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Tom Piccirilli (1965–2015)

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Tom Picirilli, Tom Picirilli has written eight novels, including "Hexes," "Shards," The Night Class," "The Deceased," as well as the Felicity Crown mystery series containing "The Dead Past" and "Sorrow's Crown." He has had over one hundred stories printed in anthologies including, "Future Crimes," visa mer "New Mythos Legends" and "The Conspiracy Files," as well as the magazines "Cemetary Dance" and "Lore." visa färre

Inkluderar namnen: Tom Picirilli, Tom Piccirilli

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This was a lightning fast read. Story of a man who tried to get out of the criminal underworld only to be brought back in for seeking the revenge on people who destroyed his family.

Fast paced novel that for me has all of the ingredients that make Stark's Parker novels great - professional thieves and robbers living in their own shadowy parallel underworld. By the way, mentioning Parker, our protagonist's grandfather could as well be Parker. Merciless, always business oriented, hard-core criminal with no regrets, no second thoughts on his actions and ready to put down anyone on his path, be it his blood or not.

Great novel, full of action and introspection of a man that is for all means and purposes chained for life to the criminal underworld. In that way you could look at this as a tragic story of sorts.

To say anything more would be to ruin the story. If you like Parker, Matt Helm or Quarry you will definitely like this one.

Highly recommended to all fans of hard-boiled noir crime stories.
… (mer)
Zare | 4 andra recensioner | Jan 23, 2024 |
If you've come across any of Tom Piccirilli's work over the years and enjoyed it, I heartily recommend tracking down a copy of this collection. As far as I am aware, it is a complete omnibus collection of his published work. And despite these being limited, signed (by artist, author, editor, intro writer, etc.) editions they are still out there for a relatively reasonable price. I ended up with #55 of of 1000 and it did not cost me an arm and a leg.
Like most of the collections Ken Abner put out through Terminal Frights, this is well laid out, well edited, well organized, and with some great interior art. And by the way, if anyone knows how to reach Ken Abner Jr. or knows what he's doing these days, send me a message.
The collection is rougly divided along the same lines that Tom Piccirilli thought of his work being divided, per an exerpt from a personal letter to Poppy Z. Brite included in her introduction. Sometimes this 'official' in that its labeled, other times its obvious that we have transitioned into another sub-set of Piccirilli's work. The final section may perhaps be the one the bulk of fans are here looking for, where the 'Self' stories are gathered. I will freely admit that those are the stories, featured in Terminal Frights, that got me hooked on Piccirilli, and its nice to have them all in one place. The only thing past the Self stories is a rather interesting interview with Piccirilli by Richard Laymon. The self stories are preceeded by 'The Devil's Wine', and while I am not the biggest fan of 'genre' poetry, several of these feel more like portraits of the real world horror of lives empty of anything save despair, regret, and perhaps booze. Regardless, it serves as a good transition and pallete cleanser to the more internally consistent Self stories from what I can best describe as the Gonzo or Bizzaro (though I'm not sure these terms were in common use when Piccirilli wrote them) stories before them. This is presumably what Piccirilli describes as '...all that gray area left to whatever doesn't fall into those other three categories.' I am not the biggest fan of Gonzo/Bizarro, and so for me this was by far the weakest part of the collection. The beginning of the collection is devoted to a combination of the dark fantasy/weird fiction and the erotic horror (though I feel the latter overlaps with all his other work).
Overall a very solid collection, though as all completionist readers know there are bound to be high and low points. Come for the Self stories, stay for what are some notable high points sprinkled throughout.
… (mer)
jdavidhacker | Aug 4, 2023 |
Tras el regreso de las vacaciones navideñas, Caleb Prentiss hace un macabro descubrimiento: durante su ausencia, una chica desconocida ha sido brutalmente asesinada en su dormitorio. Ese suceso supondrá algo más que un incidente extraño y se convertirá en una obsesión a la que aferrar su oscura vida de universidad. Emprenderá una búsqueda desesperada por averiguar la identidad de la chica y del misterioso asesino, una búsqueda que no podrá abandonar ni siquiera cuando toda su vida empiece a derrumbarse a su alrededor.… (mer)
Natt90 | 5 andra recensioner | Mar 27, 2023 |
I so wanted to like this novel. I love most of Piccirilli's books; I think that I've given him more five star ratings than any other author. When he hits his groove, he just blows me away! I was truly hoping for something good to great. Reality, though, was totally different. I'm going to ignore the half dozen times I started the book and then put it down for a month or two. Life might have been interfering. Once I got started though, I just could not really get into or care about any of the characters. I couldn't even rely on the story to get me through. It was too slow moving and seemed to walk in place a lot. Plus it got confusing on more than one point; I couldn't tell if the main character was remembering the past, interacting with ghosts, walking through a dimensional door or whatever. Now, it wasn't all bad. Piccirilli still invoked some beautiful imagery and shiny moments. I would become involved in the novel and get excited about something about to happen. Then the point of view would shift and I lost all interest again. Here's to hoping that the next book by him I read is better.… (mer)
dagon12 | Mar 25, 2023 |



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