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Cute cute 5000.
LibrarianDest | 8 andra recensioner | Jan 3, 2024 |
This book started well, to the point I didnt realise that it was a Young Adult book. It is a story much in the vein of Jane Eyre, Northhanger Abbey and Wilkie Collins - young peniless artist joins a family as a teacher, only to find mysteries abound and it is the governess and art teacher (neither family or housefold staff) that end up investigating. [return][return]However, I got bored halfway through (any sense fo the dramatic is too laboured) and I skipped ahead, only to find topics never to be approached in even the most racy Wilkie Collins book - incest, suicide, homosexuality, murder, adultery, children out of wedlock.....on one hand it's too subtle, on the other hand the book is covering stories never covered in the very stories it's attempting to emulate, so fails on both counts.[return][return]Gave up halfway through, so disappointing… (mer)
nordie | 14 andra recensioner | Oct 14, 2023 |
Barrington Stoke novel set in 1914 when 17 year old Lizzy has a job working in an office but dreams of something bigger. Into her life comes Julia and Elsie who are part of the Suffragette movement, fighting for the right for women to vote and immediately Lizzy is captivated by the cause. She starts doing more and more illegal and dangerous stunts to help the others in the cause and eventually she is arrested and thrown into Prison. Here she goes on a hunger strike but is let out when war breaks out. Lizzy loses her job but signs up instead to help in the war effort.
Short historical book. Easy to read on sepia paper.
… (mer)
nicsreads | Jun 5, 2022 |
This book was an interesting idea, but for me it didn't work.

One of the reasons was how the narrative changed between characters, with only small (easily missed) print at the top of the page pointing this out. There were a few instances in the story where one character found things out before the other, and explanations of events were repeated. It would have read so much better in third-person. The characters were also lacking in personality and I found it difficult to empathise with them.

I also thought the writer was trying too hard with the writing style, to make it sound like a period piece. At some points the writing got so flowery that events of the story got lost in it and I had to re-read bits. In other instances there were entire passages devoted to nothing in particular. I can understand why some reviewers got bored with this book.

I found this book hard work to get through and I skipped quite a few pages out of the last twenty or so. I was glad when I'd finished with it.

… (mer)
Triduana | 14 andra recensioner | Jan 25, 2022 |



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½ 3.6

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