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Today’s selection from “1001 Albums You Must Listen To Before You Die” by Robert Dimery. "Low-Life" from 1985. English synth/dance music. I used to listen to a lot of this stuff in the '80s but never bought much of it. Fun to hear again on Spotify.
capewood | 1 annan recension | Sep 22, 2021 |
Product Details

* Actors: Gillian Gilbert, Peter Hook, Stephen Morris, Bernard Sumner, See more
* Directors: David Barnard
* Format: Color, Subtitled, NTSC
* Region: Region 1 (U.S. and Canada only. Read more about DVD formats.)
* Rated: NR (Not Rated)
* Studio: Rhino / Wea
* DVD Release Date: August 12, 2003
* Run Time: 132 minutes
* Average Customer Review: based on 15 reviews. (Write a review.)
* From IMDb: Quotes & Trivia
* ASIN: B0000AGQ3K
* Sales Rank: #10,662 in DVD (See Top Sellers in DVD)
Yesterday: #13,352 in DVD

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6 of 6 people found the following review helpful:
Memory. Creation. Change., March 7, 2004
Reviewer: Tartan Cossack of Mercia (Ontario, Canada) - See all my reviews
I saw part of this Reading concert on TV once and had wanted it ever since. When I found out that you also get a 1981 concert on the same DVD, I knew I HAD to own this immediately.

I think I must have been shown the best part of the 1998 concert (the part of the set from "Bizarre Love Triangle" to "Blue Monday"). And yes, they are undeniably great here. But viewing these two concerts back to back has given me a very different feeling. -- (Cue tacky sound bite from Fleetwood Mac's "Rhiannon": - "what you ha~d, and what you lost...")

The 1981 concert was held at a venue called the Ukrainian National Home in NYC. Its stage just happened to have a portrait of Ukrainian national poet Taras Shevchenko hanging above it, so they took advantage of this rather bizarre combination by naming the concert after him. The concert begins with some overly-long shots of various posters in the lobby written in Ukrainian. (Ooh look, it's words written in Cyrillic!") I guess particularly in 1981 at the height of the Cold War they must have seemed quite exotic, but the shots dwell too long here, and combined with some cheesy early video effects, this is the only part of the concert that really looks dated to me.

The performance itself is pure brilliance from end to end. The band's sound still retains the dark intensity of Joy Division that I LOVE, and Sumner's voice seems to hold an echo of Ian Curtis. And on some songs we even get to see Gillian strap on a guitar and rock out with the boys. How I miss those days, and what a versatile performer! The moody lighting also enhances the magic of this concert.

Fast forward 17 years, and we have the now veteran group playing to a packed stadium. They are by no means bad here. The drumming is every bit as dead-on and inventive as 1981, and Gillian is great as always. So what is it that bothers me here?

Hook has grown crustier though the years, and with experience has developed a bravado for playing to the audience. But at the same time, I can't help feeling I detect a tinge of "rock star" to him completely absent from the 1981 concert, where the band was completely unpretentious and totally absorbed solely in the task of bringing their music to the people.

Sumner in particular seems to have changed his singing style over the years, and while it is perfect for their later hits, I had to cringe when they performed a few old Joy Division songs. While he could easily have pulled it off in 1981, Sumner's voice is just too sweet now, and I found myself wishing they had given Hook the vocals on these instead.

Sumner also seems to have picked up a habit of throwing random "whoops" into his songs, which he over-uses till it becomes annoying, especially on songs like "Touched By the Hand of God" and "Paradise", which I did not enjoy at all. And he has also acquired a habit of striking a typical "rock star" stance with right hand held aloft, which he again over-uses throughout the concert, making me long for the sparsely expressive and earnestly intense band of 1981, which seemed the diametric opposite of such stadium-rock posturing.

The absence of surround sound on the 1998 concert is missed, but I felt it did not affect my enjoyment enough to warrant taking off a star.

The band interview segment is interesting, but the sound level is too low, and combined with the band's accent (-- not to demean the way any of our British brothers and sisters speak, but --), made it difficult for me to understand at times. But thankfully Rhino has included optional subtitles here, and I found I understood about 50% more with them turned on.

Reading this review, people may mistakenly assume that I did not enjoy the 1998 concert. This is not true. I loved many songs, even including their much-maligned soccer stadium anthem "World in Motion" (--which I never even realized was a New Order song till I saw this concert, its sound being so different from what I think of as the N.O. sound). But perhaps it is fitting that the second concert ended with this song, as it truly brought home to me the distance they have come from their early roots. While I do indeed love their more recent dance-oriented songs, seeing the first concert really reminded me of how, --once upon a time--, they had been so, soooo infinitely much MORE than just a great dance band.

I am so thankful we have this precious record of their early days on the boldly risk-taking and experimental cutting edge available to us today. I hope that more concerts from the years between '81 and '98 will become available to us on DVD too (as well as their music videos and ANY Joy Division stuff, please~!!!). In the meantime, I'm going to go and check out "511" as well to see how they fared without Gillian.
… (mer)
pantufla | Jan 25, 2006 |
Product Details

* Audio CD (October 25, 1990)
* Original Release Date: 1985
* Number of Discs: 1
* Format: Original recording reissued
* Label: Qwest / Wea
* Catalog Number: 25289
* ASIN: B000002L7S
* Other Editions: Audio Cassette
* Average Customer Review: based on 31 reviews. (Write a review.)
* Sales Rank: #6,753 in Music (See Top Sellers in Music)
Yesterday: #21,661 in Music

Listen to Samples
To hear a song sample, click on "Listen" by that sample. Visit our audio help page for more information.

1. Love Vigilantes Listen Listen
2. The Perfect Kiss Listen Listen
3. This Time Of Night Listen Listen
4. Sunrise Listen Listen
5. Elegia Listen Listen
6. Sooner Than You Think Listen
7. Sub-Culture Listen
8. Face Up Listen
Editorial Reviews essential recording
With the 1985 release of Low Life, New Order put forth their most commercially accessible effort to date. While some of the dark-wave drippings of their Joy Division roots are evident, high energy progressions, which would carry them for years to come, began to emerge here. Hits like "Perfect Kiss" and "Sub-Culture," with their synth hooks, club-stomping accents, and visceral lyrics, helped bridge the gap for growing synth-pop audiences who bolstered their success. Other refined techniques on the album became standard New Order conventions: sweeping analogue rolls, live and sequenced drum percussion, tight bass melodies, and edgy guitar leads. Sustained by a peerless level of emotional involvement, the vocals and lyrics further entice the listener with the obliquely nuanced style of Bernard Sumner. Standing the test of time, this release is a must-have in order to understand the origins of introspective pop-wave culture. --Lucas Hilbert
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5 of 5 people found the following review helpful:
Their high point, February 27, 2004
Reviewer: Bighairydoofus "-" (Brooklyn Park, MN United States) - See all my reviews
This is the album that best strikes the balance between what they once were and what they were to become. They still remembered their beginnings while breaking new ground. Dance and club beats aside, listen to elegia and tell me that it isn't a powerful piece of music.

I just wish they'd come out with a remastered CD. The original I've had since 86 pales to the UK vinyl... come on, guys. Break out the master tapes and show us what's really there. We deserve it after all these years.
… (mer)
pantufla | 1 annan recension | Jan 25, 2006 |
Product Details

* Audio CD (November 3, 1992)
* Original Release Date: 1981
* Number of Discs: 1
* Format: Original recording reissued
* Label: Qwest / Wea
* Catalog Number: 45089
* ASIN: B000002MGT
* Other Editions: Audio Cassette
* Average Customer Review: based on 39 reviews. (Write a review.)
* Sales Rank: #4,438 in Music (See Top Sellers in Music)
Yesterday: #31,974 in Music

Listen to Samples
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1. Dreams Never End Listen Listen
2. Truth Listen Listen
3. Senses Listen Listen
4. Chosen Time Listen Listen
5. ICB Listen Listen
6. The Him Listen
7. Doubts Even Here Listen
8. Denial Listen
Editorial Reviews essential recording
This is New Order's debut in name only, with the ghost of Ian Curtis still hanging heavily over his grieving Joy Division bandmates. It would take them one more step, to the brilliant Power, Corruption and Lies, to really assert their own power. Movement, then, is the sound of guitarist Bernard Sumner, percussionist Stephen Morris, and innovative bassist Peter Hook building a bridge from JD's Sturm und Drang drone to New Order's considerably brighter dance pop. It's an interesting bridge to cross though, peppered with dark highlights like the almost poppy "Dreams Never End," the blip-blooping electro chaos of the Pere Ubu-influenced "ICB," and "The Him," with its rhythmic echoes of JD's "Atrocity Exhibition." --Michael Ruby
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3 of 7 people found the following review helpful:
From a strange blue planet, May 23, 2005
Reviewer: Gary - See all my reviews
Now this stands the test of time. Do not heed the siren's call and get this instead. Teutonic and depersonalized, it was a bit of a shock after 'Closer'. The elastic twang of Joy Division is missing without the human windmill conducting proceedings, but kudos for sounding like a new band. The production is metalic meets stone masonary. My favourite song is Chosen Time due to its killer bass line. I walk around the house going "do do do do da da da doo". Actually, that's due to a medical condition, but the song is still good.

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3 of 3 people found the following review helpful:
Dreams Roll On , April 11, 2005
Reviewer: H. L. Thomas (Athens, GA) - See all my reviews
I was a huge fan of Joy Division and Public Image Limited in that time, and still love them. That said. I am a New Order fan. I was of the few in San Francisco that saw them at the I-Beam on the first sans Ian tour. They were touching. That said.
Strip them of their history and take this album as it is for the time it was released and even today, and still it holds as a very good set of songs about stretching across a blackened musical landscape of minor chords and sketchy guitar with guilt ridden vocals and the occasional dance-trippy melodies. Movement is a musical statement. It shows the now and the where to go of the later masterpiece, Power, Corruption And Lies. Movement is a gloomy record, but that's ok, the dark wave really did rejoice in it's melancholy and of course in it's layered sounds. Put this album next to PIL Metal BOX and Echo and the Bunneymens Heaven Up Here and you have a couple of dreamy hours into the netherlands of what was to become of Manchester and American Brit rock idolators. Great stuff, and a wonderful clarion call to what was to become the makings of the greatest dance single of all time from the darkness of Dreams Never End: Blue Monday. After the regrettabel suicide of Ian Curtis, who I hope has found some new incarntion better fitted to his damaged soul, New Order lifted spirits rathers than dampened them.
… (mer)
pantufla | Jan 25, 2006 |


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