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North Georgia, USA



I read this book via an Amazon KINDLE Unlimited download.

While the first half of this book contains a collection of mind-probing, inspirational questions regarding a myriad of topics, topics which include the interactions of people and ideas, our attitudes and the proverbial question of the antithesis of certain concepts like good vs evil. The second half considers questions regarding topics of science, religion, etc. from a sometime position of being extremely naïve.

Typical questions include:

1. Name something that is both beautiful AND terrifying to you.
2. Take a brief trip into your own past. What’s one piece of advice you’d give your younger self?
3. Can feminism and chivalry co-exist? As in; pure, genuine chivalry and sharp, dedicated-to-equality feminism? Explain.
4. For each of the following, state whether or not you believe it’s a low-class or shameful profession: [Followed by a list of 8 professions.
5. Define the difference between science and religion.
6. Aside from discussing the mundane, is it arrogance when someone says they know the truth beyond a shadow of a doubt?
7. Is it immoral to be willfully ignorant?

As you can see from this sampling of questions from the book, these questions can create some interesting, probing, and at times argumentative discussions in a group, reading this book as I did in a quiet reading environment, readers can find themselves as to who they are and reflecting on their belief system.

For having created this book of self-discovery whether in a group or alone for his readers, I’ve given its author, J Edward Neill, the 5 STARS he’s gotten from this reviewer.
… (mer)
MyPenNameOnly | Sep 11, 2019 |
We’ve all heard the story of King Solomon when he had to make a ruling regarding who was the rightful mother of a child. Solomon had coerced both women claiming to be the mother through chicanery into disclosing their actual feelings by asking them a question which takes the middle ground. A question which an exemplary example of an unbiassed individual is using wisdom in rendering a decision.

While the 101 questions put forth in this book by the author, J Edward Neill, is not as blunt as the question which had brought before King Solomon; they can most likely open the door to some lively discussions and perhaps even arguments at parties, family gatherings and the like. The questions here run the gamut from being totally hilarious to being down right frightening. Regardless of the topic selected, each one is definitely highly thought-provoking no matter what side you opt to be on; which is why I’ve given this book 5 STARS.… (mer)
MyPenNameOnly | Apr 15, 2018 |
As a Book Reviewer, I’ve got a policy of not accepting requests to do a review. Instead I only review those books I’ve either bought myself, or have won through the giveaways I’ve entered; and I only entered them if I’m interested in reading the book in question. I recently entered a GoodReads giveaway for a print copy of this book, but I didn’t win.

If I’m really interested in a book I check Amazon [US] to see if the author is offering a copy of their book. Since this author did, I downloaded the KU onto my computer.

It doesn’t matter if we’re a man or a woman who searching for the HEA we want in our lives. Sometimes the relationship we’ve found end in marriage and we’ve got the HEA we’ve desired. But, sometimes this relationship ends in disaster as we find out something about the one we’ve found which is something we’re not interested in having in ours. Sometimes, there’s an something external interfering with us having it.

What the author gives his readers in this book, “101 Reasons to Break Up” is a collection of 101 real life stories of breakups, the reasons for which are totally hilarious and sometimes unbelievably bizarre. The summarized stories contained in this book had been taken from relationship interviews from strangers who’d been willing to tell them.

For an example, on the funny side, one guy broke up with his vegan-eating girl concerned with the environment because of her refusal to use toilet paper.

Getting a little bizarre, there’s a woman who had an intellectually, great-looking, piano-playing guy, who she found out had a collection of homemade gay videos with him as one of the actors. Good thing she broke up with this guy when she did. He died shortly after their breakup.

At a heavy-metal concert, a guy poked his date in the eye and then told her she’d turned her head at the wrong time because he’d wanted to give her a wet-willy. Naturally, she didn’t believe him. End of story.

While there might be some of you reading these relationship fiascos are lucky you’ve never had one, others can relate to relationship to them, because either you or a close friend has had one.

For giving his readers a seriously hilarious look at how weird relationships can sometimes get causing them to come to an abrupt end, I’ve given this book by J. Edward Neill 5 STARS.
… (mer)
MyPenNameOnly | Dec 8, 2017 |

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