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This book made me sad for lots of different reasons: the way that William is portrayed; how lost Harry seems; the feeling that he is selling out his family; the lack of warmth; how Harry is showing himself as a victim and the rest of the family as bullies. I'm not sure why I read it even, maybe to see how the other half lives? I almost wish I hadn't now.
Bambean | 110 andra recensioner | May 20, 2024 |
Harry and his ghostwriter have done good work in Spare. It feels like Harry’s voice isn’t too lost amid the writing of a professional hired to make it sound better. I just don’t love the practice of ghostwriting and find it to be a bit dodgy.

I enjoyed reading Harry’s perspective on his very public life and analyzing how events affected him. I also see Harry taking responsibility and acknowledging areas in which he has found a need to learn and grow. He acknowledges his privilege, and it seems he has sought through philanthropic work to give back in meaningful ways.

This man’s life story is a sound reminder that even the most privileged life holds heartbreak and problems. If your approach to this book is that it’s the collected whinings of a spoiled brat about the minor inconveniences of being a Royal, I encourage you to flex your empathy muscles. Happiness and fulfillment don’t just come along with wealth and status. Everyone has struggles. Even a prince.
… (mer)
jnoshields | 110 andra recensioner | Apr 10, 2024 |
This memoir of the first thirty-something years of Prince Harry's life has been widely discussed in the media and there is probably not too much left unsaid about it. In the book, Harry relates memories of his childhood, writes about dealing with the tragic death of his mother, royal life, his time in the military, getting to know Meghan and leaving Britain. First and foremost he writes about his relation with the press and how paparazzi make his life a living hell. While all of this is interesting to read, I found the whole book not as sensational. I knew that as a royal you were constantly subjected to being in the news, but the extent of being photographed every instant of your life and being harassed by paparazzi every step of your way was surprising to me. I would have thought that the palace had more clout in getting some privacy, making stories go away or would at least sue media outlets for libel more often. The one thing that bugged me about the book - but this was to be expected, it being a memoir - is the degree of subjectivity that shines through in various places. Of course, this is a portrayal of Harry's view, but somehow the descriptions feel exceptionally one-sided sometimes. Then again, this puts more urgency behind his call for more privacy. In that sense, I think it is completely fair and everyone knows that this is Harry's opinion. I would not dare to judge what this man has to go through and I found myself really rooting for him. Overall, I did enjoy reading the book. 3.5 stars.… (mer)
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OscarWilde87 | 110 andra recensioner | Apr 7, 2024 |
Really never been a big fan of „the royals“ but all the hoopla over Meghan piqued my curiosity. Well written book, gives a lot of insight into the behind the scenes machinations of “The Firm” and their hangers on.
corliss12000 | 110 andra recensioner | Mar 16, 2024 |



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