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Brother’s best friend is one of my favorite tropes and this one definitely didn’t disappoint.

I already enjoyed Ali’s shenanigans in The Fake Out but she definitely topped them in the Fast Lane. You immediately get to know what kind of person she is when you read the first chapter, but of course she also has her insecurities, her worries, fears and struggles.

Since I’ve read/listened to The Do-Over and The Fake Out by the author, I already knew her characters feel unique yet relatable and her stories are just extremely funny but with a lot of heart and special family dynamics.

Ali is so brave and unashamedly herself. I loved how she cares for friends and family (even though her revenge schemes tend to be slightly illegal…) and that she tries to do right by everyone and still learns to set boundaries. The plotline about epilepsy was very well done IMO and we see both Ali’s POV who feels suffocated by all the worry, but also her mothers’ one who of course is scared and thinking of all the different scenarios where an epileptic attack could be fatal.

There were so many different situations Ali and Theo lived through together on their road trip. Some absolutely hilarious, others sweet and swoony.

I would have enjoyed a few flashbacks with previous interactions between Ali and Theo or maybe dual POV, because from Ali’s POV it felt like a giant punch to the gut when she was still a teen and professed her feelings for Theo but he rejected her.
But I definitely rooted for them and they were absolutely adorable. I think Theo could have been more open about his feelings earlier in the story because since he rejected Ali years before, his flirting of course was confusing to her. Despite her best efforts she fell more and more in love with him (again) but didn’t want to be hurt. So I think Theo could have made things a bit less emotionally stressful for Ali.

But there was one scene at the wedding that was so extremely sweet and swoony, it absolutely made up for his slight cowardice before. (Other readers might see this differently, but since Ali made herself vulnerable so many times when she was head over heels in love with Theo years prior, I think he could have done the same thing and just come right out with it with the risk of being rejected himself this time. Of course, this would have been a very short story, but still.^^)

The only thing I didn’t care for was the Pirate Romance side plot because I am a clean romance reader for a reason. There are no open door scenes (and no actual closed door scenes either since there is nothing happening aside from kissing) but especially this Pirate part comes with a lot of innuendo and of course the references to spicy books which I personally don’t like.
This is only a tiny part of the story but maybe other clean romance readers like to be aware of these contents before diving into the story.

To say “I still enjoyed the story” would sell the book short.

I LOVED the book and I love everything Peterson writes. I said it before and I will say it again - I absolutely love how real her characters feel. With all their flaws I would love to have her characters (especially Mae and Ali) in my life and the way she writes family bonds and friendships is absolutely amazing. The romantic love is always based on a strong friendship (in this case a very long friendship where both characters were always there for one another) and the physical attraction is a bonus, not the starting point. Peterson has an absolute gift of writing characters where we can just feel the chemistry and the emotional connection, stories with the best mix of heart and humor.

Absolutely enjoyed it and I hope there will be an audio version because I love to buy the audiobooks of my favorite stories to enjoy them in all ways possible.

* Thank you to the author for letting me read an advanced copy of this book. I leave this review voluntarily and the expressed opinions are my own. (I received an eARC via NetGalley.)
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funkelbunt.liest | Jun 18, 2024 |
Usually when a book is promoted as ‘hilarious', ‘laugh out loud’ or something along those lines I get very easily disappointed because these expressions seem to be a bit overused when it comes to romcoms.

And I have to admit, I don’t remember if I literally “laughed out loud” while reading The Fake Out (which is mostly because I’m reading usually next to my sleeping kids so I try to avoid loud noises…) but I was grinning constantly while reading this romantic comedy which absolutely deserves the attributes ‘hilarious’ and ‘heartwarming’.

Peterson is a master when it comes to writing relatable characters and extremely funny scenes. Seriously, even her acknowledgements made me laugh.
Of course you can’t really argue when it comes to taste, especially relating to humor, but she definitely tickled my funny bone.

I could have done with fewer innuendos, but that’s probably just me. It is still a clean romance even though there is a shared bed scene (just sleeping) and a few where at least one of the character’s is only partially clad/just took a shirt off. So I would say it is spice level 2 and if you try to avoid all “bad language” (I think it’s mild in this book) and innuendos altogether, this book might not be the right choice. But I could obviously enjoy it nonetheless. A LOT!

I’m usually not a fan of all these extremely handsome and ridiculously attractive male characters and I never got the appeal of dating a famous guy, but Chris’ character is the best, so for me it made up for his kind of chliché looks and profession (cliché when it comes to romance books). Chris is the definition of a cinnamon roll hero and his’ and Mae’s chemistry is just perfect, but what I loved even more was how he saw Mae for who she really was and supported her in ways she needed it.

Even if I share the first name with her sister, Mae was the character I could relate to the most. She’s the grumpy, opinionated person in the family who feels she has to take care of everyone and everything and has a hard time asking for help.

Fake-dating Chris for money wasn’t something she agreed to lightly, but of course it all turned out for the best and I loved Mae in almost every moment if she was snarky, sassy and funny or caring, sad and vulnerable.

I loved almost all the characters and how real they seemed. I loved the banter, the tender moments, the family ties, the friendships. I just really loved this book and if you don’t, I just don’t want to hear it!
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funkelbunt.liest | 1 annan recension | Jun 18, 2024 |
If you like books by Emma St. Clair and/or Sarah Adams, you’ll love this one. I promise.
libraryofemma | 1 annan recension | Apr 18, 2024 |


½ 4.5