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Otto Preminger (1906–1986)

Författare till Laura [1944 film]

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Very good. A classic naval movie.
usma83 | 2 andra recensioner | Apr 12, 2024 |
After ten years of detention in Russia as a prisoner of war, Franz returns to his native Vienna. When he saves a child from drowning his photo gets onto the title page of the newspaper and is seen by Frieda, an elderly shopkeeper whose son is a missing person in the war. The lady thinks she recognises Franz as her son and is overjoyed. However, Franz’ real mother died a few years earlier, but the young man – though he is an honest character – doesn’t find the courage to tell the lady that he’s not her son. Meanwhile, he develops a real liking for Anny, the daughter of a wealthy businessman, and so his ‘mother’ makes some risky moves to allow them to become a couple… (fonte: Imdb)… (mer)
MemorialeSardoShoah | Mar 4, 2024 |
2024 movie #11. 1954. Matt (Mitchum) just wants to start a farm with his son but has to team up with a saloon singer (Monroe) who's finance stole his horse and gun. Decent performance from Monroe who gets steadily more disheveled as the movie goes on.
capewood | 1 annan recension | Jan 13, 2024 |
Laura is the film which made me fall in love with the movies. When Otto Preminger was told to take over this project from wunderkind Rouben Mamoulian, it was reportedly a mess. How much was already in the can has always been in dispute; some still maintain that the famous opening shots are director Mamoulian’s work. David Raksin’s famous score, however, so beautiful and haunting that it set the tone for the entire film, had not yet been written. Preminger told Raksin to take the weekend and come up with something or he would use Duke Ellington’s Sophisticated Lady instead.

Raksin’s marriage was falling apart at the time, and over the weekend he wrote the theme from Laura as much for his wife as for the film. Sadly, it did not save his marriage. It did, however, change forever this film. Raksin’s score was so haunting and beautiful that Preminger framed the entire picture around it, turning this into perhaps the greatest romantic noir film ever to grace a movie screen.

Dana Andrews had his greatest role as Detective Mark McPherson, assigned the murder of society girl Laura Hunt due to office politics. Wlado Lydecker is also the role for which Clifton Webb might best be remembered. He gives an outstanding performance as the deceased Laura’s vain and famous benefactor. Using his wit and intellect to destroy all of Laura’s suitors in his weekly column, we see everything played out in flashbacks told to McPherson during the investigation.

Vincent Price had arguably his best non-horror role as Shelby Carpenter, the one man Waldo could not drive away. Laura was to have been married to Carpenter, a heel with perfect manners. The more McPherson learns about Laura the more he wonders why such a sweet and down to earth girl ended up a society page murder mystery. She liked baseball and shares a favorite book with McPherson. Her portrait, painted by one of the suitors Lydecker destroyed in his column, hangs ominously above the chair where Mark McPherson reads her diary, searching for clues that will help him unravel the mystery of both her life, and her violent death.

Laura's fiercely loyal maid, Bessie, attempts to protect Laura’s reputation at every turn. McPherson is sympathetic and wants to protect her reputation also, because he has fallen in love with a ghost. David Raksin’s haunting score sets the atmosphere to every film buff's favorite murder mystery/noir/romance. Halfway through this film, on a rainy night in Laura’s apartment, the entire case will be turned upside down in one of the most famous twists in screen history.

This film was adapted from the terrific Vera Caspary novel and is a mystery classic as well. Both the novel and the film are timeless treasures to be cherished. This is one of the finest films ever made and one you simply have to see. It will make you fall in love with the movies.
… (mer)
Matt_Ransom | 2 andra recensioner | Nov 22, 2023 |



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