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Loved this book. It was a relief to find a "silver fox" novel that wasn't a daddy novel - not that I haven't read some great daddy novels. It still had the age gap in the relationship but it was not central. I don't think you can regard a 27-year-old as an innocent abroad, so why make a big deal of an age gap.

Brantly was executive level in his profession, guest relations, even if it was very recently, but still ahead of schedule. At 45, Fox was at the top of his profession, and that was ahead of schedule too, as a relative young captain of a cruise ship. So they were more equals than not - dedicated, ambitious.

Not that any of this is particularly relevant ... Brantly and Fox were out for a good time when they met in a club, but along with a great night, they both unexpectedly fell victim to cupid's arrow. I'm not making fun; I don't have the words for when that match is lit.

Neither knew what had hit them as their attraction hurtled them into love after they unexpectedly find themselves working on the same ship, the Athena.

I know it was kinda sweet, and both guys are adorable, and the backdrop is practically a "love boat" - a week long gay cruise in the Caribbean - but I loved that this novel had a little bit of Doctor Zhivago - an epic love! Though this one was achieved over about a month in the novel, and in about 5-hours on audiobook.

Phoenix didn't hold back in portraying the tsunami-like power of love to invade every waking moment, body-mind-and-spirit - the madness of love! I found it irresistible and sufficiently believable.

We witnessed two guys who were way too sensible to fall in love, whose careers were not amenable to a steady relationship, come to understand themselves and the promise of what was on offer with this inconvenient madness.

Tim Paige narrates Fox's POV, so no wonder I was seduced; and exciting to meet new-to-me Liam Dicosimo, who had the perfect tone for the Brantly in my head. I've immediately looked up what else he's narrated and I've heard some of them so now I'll pay more attention.
… (mer)
Okies | 1 annan recension | Jun 12, 2024 |
Auden is now sheriff. Keaton, the new high school English teacher, has moved in with his two sons while his ex-wife lives in Seattle. Auden meets Keaton when he is called about Keaton's oldest son, Byron, getting into trouble at school. Auden handles the problem and puts the boy on community service. While driving Byron to his service days, Auden talks with him and eventually Byron opens up as to what is wrong. Auden says nothing of this to Keaton as the two men are attracted to each other and being to build a relationship. What will happen when Keaton finds out what Byron is confiding to Auden? Will he understand why Auden did what he did?

I liked these two characters. They are the opposite of each other, but they work together. I liked that Auden does not judge Byron for his behavior but leaves the lines of communication open so trust can begin to form. I do like that Auden was right about the ex-wife. She was nasty. I loved Auden's daughters and how comfortable they made Milton, Keaton's younger son, feel. They also could keep secrets but could tell Auden the truth about Byron's situation. I liked his girls a lot.

The story was good and hooked me from the beginning. I am looking forward to the next book.
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Sheila1957 | 1 annan recension | May 26, 2024 |
This is close to 4 stars - it is written well and the story flows smoothly.

I progressed to this novel after reading my first Nora Phoenix with New Daddy at Forty-Seven.

To call Coming Out on Top an "age-gap" romance is too simple and misleading, putting the emphasis on an element that hardly matters. The difference between the MCs is in experience - they are each experienced in life in diametrically opposed ways. And the path taken in the novel is how they bring that experience to each other.

An impulsive young man of 24, Quentin, takes a shine to a gentle giant, Mac, 38, who rescues him in a snow storm in a small town in New York.

Mac is an outcast for various murky reasons, and because he has a severe stutter, which the townsfolk interpret as his being "slow".

The audiobook blurb says "Quentin is searching for ... something. Respect. Answers. His identity." But these things take a backseat to the near-instant sexy romance between the MCs.

Narrator Kenneth Obi hasn't crossed my path before, but he has a great touch with this novel, and not sure I would have got into it if his reading hadn't made the most of it.
… (mer)
Okies | 3 andra recensioner | May 3, 2024 |
I took a reader's advice and started with #2 in the series. I was aware that some valuable background was skipped but I was also glad that I'd missed the angst, which I can see had led up to this point.

By the time of #2 in what the publisher calls a duology - a word I have learned only recently, Benoni and Kinsey are there for each other and beginning their relationship adventure, which takes turns surprising to them both.

The younger man, Benoni, eases into a daddy role when it becomes clear that this suits Kinsey. It's strange and beautiful to them both.

I can't get over how the romance genre is so open minded and tolerant and has its values in the right place ... in my books!

It was good to hear narrator John Solo again.
… (mer)
Okies | 1 annan recension | May 3, 2024 |


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