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Kass, Mallory A.
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Brown University
Oxford University



*DNF 58%*

Usually if I don't finish a book I don't post a review, however in this case I read more than I normally did. I tried, I really did try, but I just could not get into it. Reading over half of the book and I just did not like the characters, nothing really happened at all and ultimately I just started not to care. This book put me in a huge reading slump too! I didn't want to start another book on the off chance that I will finish this one, but I decided to just drop it off at the library ad pick up one other.

One of the reasons I think I couldn't get into this book is because most of the stories are told in flashbacks, while I was more interested in the present, ultimately I just started skimming the flashbacks. Plus, a took such a long time for anything to truly happen, I literally yawned with how boring it all was. The characters were just not my cup of tea and while I did like Clarke sometimes, having one okay character is not a book saver. Half the time I got a headache over how frustrating everything made me.

Since this was made into a series on the CW, it must have been a popular book, people must have liked it and I think that's why I kept reading because I thought maybe I'm missing something. Alas, I don't think I did, I was really excited to read this but maybe I just overhyped the book. If you read the book and did like it let me know why, I am interested to see your point of view.
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latteslipsticklit | 68 andra recensioner | Nov 16, 2023 |
I tend to really enjoy books involving magic and witches, and The Ravens was no exception! The idea of a college sorority hiding a coven was just brilliant. "The Ravens", as the Kappa Rho Nu sisters call themselves, are the most exclusive and envied sorority on campus - they throw the best parties, wear the most fashionable clothes and always look perfect and gorgeous, winning everyone else's adoration and envy. What no one on campus knows, though, is that this is all possible thanks to magic.

The actual magical system was quite easy to understand, based on tarot cards and each witch's natural affinity to one of the elements (earth, water, fire and air), and I really enjoyed discovering how the sisters could work together to increase their powers. There was a real focus on sisterhood and cooperation throughout the book that I really loved to read about.

Which brings me to my biggest moan about this book: the whole Scarlett-hating-Vivi dynamic, which is a constant for the majority of the book, is brought on by... yes, you guessed it - a guy.

This feels like such a cliché I was seriously disappointed to see it in an otherwise great book promoting solid female friendships. The romantic interests in general seemed to be in the book just... because? They really do very little beyond acting as a catalyst for conflict between the two main characters.

Aside from that, the characters were well-developed, and I did like to see them grow into themselves and deepen their bond. I really liked the fact that all characters got a fair shot, even the secondary ones. Vivi and Scarlett, with their alternating POVs, were beautifully fleshed out and so relatable, despite being very different from each other.

There were a few intertwining mysteries The Ravens had to solve and, even though I had a fairly good idea of where we might end up, I was glued to the page wanting to see what might happen next. I got some serious Pretty Little Liars vibes from this, which was weird given the college rather than high school setting, but it was very enjoyable all the same.

Overall, this was a gripping read than made me regret having life commitments that meant I couldn't read this all in one setting. Despite the one major flaw for me, it really works and is a great start to a new series. I can't wait to see what the future has in store for The Ravens!

I received an e-arc of this book from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for my honest review. This did not affect my opinion of the book in any way.
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bookforthought | 5 andra recensioner | Nov 7, 2023 |
2.5 Stars

Add in 2 powerhouse authors and I thought for-sure this was going to be amazing.

It was not.
Michelle_PPDB | 5 andra recensioner | Mar 18, 2023 |



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