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Fabulous book!

I had high hopes for this book, and it did not disappoint me at all. Sistah Samurai combines the vibe of Samurai Champloo with an intimate story of grief starring a middle aged ronin nicknamed Sistah Samurai.

Most of the story revolves around our heroine having a bad day having her ramen lunch interrupted by a new gang of thugs demanding protection rackets followed by relentless barrages of demons hunting for Sistah's soul. If the reader wanted a heap of action packed in a tight package, this novella delivers in heaps.

I quite enjoyed the magic system in this world. Inkmasters transform a person's soul into magical ink that can be used as a weapon or for all sorts of uses. Want a pet cat? Draw a cat and it will wander around all day. The ink could theoretically be used for infinite things. Such as create a demon eater. High quality ink can be forged into swords to increase its resistance. It can theoretically be infused into fabric and render it impervious to demonic attacks or make it stronger than normal armor. If there was one thing I felt missing from this book due to its short length, it was to see a greater variety of application of this magic system other than short offensive onslaughts.

It was also quite surprising Chigakure's one and only Inkmaster was not guarded behind a gigantic fortress. The book doesn't mention whether he had bodyguards or there are hidden traps inside his store to ensure he doesn't end up kidnapped. It would seem being an Inkmaster would become an enviable profession. Otherwise, the magic system is awesome.

I loved the protagonist. She is sassy and full of attitude. Her softer, more vulnerable side is deeply explored in the book, and I applaud the author for taking such great consideration avoiding the Mary Sue trope. It feels very refreshing to have a middle age female protagonist. This is sorely needed in books. Even better, Sistah has some nagging old injuries that make her movements sluggish at times. The degree of attention towards realistic injuries gives the book an extra thumbs up.

I don't wish to spoil the ending of the story, other han it feels very fulfulling. This book is so worth the hype and I also dig the Edoatlanta soulfood fusion cuisine and the Brotha Monks fashionable gold necklaces. Loved it!!!
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½ 4.7