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Charlotte Nash was born in England. She completed two degrees in mechanical engineering and medicine. She studied writing, editing and publishing at The University of Queensland. She has worked a variety of jobs including building rockets, traversing the Pilbara mines and scrambling over visa mer shiploaders in Newcastle. Currently she is an editor, researcher and author. She has written over fifteen short stories. Her novels include, Ryders Ridge, Iron Junction, Crystal Creek, and The Horseman. (Bowker Author Biography) visa färre

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The romantic aspect was fairly predictable, but there was a bit of mystery as well to keep me interested. The main character was appealing to me too.
oldblack | Oct 3, 2023 |
The Paris Wedding by Charlotte Nash is an engrossing novel of healing and moving on.

Ten years earlier, Rachael West selflessly changes her plans to go to college after her mother after a devastating medical diagnosis. Little does she realize that this decision will cost her the future she and her high school sweetheart Matthew Grant planned together. Matthew went on to fulfill his dream of becoming a doctor but he broke her heart when he unexpectedly ended their relationship. Despite the passage of time, Rachael is stunned by how hurt she is after receiving an invitation to Matthew's wedding. It is quite clear to Rachael that while her ex has clearly moved on, she is still in love with him. Deciding the best way to get over Matthew is to watch him exchange vows with his fiancée Bonnie, Rachael and her best friend Sammy Voss are soon off to Paris for the nuptials. Will Rachael finally break free from the bonds that tie her to the past?

Rachael has absolutely no regrets about staying on the family farm to care for her mother, but an overheard conversation makes her feel very inadequate. Paralyzed with indecision about what she wants for her future, she instead focuses on trying to get over Matthew. The all expense paid trip to Paris is undeniably a distraction, but she is definitely still pining over her lost love despite the new opportunities that come her way. Rachael has many stellar qualities but her constant indecision is extremely frustrating. She also has a HUGE blind spot where Matthew is concerned and this inability to the man he has become leads Rachael down a destructive (and embarrassing) path.

Also in attendance is charming photographer Antonio Ferranti who is photographing the festivities as a favor for Bonnie. He and Rachael strike up an enjoyable friendship that has the potential to turn to romance. However, with Rachael confused about what to do with Matthew, will the opportunity for a new beginning slip through her fingers?

The Paris Wedding is a heartwarming albeit exasperating journey of personal discovery for Rachael and her friends. Rachael is a compassionate and caring young woman who is surprised by the uncertainty that plagues her after losing her mom. The story's settings are absolutely exquisite and Charlotte Nash effortlessly brings both Paris and the Australian Outback vibrantly to life. The novel ends on an uplifting note with a lovely epilogue that is quite delightful.
… (mer)
kbranfield | 18 andra recensioner | Feb 3, 2020 |
A light beach read that was somewhat enjoyable. I didn't like the immature heroine, her sister, her best friend and her ex-boyfriend but I loved the settings of Australia and Paris. Great descriptions that made me want to visit both places someday. There were some good characters I liked especially Yvette. I thought the plot line was rather improbable but fun to read about an all expense paid trip to Paris. This is not a romance but has a slight romantic element. Everything came together in the epilogue - heroine finally grows up. Take this book along for your next vacation trip, nothing too heavy, with a decent ending.… (mer)
reneebooks | 18 andra recensioner | Jul 25, 2019 |
This book was a fun, easy, light story and I would recommend it for lovers of chick-lit and maybe even for a beach read. While I love anything based in Paris, I did find the entire premise of the book quite absurd. First off, under no circumstances should an ex be invited to your wedding, especially if it's someone you haven't even talked to in a decade. I also thought that main character Rachael was kind of pathetic and unrelateable pining over a guy who dumped her for ten years and then going to his wedding for "closure."However, if you're ready to suspend all sense of logic and reality, it can be a cute book and I wish there was a story of the sisters' relationship instead of this ex from years past.… (mer)
CInacio | 18 andra recensioner | Feb 6, 2019 |

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