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Miss Frost Braves the Blizzard (2018) 50 exemplar
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The Reaper Rescues the Genie (2018) 49 exemplar
Queen of Hearts (2014) 48 exemplar
Miss Frost Cracks a Caper (2017) 46 exemplar
Garden of Dreams and Desires (2015) 45 exemplar
The Detective Wins the Witch (2018) 43 exemplar
Sucks to Be Me (2020) 42 exemplar
Dark Kiss of the Reaper (2011) 38 exemplar
Miss Frost Chills the Cheater (2018) 37 exemplar
The Werewolf's Christmas Wish (2016) 37 exemplar
Heart of Fire (2010) 35 exemplar
When Birdie Babysat Spider (2017) 31 exemplar
The Vampire's True Love Trials (2017) 31 exemplar
Miss Bramble and the Leviathan (2010) 31 exemplar
Forbidden Blood (2012) 27 exemplar
Miss Frost Says I Do (2019) 27 exemplar
The Werewolf Dates the Deputy (2020) 24 exemplar
The Vampire's Cursed Kiss (2019) — Författare — 23 exemplar
The Perfect Dish (2010) 23 exemplar
The Forgettable Miss French (2019) — Författare — 22 exemplar
Suck It Up, Buttercup (2020) 21 exemplar
Witchful Thinking (2017) 19 exemplar
All Fired Up (2009) 17 exemplar
Sucker Punch (2020) 14 exemplar
The Suck Stops Here (2021) 12 exemplar
Code Name: Mockingbird (2022) 11 exemplar
Moody and the Beast (2020) — Författare — 10 exemplar
Her First Taste of Fire (2021) 9 exemplar
Love is All You Need — Bidragsgivare — 8 exemplar
Cowboy in the Kitchen (2010) 6 exemplar
Monster In The Mirror (2023) 6 exemplar
Dead Man's Hand (2014) 5 exemplar
Double or Nothing (2014) 4 exemplar
His Maker's Mark 2 exemplar
Her Viking Valentine (2011) 2 exemplar
Recipe for Magic (2010) 2 exemplar
Portal 1 exemplar

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His Maker’s Mark by Kristen Painter
Paranormal romance novella.
Annaleigh Barlow was hoping to save the historical building where her grandfather did the stone masonry work. Unfortunately, it’s been scheduled for destruction so she spends time on the upper outdoor observatory, taking as many photos as possible of the single remaining gargoyle and the stone work.
On one of the last nights before the building implodes as she’s visiting, Annaleigh is assaulted by thugs. Bleeding, she tries to climb up to the windowsills near the gargoyle but her ankle is grabbed and she’s dragged back down. She’s touched the claws of the gargoyle and pleads for any help possible.
Magic happens and Annaleigh’s life changes.

A fable comes to life on her behalf. Annaleigh is a bit naive, honest, hard working and alone. Vasmir will protect the lady that called him. Together they remember his maker and find happiness through his tears.
… (mer)
Madison_Fairbanks | Feb 13, 2024 |
A Sky Full of Stars by Kristen Painter
Shadowvale series #7. Paranormal romance. Best read as part of the series. Reads almost as final wrap up.
Lexi Gardner wanders into Shadowvale to fill up her magic reserve. As she walks through the forest she finds a tree, that’s not fully a tree but more. She pushes a small amount of magic into the tree and promises to come back the next day with more magic. She then finds one of the main meridian lines and fills up. The next day she frees Edgar from the tree but knows she can’t use the magic running the town again so must search for other sources.
Edgar doesn’t remember much but he knows he was a monster. He doesn’t want to scare anyone but will do whatever he can for Lexi in thanks and helping him learn some basic skills. She doesn’t have many human skills and while he doesn’t either, he knows that together they can survive and thrive.
Amelia Marchand created Shadowvale where the sun never shines and the magic decides who can come in. She makes an agreement with Lexi not to use the town’s magic again with an alternative. Lexi just wants to help people. It’s her purpose in life. But if she uses all of her magic, she becomes human.

🎧 I alternated between an ebook and audiobook and at times read them both together. The performance is done by B. J. Harrison who does most of the various series by this author. He does a great job with emotions and voice differences for the many characters. I enjoy audio so I can do other things while reading. This particular narrator reads particularly slow in my opinion. Generally I will listen at 1.5 but with this narrator will increase to a higher speed.
Because he does the full series, it was like visiting with a friend and catching up with what’s happening around town.

A love story that is heartwarming. A town with all kinds of supernaturals where curses are the norm but they find a way to life fully and happily.
A long time open thread is resolved which I’m very happy about. I won’t spoil it. But if you’ve read any of this series, you are going to want to read this one asap.
… (mer)
Madison_Fairbanks | Jan 15, 2024 |
This is not an unpleasant book, but there really is not much of a story. It's not as if I was expecting high literature, but I was hoping for something a little less bland.

Em wants to set up a new life in a magical town, and it happens without a glitch. She gets everything she wants without any problems, she loves everything and everyone loves her. Then her past comes back to haunt her for about 5 seconds, but everything is magically resolved without any trouble. The end.
zjakkelien | 5 andra recensioner | Jan 2, 2024 |
Lovely cozy fantasy. It obviously doesn't have a lot of depth, but it's good in its genre. Characters are nice, and although the potential was there, macho behaviour was kept to a minimum. I never felt that the male lead considered the female lead to be weak, and although he did protect her, it did not feel disrespectful.
zjakkelien | 2 andra recensioner | Jan 2, 2024 |



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