Bild på författaren.


This is the nonfiction memoir about a woman who, despite her mysterious untreatable chronic pain, felt as through God was calling her to become a nun and jumped to answer the call. Her journey was harder than most, and her struggle to complete the tasks expected of her was great, but her faith propelled her onward. Although nobody else at the monastery understood what she was going through, she knew that God did, and that was what mattered most.

I thought that this book was well written and very interesting, looking behind the tapestry into a way of life not commonly understood by most people. Although the author suffered with a great deal of pain and emotional unbalance, she struggled through it to accomplish what she thought she was being called to do.

There was one thing I did not like about this book. Spoiler: Although her problem with pain was mostly worked through by the end of her book, I found that her emotional unbalance almost seemed to get worse throughout the story. She wrote very bluntly and honesty, but in her honesty, she showed a bad side to herself that never quite seemed to get repaired. I think that for a book about working through problems for God, it would have been nice to see some of her other problems beyond the physical pain addressed. However, she seemed more likely to dismiss them as non-problems.

I understand that this is only a minor gripe with the book, however, and still give it a hearty four stars. It is one of the best books I've read, perhaps even THE best book, about monastic life or nuns in general, and was a very raw and down-to-earth peek into their lives.
SDaisy | May 24, 2022 |