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Jenara Nerenberg lectures widely on neuroscience rhetoric and was selected as a "brave new idea" presenter by the Aspen Institute. A graduate of the Harvard School of Public Health and founder of The Neurodiversity Project, Nerenberg has had her work published by New York magazine, Fast Company, visa mer the Garrison Institute, The Interracial Project, NPR, Quiet Revolution, and UC Berkeley's Greater Good. visa färre

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San Francisco Bay Area, California, USA



Good book about people on the spectrum and advances in navigating the world with it, as well as new descriptions and methods of working with people with it and ways of thinking about it.
BrendaRT20 | 5 andra recensioner | Sep 6, 2023 |
It was alright. Easy read, maybe a good introduction to the concept of neurodiversity. Mentioned some books I will take a look at. I wish it were more organized and didn't use the term Asperger's so much, or at least talked about the controversy around that term.
matsuko | 5 andra recensioner | Aug 17, 2023 |
4.5 stars

I really liked this book. After reading two other books that were very basic, introductory level books on neurodivergence (one of which heavily pathologized it and the other of which was not very useful), this book felt like a breath of fresh air. The author approaches neurodiversity from a positive perspective and highlights both her own story and the stories of other neurodivergent women throughout the book as she discusses ADHD, ASD, SPD and other neurodivergences. I really enjoyed reading about her interviews with different mental health professionals who shared their insight and work, and some of her own ideas resonated as well.

This is not an in-depth book about every "disorder," nor is it a psychiatric how-to manual for living, but I did find it to be an enjoyable, uplifting read that helped me to feel seen, understood and less alone as an entrepreneur with a recent diagnosis and as a person with an unconventional vision for a healthier world. I also came away with a long list of resources, books and ideas to pursue next in my own research.

There are a few (6) minor profanities scattered throughout, which may be off-putting to some readers, and she does use the outdated term "Asperger's" in the book (Asperger's is a diagnostic term that was removed from the DSM-V in 2013 and has some problematic ties). The book might not resonate with some people who are more severely disabled by their diagnosis(es) or with people whose life experience is drastically different from the author's.
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erindarlyn | 5 andra recensioner | Jan 21, 2023 |
I read this as a free book through Prime Reading.

If I hadn't already had an autism diagnosis a few months ago, this book would have convinced me of that truth. Divergent Mind is a breezy, approachable read for women who are or suspect they may be neurodivergent, which includes not only autism but ADHD, high sensitivity, synesthesia, and other things that have all too often been dubbed mental illness or other negative labels. I appreciated the positivity of the book. The biggest message throughout is that we are not alone, we are not broken.… (mer)
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ladycato | 5 andra recensioner | Mar 2, 2022 |


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