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Laura Joffe Numeroff was born in Brooklyn, New York on July 14, 1953. When the time came for her to choose a college, she only applied to Pratt Institute, in Brooklyn for fashion design. She hated everything about it and ended up taking a class in writing and illustrating books for children because visa mer it sounded like a great class. She received an assignment to write and illustrate a children's book, and after completing it, made several attempts to get it published. After only 4 rejections, Macmillan bought it. She graduated from college with a degree and a contract for her first book. Since then she has written over twenty books including If You Give a Mouse a Cookie; What Mommies Do Best, What Daddies Do Best; Laura Numeroff's Ten Step Guide to Living with Your Monster; Phoebe Dexter Has Harriet Peterson's Sniffles; Ponyella; If You Give a Dog a Donut; and It's Pumpkin Day, Mouse! She has received numerous awards including the Buckeye Children's Book Award in 1989, the Quill Award for If You Give a Pig a Party in 2006, and the Milner Award in 2007. (Bowker Author Biography) visa färre


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Merry Christmas, Mouse! (2007) 673 exemplar
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Sherman Crunchley (2003) 397 exemplar
Ponyella (2011) 320 exemplar
When Sheep Sleep (2006) 184 exemplar
What Daddies Do Best (2001) 163 exemplar
What Mommies Do Best (1999) 135 exemplar
What Puppies Do Best (2011) 85 exemplar
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The Jellybeans Love to Read (2014) 12 exemplar
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If You Give a Mouse a Cookie (2007) 6 exemplar
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What Aunts Do Best 3 exemplar
Digger (1983) 2 exemplar
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Mouse too Big 1 exemplar

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Independent reading level: Grades K-2
ashleywilliams23 | 642 andra recensioner | Nov 28, 2023 |
This book is about a mouse who is given a proverbial inch" and takes a mile. The boy gives him a cookie and that begins with the mouse constantly asking for more.
Amyshubby | 642 andra recensioner | Nov 18, 2023 |
Independent Reading Level: Grades Pre-k - 1
Htown | 104 andra recensioner | Oct 26, 2023 |
Cooper just can't fall asleep! But Mama has an idea. Setting new stories to familiar tunes, Mama shares six new lullabies with her not-so-sleepy son. Which Kanga will be the first one to dreamland?

This merry story--with original lullabies--was created by the talented author of If You Give a Mouse a Cookie, Laura Numeroff. The sonorous text is paired with art by illustrator Lynn Munsinger--known for her kid-friendly characters like Tacky the Penguin and Wodney Wat.
PlumfieldCH | 8 andra recensioner | Sep 21, 2023 |



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Associerade författare

Nate Evans Author, Illustrator
Felicia Bond Illustrator, Foreword
Lynn Munsinger Illustrator
Joe Mathieu Illustrator
Tim Bowers Illustrator
David McPhail Illustrator
Sharleen Collicott Illustrator
James Bernardin Illustrator
Salvatore Murdocca Illustrator
Brian Ajhar Illustrator
Beth Howland Narrator
Teresa Mlawer Translator
Minami Aoyama Translator
Michael Lobel Composer
Stephen Fraser Introduction


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