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Ian Ogilvy is a writer and an actor. He's done more acting than writing, and most of that in England, where he was born. He's appeared in films, plays, and many television shows. He lives in southern California with his wife, his two stepsons, and lots of dogs

(eng) Naturalized US citizen.


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Woking, Surrey, England
Naturalized US citizen.



Found: YA/Kids, Boy, Dog and Sister. Wizard/Warlock i Name that Book (september 2021)


Highly enjoyable. A brisk trot through his acting career, people he's met and the usual celeb anecdotes told wittily and with more than a hint of self deprecation. He also talks about his early life sent away to boarding school early on - interesting to see how he and Rupert Everett (who's first memoir I also read) came from similar upper middle class backgrounds and how they turned out so differently. Everett doesn't seem to have changed too much, or regretted anything of his early life, whereas Ogilvy can at least look back and observe "oh dear, glad I'm not that person anymore".

The book opens with Ogilvy's detailed (but not lurid) account of how his father paid a girl to take his virginity at 15 and what a marvellous thing that was for a father to do. He doesn't say whether he did similar for his own son in later years... :-) But this story, amusing and touching as it is, sets the tone for the rest of the book. Somewhat light on detail and very little "bad times" (no mention really of his heavy drinking after his 1st marriage broke down, his parents' heavy drinking or of how tough he found it after Return of The Saint ended, other than stating he couldn't get any TV or film work for years and so returned to the theatre) although his nervous breakdown while appearing in a play and subsequent retirement from the Stage is dealt with. His move to America, meeting his 2nd wife, stopping drinking and becoming an author gets barely a mention, which is a shame.

As befits an ex public schoolboy (he went to Eton), he acknowledges he's not in touch with his emotions to the point where he cries - or can even stand men showing their emotions (admitting it actually makes him angry), so the nervous breakdown episode did show how temporarily broken he was. No real mention of how he recovered, or how long it took - other than he stopped going on stage and hasn't felt like returning to it since. But he's also honest about his own shortcomings (particularly in how his 1st marriage ended) and its that that makes the book entertaining - witty and well written, not taxing or high brow but an entertaining jaunt through the life of an actor who only briefly reached the top but was able to keep working nonetheless.
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Flip_Martian | Sep 3, 2019 |
Eine schöne und spannende Geschichte. Was fehlt sind die Erklärungen der "Fachbegriffe", die man, hat man nicht die Vorgänger-Bände gelesen nicht völlig versteht. Das brachte mich gelgentlich aus dem Lesefluss, hat aber dem Spass, den das Buch bringt keinen Abbruch getan.
Nipf | 1 annan recension | Oct 5, 2015 |
Well written, nicely drawn characters, interesting setting, author builds a nice sense of comraderie among his characters. For me it seemed like the imaginative scope was a little limited and, beyond the cool setting, a little dull. But that's just me--I think I'm always looking for something that will blow my mind these days.
Inky_Fingers | 5 andra recensioner | Oct 30, 2012 |
Quite good. Love the way Ian Ogilvy describes things!!
kat12may | 1 annan recension | Aug 31, 2010 |


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