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Eine sehr ausführliche Anleitung, den negativen Aspekten des Lebens mit mehr Selbstmitgefühl zu begegnen.
Patkue | 9 andra recensioner | Mar 10, 2024 |
We've believed a lie. Most all of us. That lie is that self-criticism motivates us. That the only way to improve and move ahead is to mentally and verbally punish ourselves when we see our lives, our performance falling short.

Neff presents research and stories that prove the truth: we grow and flourish in an atmosphere of self-compassion. I'm so happy I own this book and can underline and look back on it again and again. The tone and writing are clunky from time to time. But still I found myself softened and invited into a safe, healthy alternative reality -- one where love, kindness, mercy, and patience really do win.

Do-able exercises accompany each chapter so that readers can implement self-compassion on the spot.
… (mer)
rebwaring | 9 andra recensioner | Aug 14, 2023 |
For all the people pleasers out there, this is for you!! If you haven’t heard of Kristen Neff before I suggest you listen to her many available podcasts and talks she has given.

This is a wonderful journal to use to help guide you to be more self aware and to be okay with being more kind to yourself. Life is hard and if we make a mistake we must be self compassionate with ourselves, because unfortunately in this world not many people will provide that with you.

It is to be worked over time and I will continuously keep redoing and working on this. Best money I have ever spent on a book!… (mer)
GeauxGetLit | 9 andra recensioner | May 27, 2023 |
This book frames anger as a form of self-compassion. It discusses how women's anger is suppressed: society teaches us that women are not supposed to express anger, and most women have trouble dealing with their anger when it arises. Neff talks about how anger can motivate us to make our lives better, and provides some ways to incorporate anger and fierceness into self-compassion.

I found this way of thinking about anger to be very useful. My big disappointment with the book is that it only focuses on anger about current situations. I read it when I was coping with some anger about things that happened to me a very long time ago, and the book didn't really give me much guidance about what to do with that old anger. Still, it is a very interesting book and will help me manage anger in the future.… (mer)
Gwendydd | Feb 11, 2023 |


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