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Land of My Heart (2004) 690 exemplar
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Dawn's Prelude (2009) 567 exemplar
A Daughter's Inheritance (2007) 533 exemplar
The Coming Storm (2004) 504 exemplar
A Lady of High Regard (2007) 494 exemplar
To Dream Anew (2004) 487 exemplar
The Hope Within (2005) 475 exemplar
A Promise to Believe In (2008) 475 exemplar
Under the Northern Lights (2006) 458 exemplar
Treasures of the North (2001) 446 exemplar
Embers of Love (2010) 425 exemplar
Whispers of Winter (2006) 424 exemplar
A Tapestry of Hope (2004) 414 exemplar
Daughter of the Loom (2003) 411 exemplar
Shadows of the Canyon (2002) 375 exemplar
A Lady of Hidden Intent (2008) 374 exemplar
A Dream to Call My Own (2009) 370 exemplar
A Love to Last Forever (2009) 368 exemplar
City of Angels (2001) 360 exemplar
Morning's Refrain (2010) 357 exemplar
Distant Dreams (1997) 354 exemplar
Chasing the Sun (2012) 350 exemplar
A Love Woven True (2004) 343 exemplar
Rivers of Gold (2002) 340 exemplar
The Icecutter's Daughter (2013) 327 exemplar
Ashes and Ice (2001) 327 exemplar
Twilight's Serenade (2010) 325 exemplar
What She Left for Me (2005) 323 exemplar
Where My Heart Belongs (2007) 321 exemplar
An Unexpected Love (2008) 313 exemplar
A Lady of Secret Devotion (2008) 311 exemplar
Across the Years (2003) 298 exemplar
Beneath a Harvest Sky (2003) 297 exemplar
The Pattern of Her Heart (2005) 296 exemplar
A Shelter of Hope (1998) 294 exemplar
Hearts Aglow (2011) 290 exemplar
These Tangled Threads (2003) 278 exemplar
A Surrendered Heart (2009) 277 exemplar
A Fragile Design (2003) 275 exemplar
Hope Rekindled (2011) 259 exemplar
A Hope Beyond (1997) 247 exemplar
The Miner's Lady (2013) 232 exemplar
The Quarryman's Bride (2013) 229 exemplar
A Sensible Arrangement (2014) 228 exemplar
A Slender Thread (2000) 226 exemplar
Touching the Sky (2012) 216 exemplar
House of Secrets (2011) 211 exemplar
One More Sunrise (2008) 211 exemplar
Hidden in a Whisper (1999) 210 exemplar
A Promise for Tomorrow (1998) 202 exemplar
To Have and To Hold (2011) 200 exemplar
Westward the Dream (1998) 199 exemplar
Silent Star (2003) 196 exemplar
Angel of Mercy (2002) 192 exemplar
Taming the Wind (2012) 190 exemplar
A Moment in Time (2014) 190 exemplar
A Veiled Reflection (2000) 186 exemplar
Steadfast Heart (2014) 178 exemplar
Treasured Grace (2017) 175 exemplar
A Treasure Concealed (2016) 165 exemplar
A Matter of Heart (2014) 163 exemplar
In Places Hidden (2018) 161 exemplar
Separate Roads (1999) 152 exemplar
All Things Hidden (2013) 149 exemplar
In the Shadow of Denali (2017) 148 exemplar
Refining Fire (2015) 142 exemplar
Beloved Hope (2017) 133 exemplar
Ties That Bind (2000) 131 exemplar
A Beauty Refined (2016) 128 exemplar
Love Everlasting (2015) 120 exemplar
The Long-Awaited Child (2001) 117 exemplar
Cherished Mercy (2017) 116 exemplar
A Love Transformed (2016) 115 exemplar
In Dreams Forgotten (2018) 110 exemplar
To Love and Cherish (2012) 109 exemplar
Out of the Ashes (2018) 108 exemplar
In Times Gone By (2018) 107 exemplar
When You Are Near (2019) 104 exemplar
To Honor and Trust (2013) 104 exemplar
Under the Midnight Sun (2019) 98 exemplar
Beyond the Silence (2015) 93 exemplar
Forever Hidden (2020) 87 exemplar
Wherever You Go (2019) 86 exemplar
Secrets of My Heart (2020) 82 exemplar
Beyond the Desert Sands (2022) 79 exemplar
Remember Me (2023) 75 exemplar
What Comes My Way (2019) 69 exemplar
Way of Love (2020) 68 exemplar
Along the Rio Grande (2022) 68 exemplar
Destined for You (2021) 68 exemplar
Controlling Interests (1998) 65 exemplar
Endless Mercy (2021) 62 exemplar
Forever by Your Side (2020) 62 exemplar
Ever Constant (2022) 55 exemplar
Waiting on Love (2021) 51 exemplar
Framed (1998) 49 exemplar
Entangled (1997) 48 exemplar
Under the Starry Skies (2022) 47 exemplar
Finding Us (2023) 46 exemplar
The Heart's Choice (2023) 46 exemplar
Serving Up Love (2019) 42 exemplar
Knowing You (2023) 41 exemplar
Lone Star Brides (3-in-1) (2015) 35 exemplar
A Light in the Window (1993) 23 exemplar
Wings Like Eagles (1996) 22 exemplar
The Willing Heart (1994) 17 exemplar
Wings of the Dawn (1997) 16 exemplar
Destiny's Road (1994) 13 exemplar
If Given a Choice (1994) 13 exemplar
The Knight's Bride (6-in-1) (2015) 13 exemplar
Iditarod Dream (1994) 13 exemplar
Angel's Cause (1995) 12 exemplar
Tender Journeys (1993) 12 exemplar
A Love Discovered (2024) 11 exemplar
King of Hearts (1999) 11 exemplar
Crossroads (1997) 11 exemplar
Love Through the Seasons (2023) 10 exemplar
Perfect Love (1993) 6 exemplar
A Flood of Love () (2020) 6 exemplar
A Gift of Wings 4 exemplar
With Each Tomorrow (2024) 2 exemplar
Sa Visezi Din Nou 1 exemplar
Christmas Dream (1996) 1 exemplar
Season of love 1 exemplar
Celebration of Life (1999) 1 exemplar
Mein Herz sucht seinen Weg (2011) 1 exemplar

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This was a sweet marriage of convenience story set in the old west town of Cheyenne. It was not without heartache and danger. Edward is encouraged by a Civil War friend to relocate to Cheyenne to help with law enforcement in the somewhat lawless boom town along the railroad. Marybeth is in a predicament when her father dies and the care of her two year old sister is questioned by so-called well meaning people. Edward and Marybeth agree to marry to help eachother but plan to keep their relationship as friends only.
Much hardship is shown of life in a town that is both growing and partly abandoned when the construction of the railroad moves west. The characters struggle with trusting God to order their steps, but godly wisdom is dispensed within this story.
A bright spot was the portrayal of two year old Carrie and her sweet, trusting nature.
This was a good start to a new series by a favorite author.
*A complimentary copy of this book was provided by Bethany House via NetGalley. I was not required to post a favorable review. All opinions are mine alone.*
… (mer)
paulashreckhise | 7 andra recensioner | Feb 26, 2024 |
I thoroughly enjoyed this Medieval romance collection by Tracie Peterson. Kingdom of Love contains three intriguing novellas with castle sieges, murder, intrigue, swoon worthy romance, and even the Bubonic Plague. I found myself eagerly turning the pages to find out what happened next.

A Kingdom Divided is the story of Arianne & Richard. Arianne’s forced to marry by her father, but her husband-to-be. Richard is a kind, thoughtful man who offers her a choice in whether to marry him. Arianne agrees to the marriage and travels with him to his castle. Richard’s mysterious past comes back to haunt them though when a bitter enemy vows to take everything Richard has including Arianne. It’s a fast-paced arranged marriage romance with plenty of action & adventure. I was thoroughly engaged in this story and couldn’t wait to see if/how things would work out. I loved how the arranged marriage grew into real love. In addition to the action and sweet romance, there’s a lovely message of forgiveness and repentance woven throughout the story.

Alas My Love is the continued story of Tancred from A Kingdom Divided, and Hannah. Hannah has been in love with Tancred since she was a child and holds out hope that he’ll return to her. She refuses to give in to her step-siblings’ demands to wed. Barely escaping with her life, she winds up at Richard’s & Arianne’s castle where she’s reunited with her lost love. Hannah’s determined to keep Tancred safe from her conniving family even if it means letting him go. I loved this story! Hannah’s step-siblings were awful, especially her stepsister. The romance was so good and I enjoyed Hannah’s strength in standing up for herself as well as her reliance on faith. Everything from the first story and this story is neatly wrapped up at the end.

If Only is a standalone novella that takes place during the Bubonic Plague. In this story, the author vividly brings to life the fear, loss, and devastation of the plague. Peter is a knight sent on a quest by the king to document the effects of the plague. Along the way, he meets Mary, the daughter of a physician with a gift for healing. They team up and work together to care for a group of orphans as they journey to Mary’s grandmother. This was a tender, heartwarming story that deals with love, loss, and the battle between science and faith. The characters are truly humbled by the effects of the plague and each finds a path to God through their experiences.

Each story was so compelling and really brought Medieval times to life. I loved each romance along with the action. In addition to reading, I listened to the audiobook version and enjoyed the narrator. She really brought these characters to life and I appreciated the emotion she injected into the story.

Definitely recommend to Medieval inspirational romance fans! I received an advanced complimentary copy from the publisher but also purchased the audiobook version. All opinions are my own and voluntarily provided.
… (mer)
Melissas-Bookshelf | 2 andra recensioner | Feb 25, 2024 |
Cheyenne, Wyoming, a frontier town, is looking for new residents. Preferably husbands and wives and family. Edward would like to go but is not married. His friend, Marybeth and her sister are wanting to leave their town and move. So, Edward asks her to marry him in a marriage of convenience. They marry and off they go to Cheyenne. Many adventures and trials await them. Will they conquer their obstacles and survive?
starbritejan | 7 andra recensioner | Feb 20, 2024 |
Historical Fiction
BooksInMirror | 8 andra recensioner | Feb 19, 2024 |



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