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This guide covers the most common wildflowers and weeds of the Eastern Region of North America. Entries are grouped by color and shape to aid in identification, with over 700 full-color pictures. The caption under each photo provides common name, dimensions, and page reference. The page numbers take you to more detailed descriptions grouped by family and species. Helpfully, these entries are cross-referenced back to the page of each picture.

Under the detailed entry, you learn the family of the wildflower or weed, description, flowering period, habitat, range, and comments. In spite of having both a small picture and a small description, I still couldn’t differentiate among many of the entries, and was occasionally perplexed. For example, there is an entry for poison ivy, but not poison oak. There is an entry for poison sumac, but it does not appear in the index. Many of the flowers look too much like one another for a novice like me to be able to make a successful identification, and in spite of the large number of items included, there is always a chance the one you want will be missing.

Nevertheless, it is still better than no guide at all, and the size of the guide is convenient for carrying around in your backpack while out and about.
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nbmars | 10 andra recensioner | Apr 12, 2021 |
A comprehensive field guide, full illustrated with color photographs, to the trees, wildflowers, fishes, insects, birds, and other natural wonders of North America's rivers, lakes, and swamps.
ME_Dictionary | Mar 19, 2020 |
These field guys can be wordy with difficult language, not something the everyday observer can easily understand but for some reason, children love looking at them. And they really can teach a lot. the pictures are beautiful as well. Very informational, and dare I say fun, reading material for little naturalists.
hannahmariebell | 10 andra recensioner | Mar 30, 2017 |
Very easy to use, but too heavy to conveniently take with you when hiking. I just leave it at home and take a picture of anything I have a question about and look it up from there.
JG_IntrovertedReader | 10 andra recensioner | Apr 3, 2013 |

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