dutch East India Company, is a dicey proposition, pulled off mostly by backgrounding that ending so the mainframe 1960s stuff doesn't get ploughed under along the way. the story centers around a fictional band called Utopia Avenue, and it works largely by making the band members live so vividly that as a reader you want them all so badly to survive and grow. it's beautifully written, like all of David Mitchell's work, and it's a work worth cherishing, for the time, the places, and the characters, while marvelling at how closely the author manages to capture the chaos, the aspirations, and the mad creativity of that time.… (mer)
macha | 69 andra recensioner | Nov 24, 2023 |


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