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Summary: This is about a girl named Tracee and she uses her super powers to help her learn all the hard spelling words. Since she uses her super powers she forgets all the easy words she once new and can no longer spell those easy words anymore. She can no longer spell CAT or Tree only all the hard words. She is worried that now she will do badly and she tells her friends what she did. They comfort her and respect her and tell her she shouldn’t have used her super powers for her hard spelling words. This book ends with her going and eating pizza with her friends after they reassure her that it will all be ok. Also goes on to a second story about Erik creating a Math- O Matic but my favorite was the story about Tracee.
Personal Reaction: This book is great for all kids, I liked this book. It teaches kids that cheating doesn’t pay off and that you do not learn from cheating but that hard work effort and time does pay off and is rewarding.
Classroom Extension ideas: Read aloud and talk openly about the story. Teach a lesson on Cheating. Teach a lesson on hard work and responsibility
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KaseyPlumbtree | 1 annan recension | Apr 15, 2012 |
Summary- (Playground) This is about kids that are dressed as super heroes and perform chores. They do daily tasks that kids are often in charge of. The kids are very active and encourage others to get up and active. The Super Squad is very active they hike, climb trees, and fly kites. (Rainy days) Supersquad was grumpy because they couldn’t go outside and play because it was raining. Rollo the robot saves the day by swinging the kids on his arms. Rollo entertains the kids so they are not bored on a rainy day.

Personal Reaction- This would be a cute book to read to kids for a quick brain-break to give students a rest. I think they would find the colorful illustrations entertaining and captivating. I also liked this book because it encouraged student to get up and active.

Classroom Extension – (a) This is an excellent book for students to quietly read after they complete an assignment.
(b) I could have students do a creative writing assignment. I would have them write their own versions of activities that Super Squad could do.
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sunnysturdivant | 7 andra recensioner | Apr 12, 2012 |
Summary: This is a two sided book with two distinct stories. One side is about a rainy day and the five friends and their robot need to find something to do. The other story finds the group with a sunny day but house chores to do before they can play. In both stories they work together finding fun.

Personal: These are very short stories and easy reads for that beginner reader. The graphic format is sure to grab the young child’s attention. Both sides focused on the group working together and encouraging each other.

Classroom Extension:

Science: These would be very easy stories for the lowest levels to read while studying the different types of weather and what there is to during those times.

Physical Education: Whether you are inside or out activities and movement is important. Jen, Rollo, and the others can get children thinking outside the box on how to move their bodies and still have fun.
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kdhayes06 | 1 annan recension | Nov 18, 2011 |
Summary: This book has two graphic novels in one book. The first story is about a member of the super squad inventing a machine to do math homework. After another member breaks the machine, they realize its better do just do your own work and learn from it.
The second story is about a member of the squad using her powers to memorize spelling words. She feels like she cheated by using her powers and decides not to enter the spelling contest.

Personal thoughts: I thought these were really cute comic book style books. Both stories had a good lesson in them. The super squad is something kids can enjoy because they are different than normal books.

Classroom Ideas:
1. I would have the class draw their own graphic novel.
2. I would read this book after dicussing different styles of books.
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shaij1 | 1 annan recension | Nov 16, 2011 |


½ 3.5